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The Huge Flying Saucer Buried Near Garrison Utah

The Huge Flying Saucer Buried Near Garrison Utah
by John Lear January 30, 2018 - Posted on Facebook
Many years ago there was a UFO conference here in Vegas and I went over to see a couple of friends. At the conference the Garrison Utah saucer crash was all the big rage.

There was report that I think was selling for about $30 which I bought and has disappeared from my library.

In 1953 a very large saucer crashed near Garrison Utah. It was about 150 to 200 feet in diameter. It was far too big for even the “Blue Berets” to move so it was decided to bury it on the spot.

Hundreds of soldiers with shovels began digging, days and weeks went by. Settling little by little they finally got the top of it about 50 feet below ground level.

They then started the massive job of shoveling the dirt back in and around and trying to make it look like nothing had ever happened.

While all of the digging to bury the saucer was going on they also dug a tun
John Lear January 30, 2018 - Posted on Facebooknel from the saucer several hundred feet to the south where they built 2 or 3 houses.

The houses were constructed so that they looked like they were about 75 years old. They used old, weathered wood, old nails, old window frames and panes and old roofing The only way that you could tell from the outside that it might not be so old were the padlocks on the doors. Brand spanking new and of the highest quality.

I don't remember what the interior was described as except that there was a door that led to a stairwell that led to the tunnel that led to the craft.

Now all that I am telling you is what I remember from the report. And I believe the report was written by the guy that broke into the buildings. And my memory is not all that great.

In one of the houses was a type of log book in which visitors would write their names and organizations. It included Air Force, Navy, Army and many other military and civilian organizations.

Four of the people at the conference, friends of mine and me decided to mount an expedition to Garrison. One friend had a helicopter and fuel truck, one had some underground radar tracking equipment (he had come up to my gold mine where about 5 miles away in an area not many people visited and where I had another claim named “Cutthroat”. The former name was “Windmill” and produced a fair amount of gold.

About 300 yards east from this claim there was an alleged Spanish treasure location. This treasure location had been found by somebody from the Phoenix area who had access to some Spanish treasure maps and this location was indicated on one of the maps.

Located in a pile of rocks was a perfectly square cutout about 10 inches wide and about 16 inches deep. At the bottom was like concrete. I had the underground radar guys scan the area and found only a few possible returns. The area is now in an ACEC or Area of Critical Environmental Concern.

Anyway we were all supposed to meet up in 2 weeks for the Garrison expedition but somehow we never got underway.

As far as I know the craft is still there. I have posted some photos of the area from Google Earth where it was buried. I put a circle around where the houses are. I say 'are' because they used to show up on Google Earth but now they are not there even though I think they are. There would be no reason to take the houses down. They would want access for ever. If they ever got the saucer cranked up it would be light duty to push up through 50 feet of dirt.

Thats all I know about the Garrison, Utah buried flying saucer. And I apologize to the originator of the story if I have not been entirely accurate.

Lat 38 degrees 37 minutes 40 seconds North

Long 113 degrees 40 minutes 40 seconds West

Ronald Regehr: John Lear I did a thorough investigation into this--total bullshit promoted by LMH. Sorry. I published the results. I shall see if I can find the file.

John Lear: Ronald Regehr In respect to our over 30 year friendship I am going to bite my tongue.

Bill Ortis: Interesting... The story I heard was that it was triangular and long, very big, and very old. They buried it and I heard that they made an underground lab there where they could study it more and it was connected to it underground.

However, I see some odd things in the ground on your photos. Two circles... and also the area has a triangular edge. One side of the long sides of the triangle is bent, like perhaps, if the vehicle was a triangular shape, it may have hit hard and bent up the leading edge. Perhaps even rolled once or twice on impact. Who knows.

I outlined the lines...

Bill Ortis: This helps to look at the differences better..

Ron Schmidt: The 1953 UFO Crash Site in Garrison, Utah
May 26, 2016 By Nathan Cowlishaw

Agent Norman investigates inside the triangle of the alleged Garrison, UT UFO crash site of 1953. This triangle is located east of the DRES facility operated by the United States Forest Service in the Pine Valley Hardpan. The triangle portion is visible in satellite imagery and has been determined to be an unnatural anomaly by geologists. The story from 1953 states that a bar shaped UFO crashed here and was so large that the military was unable to move or relocate it. So they buried it. Norman’s findings are consistent with large swaths of the debris field not compacted at all compared to the rest of the Hardpan. - Source

Alien Dave has a collection HERE. Alien Dave also has the beam weapon test photos at Dugway that Tom Bedlam told us about back on ATS.

Steve Jones' Report:
TerraServer aerial photos of the site. Photo 1

Here is one from about 30,000 feet. The debris field (just to the right of the center) is clearly outlined and the roads to the east side of the DRES property and the south are also clear. One thing is for certain, it's size is very close to what we had estimated (over a mile in length and about 1/2 mile wide at the top of the V). It is very clear that whatever impacted hit really hard and came in very fast. Like we had ascertained before, indications are that it came in at a very shallow angle, which is what M--- had indicated. He said that it clipped a hill top to the SSW on the incoming flight path. We were right on the money with the location of the top and the observation of the effects on the long term plant life.

If you zoom in you can really see it, just to the NNE of the edge with the clear outlining of almost a splatter like upper edge. ~ Steve Jones

In this zoom, you can see it a bit better.
(go to print version for a good look at the splatter pattern) PHOTO 2:
Clearly something impacted the Earth here.With enough force to send debris 3/4 of a mile beyond the impact zone.

Remember this event took place 50+ years ago, these photos are recent Terraserver images. 50+ years of weather, erosion, etc. and the site still shows incredible details.

l Interesting note:
to the right of impact zone is a image of what looks like an alien head facing the impact site ~ Steve Jones

Researcher Steve Jones (spent over 20 years and $10,000 investigating this event) PHOTO 3:  A closer view shows what looks like a drill sample test hole with tailings (tailings pile approx. 100 yards wide) possible survey work (Triangle formation) in the center of the impact zone ~ Steve Jones

Western Desert, Utah UFO Crash -1953 May 20 - The 1953 DRES.. {Desert Research Experimental Station}

Ron Schmidt: Terraserver image of the same region taken today. Well true or not it's an interesting location.

1953 DRES.. Crash Site
{Desert Research Experimental Station} Its rumoured and possible that the UFO that crashed here ...could of been transported to and reburied at Dugway Proving Grounds.
supposedly it was the event that spurred the 'agricultural front' bee hive segment of the X files movie. Joe Resnick The bee episode you mentioned just the other day

Ron Schmidt:  Crash Site {Desert Research Experimental Station} It's rumored and possible that the UFO that crashed here could have been transported to and reburied at Dugway Proving Grounds. Supposedly it was the event that spurred the 'agricultural front' bee hive segment of the X Files movie. Joe Resnick The bee episode you mentioned just the other day.

Joe Resnick: LOL... yeah... I gave that idea to one of their producer while he was touring our facility...

Ronald Regehr:
Ron Schmidt, I sent a copy of my investigation report to John Lear. There is NOTHING suspicious about the site. INFO: This was renamed the Desert Experimental Range decades ago. It is NOT the DRES.1953 DRES.

Ron Schmidt: Well seeing as your dog ate your work I will have to get it from John then

Ronald Regehr: LAUGHING!!!

Ron Schmidt: Here is your report. Ron John sent it to me last night but I was having computer issues;

Kevin W L Decker: Linda Moulton Howe was there..and can confirm the houses etc. sShe did a full story on it with pics etc.

John Lear: Thank you Kevin. Linda was one of the 4. She must have gone later.

Kevin W L Decker: I think there's a vid of hers on youtube about it, think that's where I saw it. The houses were fFarther away.

Ron Schmidt: Linda M Howe has the story in 4 pages but she requires a subscription to even view it

John Lear: Kevin W L Decker In which direction?

Kevin W L Decker: Can't remember... thinking South... I'll find the vid. 

UFO Crash and Burial

In this video excellent video presentation EarthFiles reporter Linda Moulton Howe discusses the possible burial of a large object in Utah in the 1950s and the subsequent creation of an advanced triangular base built around the item for examination purposes and possibly more.

In addition Linda surrounds the story with a unique and honest insight into the extra-terrestrial phenomenon generally and makes the important point that unless we begin to get to grips with the situation fast we are in danger of having to exist in a purely simulated world of above-government secrecy and misdirection.

The fact a huge object can be buried and disguised for so long yethidden in plain sight indicates the degree to which the UFO/ETI knowledge has been supressed.


Ronald Regehr: BULLSHIT ALERT!! This is a NOTHING BURGER!! Total nonsense!

Carola Ruijsch van Dugteren: .. and why are you friends with John, Mr. Regehr?

Ronald Regehr: Carola Ruijsch van Dugteren John Lear and I have been friends for many decades. I doubt he read my report on this. I am certain, when he does, he will change his mind.

John Lear: Ronald Regehr Ron, I am not going to read the report until you return the x-ray of the girls neck who was abducted to Dulce and stayed with Paul Bennewitz and whose entire regression by Leo Sprinkle I just had transcribed a few years ago from hand written notes.. Thanks

Ronald Regehr: John Lear Sorry, John Lear, but 1) I've moved 5 times since last we met, 2) my ex-wife kept (and destroyed) ALL my files, and 3) I would LOVE to have it and return it to you!!

Ron Schmidt: Wow!!! usually people in our field say the government came in and stole the files or the dog ate them Ex wife eh? that is only the second time I heard that one. The first was when Buzz Aldrin's wife sold off all his papers

Ronald Regehr: Ron Schmidt I had five 5-drawer file cabinets and 23 archive boxes of data destroyed by her--along with ALL my personal possessions and over $88K from our joint savings

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