Luna Cognita
STS-75 Tether Incident
(Flight Path Tracking of UFO's)

STS-75 Tether Incident (Flight Path Tracking of UFO's)
June 08, 2009

Original file name: "COMPOSITE original seq1 footage with flightpath overlay.mpg"

Hey there Ron, how are ya my friend? Hope you are doing well, and thanks for the email and the kind words.
I just got sent a link about the discussion on the tether video I made that is on-going on ATS, and lemme say great comments you made there BTW! Thank you for bringing the idea of the plasma-glow and all that into this debate, because that is a perspective most people have ignored or refused to think about and it is so incredibly important and MUST definitely be a part of this debate! 

There really are some impressive object maneuvers that the flightpath tracking enhancement is clearly highlighting in those two sequences, so hopefully it will really help stir debate and get people thinking outside the box about this. This flightpath and velocity tracking enhancement really does shed new light on seemingly old and already well-analyzed footage, that is for sure! There is so much object clutter in the original raw footage that it turns out it was absurdly easy to miss a lot of the trajectory changes that are occurring, and I'll tell ya, the very first time I rendered the animated flightpath tracks I just about fell out of my chair at how it displays the movement characteristics. 

Definitely compelling, and possibly something that in the long run may end up raising more questions than it answers - which is fine as far as I am concerned. I didn't want to publicly draw any personal conclusions in that brief segment to influence anyone, as at this stage, because of the controversy surrounding the tether footage, I felt it would be best to just explain what flightpath tracking is and then let the footage play out so people can do their own initial appraisal of this new evidence. I will say that there is also a LOT of other evidence in that raw footage related to image obfuscation in particular that has never been publicly pointed out yet either, and if I ever get around to bothering with a full presentation-quality forensic breakdown I definitely will have to get into that side of it as well, because the obfuscation techniques they use, though quite typical by NASA standards, really do demonstrate how selective they were with what they show us - and more importantly, what they don't show us! 

Oh, I noticed a couple people are trying to say that the flightpath tracks I show don't match the movement of the objects in the raw footage, which tells me they are not paying much attention to the raw footage at all. Here is a sendspace link to a brief video example I made for the full forensic analysis that shows the first "sequence#1" raw footage overlaid on top of a semi-transparent full flightpath tracking plot for sequence#1. 

You can just watch this comparative analysis and then you tell me if my flightpath plot is inaccurate at all? You can see the tracing is absolutely correct as you follow each object here. What this also reveals is how very, very difficult it can be for the human eye to accurately track a small object's true velocity vector in that raw footage. Those guys who question the accuracy of the plots just have not done any proper comparative analysis, because if they did they would realize what they "think" they are seeing is not what is actually happening. The movement that I plot is absolutely accurate. 

Here is the link - COMPOSITE original seq1 footage with flightpath overlay.mpg

Cheers! Talk to ya soon Ron!


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