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NASA's Apollo TV Lies Revealed
PART 1 - The Truth Behind The Tones

NASA's Apollo TV Lies Revealed
PART 1 - The Truth Behind The Tones
January 08, 2009

The Truth Behind The Tones - this multi-part series will begin to break down the truth about the incredible levels of manipulation and fakery that the Apollo lunar landing program TV footage was subjected to prior to being seen by public eyes.

This is some rather complex subject matter, and cannot be even close to adequately explained in a brief 10 minute video. Because of this, I think the best way to present proof of this magnitude is to do so methodically, explaining various primary facets of the manipulation in parts. This first part of the presentation focuses primarily on the initial basics of discrete recognition or rejection of objects in scene, which was the most important component of the Apollo GCTA-TV lie (but certainly not the only component - not by a long shot). Other presentations will cover many facets of the TV coverup, revealing not only how they did it, but why.

To the skeptics - I am NOT cherry-picking scenes here, and am not showing you only a few coincidentals from the hours of footage available. I have THOUSANDS of examples catalogued, and can and will back up what I am showing over and over and over again in coming presentations as I dissect this portion of the Apollo lie further. I will say right now that you have NO idea how deep the lies go, and you have NO idea what their true technological capabilities REALLY were back then - let alone today. I have researched this subject matter for years, I have personally interviewed an individual directly involved in this coverup, and I can back up what I am saying and showing here with countless examples. My intention however is not to overwhelm the viewer with examples (particularly due to the 10-minute-per-segment time constraints I am trying to adhere to), but rather it is to show and tell you what is really going on so that you can begin to analyze the TV footage for yourself. This is as REAL (and FAKE, if you get my drift) as it gets!

Stay tuned for Jose Escamilla's new motion picture documentary "MOON RISING", where we will go into much further depth about what is, without exaggeration, the most monumental coverup in human history. You have NO idea what you have been missing!

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