Sleeper's Answers on ATS
Prepared by Raska from Open Minds Forum
Source: Forum Above Top Secret, Sleeper's Thread: 
"Are Extraterrestrials Real? As Real as the Nose on Your Face"

From April 2005 to May 2006, Sleeper, a member of the Above Top Secret Forum answered questions about his experience with ET's in a thread named: "Are Extraterrestrials Real? As Real as the Nose on Your Face" The thread runs for 110 pages and is still online.

I extracted most of Sleeper's answers, grouping them in categories. The members' questions are not  copied, they are easily guessed from Sleeper's answers. Answers including personal context to be read by individual members are not included.

The text appears here in the same order it was posted on the thread, the first month's questioning was mostly about the craft, the Army and disclosure, while months later the interest was set on the soul, death and after death, and cosmology. All together, it is quite dense.

Sleeper's text is copied as it is without any changes, except for punctuation. I mainly added periods at the end of sentences. There are 18 chapters and 56 pages. The number before the chapter's title refers to the page number.

  • 2- The Craft
  • 3- Military
  • 5- Contact 1/2
  • 8- Technologies 1/2
  • 12- Disclosure & Government
  • 15- Aliens Versus Humans 1/3
  • 19- Contact 2/2
  • 21- Far & Beyond
  • 22- Aliens Versus Humans 2/3
  • 26- The Future
  • 29- Technologies 2/2
  • 32- The Soul
  • 34- Aliens Versus Humans 3/3
  • 38- Life & Death
  • 42- Religions
  • 47- Abductions
  • 49- Cosmology
  • 52- Earth Today
  • 56- Epilogue
Immense thanks to Sleeper and thanks to John Lear who made me discover these great conversations. Thanks to all ATS members for their wish to know more. It has been a joy and an honor to do this.

Raska from Open Minds Forum
October 2008

File in PDF Format 58 Pages

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