John Lear
Joint US-Australian Secret Anti-Gravity
ET Research Base in Woomera, Australia

The gate to Woomera. Looks almost exactly the same as the back gate at Area 51 in Nevada

Woomera, Australia

Posted by John Lear on Facebook December 15, 2017

From the FAKE NEWS department located in the deranged mind of 7th stage dementia sufferer John Lear comes this story from Woomera, south central Australia, December 12, 2017

Long Rumored Joint US-Australian Secret Anti-Gravity ET Research Base in Woomera Confirmed

9 highly secret anti-gravity craft were spotted near Woomera late last night, at 10:31pm by a used car salesman walking his dog along Lake Terrens. The man who asked we not use his name revealed that the old rocket and missile base near the Woomera Prohibited Area was now being used for joint U.S. and Australian anti-gravity and extraterrestrial research craft formerly located at S-4, a secret base in Nevada.

The man said that around the bars in Woomera it was rumored that the U.S.Government felt there were too many prying eyes in Nevada and that locating the ET research project out in the middle of the Australian desert would put an end to that problem.

He said that he saw 9 craft of a type he had never seen before and that they were flying in a line of 9 separate craft, each one separated by 2 or 3 minutes.

He said that the first 5 craft looked like the old, triangular TR-3b except that unlike the TR-3b it had 5 white lights on 2 of the sides and a much larger light on the bottom. He said some of the lights were green and some were white and that the craft were perfectly silent.

The 4 craft behind the first 5 craft were elongated, not a perfect triangle and that there was only one light on each point and the forward facing light was a much brighter light.

Because it was night it was difficult to see all nine craft but that they appeared to be traveling from northeast to southwest.

The man noted that the 4 craft in the rear were much faster than the ones in front and that they had the sound of an airplane, as if the sound was being projected like a kind of aural camouflage. It was if they wanted to make people who noticed the craft instantly think it was an airplane and not to bother looking up.

Bar scuttlebutt around Woomera was that huge underground hangars and laboratories had been built for the anti-gravity alien craft research project.

A check with Pine Gap Central Air Traffic Control Radar revealed that what the man walking his dog had seen were 9 C-17's which left Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada the night before after having participated in an exercise similar to Red Flag and cautioned that if anybody had seen any blinking red, yellow, green or blue lights that that would have been HALO jumpers practicing over Lake Terrens.

The Pine Gap Central Air Traffic Control noted that similar confusion had been apparent over Denver and Kansas City Sunday night December 10.

Inquiries should be sent to ET Directorate, Wright-Patterson AFB, Dayton, Ohio 45433

Comments of Note:

Tony Curtis: Hmmm, I am retired now, but worked at JDFPG & I am a deranged man with dementia & every other crazy disease known to man...this is......well, ask no questions PLEASE, however all these US/Australian bases including Harold E. Holt out of Exmouth are linked, say NO MORE!

Tony Curtis: John if you are meaning Air Traffic Control at our Pine Gap, JDFPG in Australia, then I must inform you there is no such thing...sorry old mate, but, maybe there is a Pine Gap in the US with ATC?

Brian Freshour: My grandmother, sister and I watched a mile wide black triangle pass slowly and silently over our heads at tree top level daytime on our farm back in 86. There was a vibration that rattled the old farmhouse windows, but as I said no sound. It was like a black triangle shaped 2 story building drifting over our heads at about 50mph. Our farm was on the outskirts of the city limits and there were lots of people who saw it. The local radio station and sheriff/police were inundated with calls, so I'm sure there is a record somewhere. I have been considering running a FB add to see if I can encourage any other witnessed to contact me. I'm no investigator and not sure where to start other than that. This is a small town and UFOs aren't a often talked about subject here lol. You get those tinfoil hat looks from most people if you mention the subject, so I'm not sure how it would go over.

Brad Gillard: Here’s a craft I captured in Queensland Australia

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