John Lear
A Collection of Interviews
Flying into the Sun with John Lear

Project Camelot
53 min 56 sec - Oct 19, 2006

A video interview with John Lear
Las Vegas, August 2006

John Lear is a well known, even legendary figure in the UFO community. We were privileged recently to interview him at his home in Las Vegas. We turned up early one morning and were ushered into his amazing study by his lovely wife. John launched into the interview with few preliminaries; to our surprise, he had mountaineering on his mind, and we soon learned that hed been the youngest American to climb the Matterhorn, and shares with Bill Ryan a fellow climber a fascination with the history of Everest exploration.

We had no time to carefully prepare the lights or audio as John began to talk. Luckily, however, the lighting in his study was perfect; the Las Vegas morning sun streamed in through a side window framing the man and his world in high relief.

Enigmatic, outspoken and challenging, he is the quintessential man of the world. Framed by close-up photographs of Area 51, detailed un-airbrushed moonscapes showing artificial structures, NASA astronauts, advanced airplanes, and every other kind of aerospace memorabilia, he launched straight away into the untold story of the 4th astronaut, never acknowledged by NASA, who died in the tragic Apollo 1 fire along with Grissom, Chaffee and White back in January 1967.

In this cutting edge interview, John tells it like it is with no holds barred. He's a man who can tell a great story, keeping you on the edge of your seat the entire time. Under his gruff exterior we found ourselves enjoying the company of a truly charming guy who's seen it all and has never lost his joie de vivre under the weight of significant knowledge.

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Project Camelot Interview with John Lear

Coast to Coast Radio Interview with John Lear
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