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The stunning Apollo 10 coverup
The Music Behind The Moon


The stunning Apollo 10 coverup
The Music Behind The Moon
May 18, 2008

If they lied about this, just imagine what else they lied to you about!

Stay tuned for Jose Escamilla's new motion picture documentary "MOON RISING", where we will go into much further depth about what is, without exaggeration, the most monumental coverup in human history. You have NO idea what you have been missing!

Apollo 10 Lunar Module (LM) Onboard Voice Transcription June 1969

Day 5 - Page 195 - Tape 10-03601 AS10_LM

04 06 12 43 CDR Hey, when do we fire the helium tanks? ...
04 06 12 47 LMP Not yet, babe.
04 06 12 53 CDR You want some more brownies?
04 06 12 54 LMP No.
04 06 12 56 CDR ... go hungry.
04 06 13 02 LMP That music even sounds outer-spaeey, doesn't it? You hear that? That whistling sound?
04 06 13 06 CDR Yes.
04 06 13 07 LMP Who0ooooo. Say your - -
04 06 13 12 CMP Did you hear that whistling sound, too?
04 06 13 14 LMP Yes. Sounds like - you know, outer-space-type music.
04 06 13 18 CMP I wonder what it is.

04 06 13 29 LMP Mine's all burned off. isn't that weird - eerie, John?
0h 06 13 34 CMP Yes, I got it, too .... and see who was outside.

Day 5 - Page 195 - Tape 10-03601 AS10_LM

04 06 17 58 LMP Boy, that sure is weird music.
04 06 18 01 CMP We're going to have to find out about that. Nobody will believe us.
04 06 18 07 LMP Yes. It's a whistling, you know, like an outerspace-type thing.
04 06 18 10 CMP Yes .... VHF-A ...

Day 5 - Page 235 - Tape 10-03601 AS10_LM

04 07 32 53 LMP Houston, we've got you on OMNI's. You hear music, Tom? That crazy whistling?
04 07 33 00 CDR I can hear it.
04 07 33 01 LMP That's really weird.
04 07 33 02 CDR It is.

Day 5 - Page 237 - Tape 10-03601 AS10_LM

04 07 37 18 LMP It's 52.3.
04 07 37 24 CDR What'd ground give us?
04 07 37 38 LMP Am I glad we didn't torque up the platform.
04 07 37 41 CDR How in the hell did we miss that?
04 07 37 49 LMP We had to have someone on our side that time.
04 07 37 51 CDR Yes.
04 07 37 56 LMP Listen to eerie music'
04 07 38 00 CDR You - You ready?
04 07 38 04 LMP Yes,...

Day 5 - Page 238 - Tape 10-03601 AS10_LM

04 07 38 49 LMP Boy, it got quiet.
04 07 38 52 CDR Huh?
04 07 38 53 LMP Didn't it? We still got thrusters?
04 07 38 54 CDR Oh, yes. Ready? PROCEED.
04 07 38 57 IMP Man, I tell you, it Just got quiet.

04 07 39 33 CMP Roger.
04 07 39 47 CDR Those numbers again, Gene-o, are what?
04 07 39 57 IMP I'll put mine on, Tom.
04 07 40 51 LMP I tell you, John, that music is really weird.
04 07 40 55 CMP ... Think we're going to get it on the front side?
04 07 40 58 LMP know it. You composed something, huh?
04 07 41 03 CMP I don't know, man.
04 07 41 05 LMP No one will believe us. Okay, Tom, we're set until 35 minutes - 35 seconds. ...

Day 5 - Page 237  AS10_CM

04 12 09 07 LMP Yes_ but the Gemini she21 was a lot sturdier and stronger than ...
04 12 09 10 CDR ... to the walls - you can see the freaking walls.
04 12 09 15 CMP I never would have taken my helmet off in that thing.
04 12 09 16 CDR I mean you ... What the hell was that gurgling noise?
04 12 09 25 LMP I don't know. But I'll tell you, that eerie music is what's bothering me. You know that -
04 12 09 28 CMP God damn, I heard it, too.
04 12 09 29 LMP You know that was funny. That's Just like something from outer space, really. Who's going to
believe it?
04 12 09 34 CMP Nobody. Shall we tell them about it?
04 12 09 39 LMP I don't know. We ought to think about it some.
04 12 09 41 CMP Did you hear it, Tom?
04 12 09 42 LMP Yes, he heard it.
04 12 09 43 CDR Yes.
04 12 09 47 LMP Hell, I Just want to get out of this suit.

Mission Transcripts: Apollo 10

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Apollo 10 declassified tapes to reveal puzzling ‘musical’
transmission from Moon’s dark side
RT News - Published 21 Feb, 2016

Project Apollo Archive

Another reminder of space being a creepy place has been presented in the lost Apollo 10 tapes – the mission that circled over to the dark side of the Moon. The tapes contain strange ‘music’ that was received out of Earth’s signal reach. The mission happened in May just ahead of Apollo 11’s 1969 moon landing two months later. The recordings recovered from Apollo 10 were only declassified in 2008 and will now be played on the Science Channel’s Unexplained Files coming up later this month.

So, what was strange about those recordings? Besides the fact that they contained a very musical dance of frequencies and noise, it was the fact that they could not have come from any manmade source, as there’s no radio signal on the far side of the Moon. This means also that astronauts can’t talk to Earth and are effectively alone in outer space for the duration of their time there.

Outer Space Music Pt 1 of 2 | NASA's Unexplained Files

Uploaded on Feb 10, 2016
The new season of NASA'S UNEXPLAINED FILES premieres Sun Feb 21 10/9c on Science.
CREDIT: Science Channel

In 1969, two months before Neil Armstrong would set foot on the moon, Apollo 10 was cruising just above the lunar surface when the crew was surprised by a “whistling sound.” The three astronauts discuss the incident at length in the upcoming show.

Credit: NASA
Apollo 15 command module pilot Al Worden says he has a very open mind about what could've happened.

Al Worden, astronaut with Apollo 15, explains:
“There are recorders that record whatever’s going on on the back side, and then you do a data dump when you come around the front side, and Houston or mission control then can see what happened when you were around the back side.”

Outer Space Music Pt 1 & 2 | NASA's Unexplained Files

Published on Feb 21, 2016

Apollo 10: Astronauts Heard Unexplained Sound While Orbiting Far Side of the Moon, Report Says
The crew debated telling officials about the "outer space-type music" in 1969, according to declassified audio featured in the show "NASA's Unexplained Files" on the Science Channel.
CREDIT: Science Channel

The “music” transmission lasted for almost an hour, and had the crew talking about whether NASA needed to know at all what they had heard. "It's unbelievable! You know?” they confess. Almost five decades later there is still no clue as to the source.

When the three eventually got back, they opted not to tell NASA, which could be a smart move, seeing as the agency could have had them remanded into custody and kept from flying because of concerns for their mental state.

The debate will rage on in the upcoming episode of ‘NASA’s Unexplained Files’, as scientists continue to discuss the more prominent theories: one possible one is that charged particles were interacting with a magnetic field, the way they did on Jupiter and Saturn. There’s of course one problem here: the Moon has no magnetic field or atmosphere of any kind.

Time will tell.


Eugene Cernan, Thomas Stafford and John Young were crew members on the Apollo 10 mission.


Okay On the Music behind the Moon  Apollo 10
Got the files ! 
Reviewer: Margot.Yale - - February 22, 2016
Subject: "Space Music" Audio
If you're looking for the "space music" audio, you want file 10-030702_5-OF-6, at about 44 minutes into that audio file is where it begins.

NASA Audio Collection Apollo 10

You can find a much cleaner version of the audio on NASA's Apollo 10 Flight Journal at The specific audio file from that site is at about 2 minutes and 50 seconds into the clip. You can possibly hear a little of the "space music" possibly coming out of one of the astronaut's headsets and being picked up by their mic.
Alien Speech? Found in NASA's Saturn Radio Signal
The Cassini Recording

Uploaded on Jun 30, 2007

Link to NASA File for Download..

I just wanted to thank everyone for their input... good and bad... I still have no idea yet what this is... I innocently raised it 12 tones and this is what appeared. I don't mean it to be 'scare-mongoring' its just to my mind (as a musician) it has definite patterns to the ear... whether speech, asteroids, magnetic waves, I'm not qualified to say, but all I know is... it's an interesting pattern... JVD

Important info - Please read:

Speech patterns have been found in a radio signal released by NASA almost 3 years previously in 2004.Judge the sound for yourself, it is a very bizarre anomaly but very much worth investigating.


1) Download and save the original WAV file from NASA/Cassini website:

2)Open an audio editor like Cool Edit or Sonar and raise the pitch/frequency of the file by 12 tones with the pitch shifter... and there it is, speech patterns. How can anyone explain this anomaly. Certainly NASA have no explanation for it after we presented the file to them for their opinion. SETI also doesn't know what make of it. What do you think?

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