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Anti-gravity and the Search for Dr. Ning-Li
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Anti-gravity and the search for Dr. Ning-Li

Originally posted by bigfatfurrytexan, ATS Post ID 3957062

I am posting this here because it seems to coincide with many of the aims of the Pegasus group.  If Mr. Lear or one of the mods would like it moved, I am cool with that... I just wasn't sure where else to put it.

I was fortunate enough to have a fellow poster from another forum share a link with me regarding a very interesting discovery by Dr. Ning-Li, then of the University of Alabama.  The article can be found here:

"While an operational device is at least five years in the future, developers of what can be loosely termed a force-field machine say it has cleared major theoretical hurdles. To demonstrate their claim, they 
invited POPULAR MECHANICS to visit their Huntsville, Ala., laboratory to see the most important component of their proof-of-concept demonstrator. It is a 12-in.-dia. high-temperature superconducting disc (HTSD). When the force-field machine is complete, a bowling ball placed anywhere above this disc, which resembles a clutch plate, will stay exactly where you left it."

I was particularly hopeful after reading the article, as the good Dr. was quoted as saying:

Li says she has turned down several offers for financial backing. It is less about money than control. "Investors want control over the technology," she says. "This is too important. It should belong to all the American people."

Very promising, indeed!

So, I went on a search.  The article was from 1999, so given that she predicted applications of the technology in 5 years, I was wondering where is was at as of 2004.

Problem is, after this article, the trail pretty much runs cold.  Now, I am not saying I have done exhaustive searches.  But I have employed the assistance of various friends and individuals (some of whom are Dr's in the field, as well... they say that DARPA snapped her up... which I think I believe).

So, here is what I have been able to find:

One member of Pegasus found this link, which was shared with me:

It is very similar in concept to what I already had... but there is some additional information (of a more technical nature) than the PM article:

“If Einstein was right, the amount of gravito-magnetic energy produced by an object is proportional to its mass and its movement”, explains Dr. Li. To create the artificial gravitational fields, Torr and Li propose placing a superconducting container in a magnetic field to align ions that are spinning or rotating in tiny circles inside the superconducting material. Their theory predicts the existence of ionic spin or rotation in a superconductor in a magnetic field.

It goes on to explain what an Einstein/Bose condensate is, and how this applies to the HTSD technology.

This was very exciting information to see for me, for sure.  And I was getting more and more curious about where Dr Li was, and what she was doing.

There was talk of her starting her own company, "AC Gravity LLC", but I could find nothing about it anywhere, other than mentioning it as a plan.

Then I decided to start searching .gov and .mil sites, taking the advice of another ex-Pegasus member who believes she is working for DARPA now.

Seems as though this may somehow be true:

Missing Scientist Update:

Dr. Ning Li is still missing, and I will post the DoD funding receipt showing where she's probably at below: 
Department of Defense Annual Report on Cooperative Agreements and Other Transactions Entered into During FY2001 Under 10 USC 2371 
Agreement Number: DAAH01-01-9-R001 

Type of Agreement: Other Transaction for Prototype 

Title: Gravito - Electro Magnetic Superconductivity Experiment 

Awarding Office: US Army Aviation and Missile Command (AMCOM), AMSAM-AC-RD-BA 

Awardee: AC Gravity, LLD 

Effective Date: 25 Apr 2001 

Completion Date: 25 Sep 2002 

U.S. Government Dollars: $448,970 

Non-Government Dollars: $ 0 

Dollars Returned to Government Account: $ 0 

I find this amusing, as she stated in the article you referenced that she didn't want outside investors so much, since she wanted control. She claimed that her work was the property of the American People. How quickly she lost this promising outlook.

Regardless, she left the University shortly after NASA began to show interest:

The main university professor involved with the project, Ning Li, has since left the school. She said she has founded a company in Huntsville that also will market a gravity-shield device.

Li said she dropped the NASA collaboration and decided to work independently after the agency "wasted" the project's money and resources.

Koczor said the project fell apart not because of incompetence, but because Li was primarily interested in proving her theories of why the "gravity shield" would work. That differed from NASA's goal of simply building a working device, he said.

And went to work for some other DoD project:

In the summer of 2002 an unusual story by Nick Cook appeared in Jane's Defence Weekly. Cook, the former aviation editor at Jane's, revealed that the American aerospace contractor Boeing was investigating antigravity technology at their Phantom Works facility. Now it can be shown that the American military was also investigating antigravity technology for weapons research.

Buried in the obscure "Annual Report on Cooperative Agreements and Other Transactions Entered into During FY2001" - a report required by law - the US Army Aviation and Missile Command awarded funds to experimentally test superconductors for the manipulation of the gravitational field. Heading this effort was Dr. Ning Li and her company AC Gravity Inc. "

And this, my friends, is where the trail ran cold.  It appears that when she left the University of Alabama, she formed her company.  I cannot find trace of this company thus far, but the above mentioned report dispersed funds to this company.

I cannot find anything that seems to match Dr. Ning Li's work in the patent archives, or in the articles at LANL or AFRL.

Fellow ATSers...any idea where Dr. Ning-Li has gone?  Or where her work is at now?

"Lighter than Air", by Corey S. Powell (Discover, 10/1999) 

Missing Article

Wrote Discover on April 21 2008

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