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On Gravity and Newton's Law

On Gravity and Newton's Law
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January 13 at 2:35pm Posted on Facebook

I'm busy writing the story of how I climbed the Matterhorn in 1957 when I was 17. Its no big deal at least not like climbing Everest. And the stories that my guide actually carried me to the top are not true. At least not all the way to the top.

I will post this story a little later.

Meanwhile I am posting my article about debunking Newtons Law of Gravitation which is total nonsense. (His law is total nonsense, not my article.)

The debunking of Newtons Law of Gravitation is told in detail by Pari Spolter in her book “Gravitational Force of the Sun” Orb Publishing, Grenada Hills, California copyright 1993. It will probably be another 25 to 50 years before this truth will enter mainstream science. Pari wrote it 25 years ago and you are getting it today!John & Bob L

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