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Search for Wormholes in our Universe
Search for Wormholes in our Universe
Wormhole (from Wikipedia)

Posted 9.10.2007

From Russia Info Center: 4904

Cosmology, a science which studies origin and evolution of the Universe, is now rapidly developing, and theories, which seemed to be absurd some time ago, now sound reasonable and acquire physical background.

Such exotic objects as wormholes tunnels, piercing time-space structure of our Universe and connecting its various regions, and possibly various Universes are on the verge of being discovered instrumentally. 

However, wormholes are still a theory, and people do not trust things, which lack proof by means of direct observations. Wormholes are described by means of very complicated mathematics, which nevertheless predicts real phenomena, taking place in the Universe. 

However, traveling through wormholes remains science fiction, since scientists are sure such objects can exist in theory, but do not have any evidence they really exist and whether they can be made by mankind.

Source: Science News

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