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From: An Email reply to Russ Hamerly of Boeing, a contributor to Pegasus
RE: Question on whether Apollo astronauts had actually gone to the moon
8/18/2008 8:05 AM

Good morning Russ,

I don't believe any Apollo mission orbited or landed on the moon and the following are some of my reasons. At the bottom you will find NASA videos of all 6 lunar landings which appear to have been filmed using the giant fake moon at the Langley Research Center.

If we had had help or used exotic technology it would seem that we could have done a better job of faking it. My vote is still that Apollo never went to the moon. Apollo never even orbited the moon  and Apollo certainly never landed on the moon.

Here is the condensed version of my reasons.

Pari Spolter in her 1993 book "Gravitational Source of the Sun" mathematically and scientifically proves that Newtons Law of Universal Gravitation that says that mass/density creates gravity is wrong. Gravity is caused by Keplers Third Law which states that gravitational force is caused by the product of acceleration and an area of a circle the radius of which is the mean distance between that planet and the sun. Formulas using Newtons F=M1M2/r2 are totally wrong. Therefore the correct computation for the moons gravity would be using the Bullialdus/Newton Law of Inverse Square which doesn't require mass/density computations is 64% that of earth's.

That said the lunar lander weight was 33,000 pounds including 22,000 pounds of hypergolic fuel.

For this craft to descend from an orbit of 60 miles, land, then takeoff and climb back to 60 miles would be impossible in 64% of earth's gravity.

The videos of the astronauts on the moon showed them barely able to leap 18 inches. If it had truly been one sixth gravity they should have been able to jump much higher.

The door on the lander was smaller than a moon-suited astronaut could have entered or exited. Also the door is rectangular and opens out which would have been unlikely because of the engineering problems in a pressure seal.

There were no couches, seats or chairs in the lunar lander. Both astronauts stood up for orbital descent and ascent with only a hand rest and waist strap for support. In the ascent state Jim Irwin, in his book "To rule the Night" claims the acceleration on takeoff from the moon was 3000 ft/sec. It would have been impossible for astronauts to have accomplished a take off from the moon under those conditions.

The backgrounds of the moon for all alleged 6 missions were approximately the same and many photos were shown to have more than one lighting source.

Bill Kaysing was contacted by an airline pilot who, along with 8 others witnessed the Apollo 11 Command Module being pushed out of a Lockheed C-5A about the time that Apollo 11 was allegedly coming back from the moon.

The close-up photos of the landing pads of the lunar lander showed no dust which is impossible as dust can be clearly seen blowing in the NASA produced landing video.

The close-up photo of the area directly below the rocket exhaust of the lunar lander shows no depression or indication that a rocket had ever been used for landing.

The alleged rocket exhaust of the ascent phase of the lunar lander looks fake as there is no visible exhaust.

The photo taken by Michael Collins of the lunar lander as it separated from the CSM appears to be missing its fuel tanks. AS11-44-6574.

In the Science Channel Series of the Apollo 11 mission (In The Shadow Of The Moon) when it shows the ascent stage climbing into orbit there are 2 separate views one taken close to the surface and one taken during the climb. If Michael Collins was taking these photos from the Command Service Module who did he maneuver down to take the first video and then climb up for the second video? He was supposed to be in 60 miles orbit. And how was he getting the lunar lander in the frame?

In the NASA video showing Armstrong, Aldrin and Collins descending from the helicopter, down the stairs and walking over to the mobile quarantine unit located on the aircraft carrier Hornet none of the astronauts seems to be feeling the effect of 8 days in weightlessness. They should have somewhat rubbery legs 63 minutes after splashdown.

The video of the press conference after emerging from quarantine shows the astronauts to be cautious, frightened and unsure of their answers. This is not the jubilant, happy crew we would expect to see after mans first mission to the moon.

And consider this. In the almost 40 years since the Apollo program there has not been one Apollo Mission Reunion of all the astronauts who so (allegedly) bravely accomplished the 'impossible'.

No I don't believe that any Apollo mission ever orbited and landed on the moon.

NASA murdered Gus Grissom on January 27, 1967, 2 weeks after Gus publicly stated (referring to the Apollo Spacecraft) "This thing isn't going to the moon in 2 years, this thing isn't going to the moon in 10 years."

Here are the videos of the 6 NASA moon landing videos. Notice that the diameters of the craters never get larger and listen carefully to the 'scripted' nature of the audio.

Apollo 11


Apollo 12


Apollo 14


Apollo 15


Apollo 16


Apollo 17


And here is the video of the Apollo 11 crew emerging from the helicopter that had picked them up out of the ocean after 8 days in weightlessness:


From: An Email reply to Russ Hamerly of Boeing, a contributor to Pegasus
RE: Question on whether Apollo astronauts had actually gone to the moon
8/18/2008 11:28 AM

Thanks Russ,

Be sure and look carefully at the apparent diameters of the craters on descent

Ron pointed this out to me and I was flabbergasted. Nothing changes. It was a hoax from the git-go.

Listen carefully to the dialogue. Delivered just like reading a script.

Regarding Bill Kaysings story about the airline pilot who witnessed the Apollo 11 Command Module being pushed out of a C5-A.

The official landing coordinates are:

From NASA:
Apollo 11 splashed down in the Pacific Ocean on 24 July 1969 at 16:50:35 UT (12:50:35 p.m. EDT) after a mission elapsed time of 195 hrs, 18 mins, 35 secs.

The splashdown point was 13 deg 19 min N, 169 deg 9 min W, 400 miles SSW of Wake Island and 24 km (15 mi) from the recovery ship USS Hornet.

Those lat/long coordinates are nowhere near 400 miles ssw of Wake Island. They are in fact, 180 miles due south of Johnston Island. And of course, we all know the tight secrecy with which any information about Johnston Island has been kept. Currently a major spacecraft launch facility.

This would seem to confirm the airline captains story as Johnston Island was a major navigational checkpoint for east west air routes bound for Viet Nam.

This information is no more astounding than the fact that we obtained the plutonium for the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombs from Germany and in return, through Operation Paperclip allowed thousand of higher echelon Nazi’s into the U.S. and provided sanctuary for Hitler until his death a few years ago.

All the best,

John Lear

From: An Email reply to Russ Hamerly of Boeing, a contributor to Pegasus
RE: Question on whether Apollo astronauts had actually gone to the moon
8/19/2008 11:07 AM

Good morning Russ,

Please feel free to post anything I write on any forum. I am regularly pummeled for my thoughts and ideas.

Regarding Armstrong’s alleged leap, or any fake video thereof, what needs to be addressed first is Pari Spolter’s (The Gravitation Force of the Sun) mathematical and scientific dismissal of Newtons Law of Universal Gravitation and the Gravitational Constant as alleged by Cavendish at al.

In fact, Spolter proves that mass/density has no gravitational attraction and that all calculations using F = G/m1m2/r2 is without truth, fact or evidence and that in fact the gravitation force of a planet is the result of Kepler’s Third Law r3/t2 which proves the sun as a gravitational constant and therefore disproves the alleged mass/density calculations based of Newton’s Law of Universal Gravitation and the Gravitational Constant.

The gravity of the moon has been calculated using fabricated/impossible densities of Earth (5.5gr/cm3 and the Moon (3.34 gr/cm3) and Newton’s Law to come with the fictional one sixth gravity of Earth. In fact, using the Bullialdus/Law of Inverse Square, correcting for perturbations of the sun, the eccentricity of the Moons orbit and its phase and a neutral point of 43,495 miles we arrive at the more likely figure of  68.71% of Earth’s gravity. The Inverse Square Law needs no density values and merely determines ‘relative mass’.

Not only would Armstrong’s leap to the third step be impossible but also impossible would be the Lunar Modules de-orbit, landing, take off and re-orbit with 22,000 pounds of hypergolic fuel from and to a 9-by-45 lunar orbit.

Regarding my statement of 3000 fps of the ascent stage of the Lunar Module I refer you to “To Rule The Night” by James B. Irwin © 1973 by James B, Irwin and William A. Emerson, Jr. SBN 345-24237-8-150, Page 69, “We continued to accelerate until we reached 5,000 feet per second, at which point the engine shut down. We were in orbit around the moon in a 9-by-45 orbit. Pretty neat trick for 2 guys that were standing up supported only by a strap around their waist.

Hey, throw me in that briar patch!

All the best,
John Lear

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