John Lear
Hawaii Nuclear Attack False Alarm

Hawaii Nuclear Attack False Alarm
John Lear
January 18 at 4:33pm Posted

From Jim Stone Freelance Journalist:


QUESTION: What nation could launch a nuclear warhead at the United States and get away with it? Come on folks, put your thinking cap on. Waiting . . . . . . waiting for an answer . . . . . . waiting . . . . . . .OH, I GOT IT!!!! ISRAEL!!!!!

They needed their false flag and world war 3 to shut Trump down now that he's the Orkin man after the critters. HEADS UP FOLKS, IT MAY BE GETTING HOT OUTSIDE YOUR WINDOW SOON.
You had better make sure you can at least keep a light on, I did not post that nifty little oil lamp for no reason. HERE IS THE REASON:

Pacific Command detected a missile, those systems DO NOT EVER SCREW UP, which means they shot it down, and it took them 38 minutes to confirm they destroyed the sub and another missile would not be launched, as I reported all along.

Brad Olsen: Head's up everyone! This silent war with quiet weapons is going hot.
Original article John excerpted from: beforeitsnews/.../the-failed-nuke-attack-on...

Gwen Gleason: I’d just like to see a more creditable source

John Lear: Not true. I excerpted from Jim Stones web site that is his wording. I also posted at the beginning of the excerpt that it was from Jim Stone's material. I have a friend who confirmed it with the (withheld for obvious reasons) on the sub. No story here? Guess again.

Bill Ortis: I'm sorry but I can't see Israel doing this... Maybe it's a sub they sold..

John Lear:
They planned, engineered and carried out 911. It was their Yinon Plan developed in 1979 to trick the U.S. into going into the Middle East to fight Israels enemies. And you can't see Israel doing this?

Steve Tony: Don't forget the two cruise missile's lost in approx 2008 - Nuclear Cruise Missile Is Missing - ARA San Juan (S-42)

Lance Oliver: Has there been any public announcement by Israel or the USA that there is a missing sub?

John Lear
January 19 at 9:42pm Posted

This is the possible missile that nuked the Israeli Dolphin 2. Nothing has been confirmed yet but my sources say it was a Virginia Class (block 4) sub that launched the BM-109 Tomahawk cruise missile. The Tomahawk has at least 3 different noses. One of which is a nuke and was used to destroy the Israeli Dolphin 2. According to my sources just before launch and it was really hectic, someone took a thick marker pen and wrote on the missile, “Paybacks a bitch, assholes, signed, the crew of the Liberty”. This has not yet been confirmed.

Alvin-San Whaley: IF this scenario is for real; WHY hasn't the Pentagon/USSA/US Gov declared WAR on Israel?? 9/11 is one thing (we *know* they hadda hand in THAT); them attempting to launch a NUKE onto prime American Real Estate is something else ENTIRELY.

John Lear: Alvin, if we were to declare war on Israel where would the $3.2 trillion dollars we give them in foreign aid go to?

Alvin-San Whaley:
Sir John Lear; I hear that .. on the other hand .. if what you say was indeed the case (that the Pentagon somehow stayed it's hand in declaring war/heavy retaliation against Iz) why *prevent* the alleged Dolphin launch in the first place? Why not just allow it to strike? Surely US Mil Assets knew about the Dolphin LONG before it fired that missile ...

Ron Schmidt: Alvin-San Whaley It would seem to me that not ALL people in the Military are under control of the Puppet masters. If this was indeed prevented by a group such as the Friends of Liberty... then the Pentagon would not want to say anything or declare war on anyone. Too much explaining to do

Mike Pe: I seriously doubt, it is possible to nuke submerged submarine. If anything, it was probably standard ASROC from surface vessel, or helicopter. If US submarine was in vicinity, it had to knew Dolphin position hours, before launch. Although Russian one, always have at least one US shadowing, so who knows?

John Lear:  It was nuked.

Mike Pe: Well, if it was nuked, it would need to be near surface. Possibly, because it was already damaged, or tried to catch satellite contact. But what about post-strike radiation? Not easy to hide, although should dissipate in few days. Is there suddenly closed zone, nearby?

Martin van Vuuren: I am questioning myself if they could have destroyed it within 38 min. How did they find the target.

Mike Pe:
Submarine had to leave Mediterranean either by Suez (I'm not sure, it is even possible underwater), or Gibraltar. Lots of countries would be interested to find, why Israeli One is leaving, so it was probably traced all the way. Or they checked satellite images. Knowing missile course, you can guesstimate point if launch.

Martin van Vuuren:
I remember a case of years ago, The swedish or Finnish navy tried to track a russian sub, but they could not trace / find it.

Mike Pe:
Hard to find concealed, but once it fired missile, cover is blown

Alvin-San Whaley:
"I am NAVY, a nuke underwater is like a sub surface earth burst. It creates a one mile hole in the water. Displacing one mile of water instantaneously. Everything within 20 miles dies and ships on the surface are destroyed. Water does not compress, it cannot compress, so it is displaced instead."

"The last under surface water burst caused a 4.2 earthquake. It also has a distinct signature that separates it from a earth quake. All earth quakes have tremors building up to a big quake. A nuke is an instantaneous spike. with ripples after as the water rushes back into the hole. Additional "ripples" come from secondary explosions." — Dan Wiberg

John Lear
January 22 at 9:11am Posted

The Israeli/Mossad/Boeing produced video, “IAMJOHNCULLEN' where Saudi Arabia is blamed for 9/11 is a total farce. Israel conceived, planned and carried out 911 simply to trick the U.S. to going into the Middle East to fight Israels enemies. In the first part of the video it states, “Military helicopters don't have transponders.” Are they nuts? Of course they have transponders. How would Nellis Range Control (and all other radar controls) keep track of them if they didn't. This video is just plain stupid. They also want to blame Saudi Arabia for the carnage of October 1 in Las Vegas.

If you want to waste your time watching this video please notice that Israel is not mentioned once.

Israel's credibility lies in nuked pieces of submarine at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean where it belongs. Courtesy of the Friends of the Liberty.

Randall Koller: I for one don't believe that one man can push one button and send out a nuclear alert, total BS story, and then they didn't retract the alert for 1/2 an hour adds to the BS story, and I don't have a clue what really happened but it seems odd that Pence has flown over there, I only wish they would just be honest with us and at this point their credibility is swirling around the toilet bowl so many wouldn't believe them if they did tell us the truth. ALL unfortunate circumstances. Bryant Miller believes anything and everything as reported by FOX news. so I haven't brought this up for discussion.

John Lear: Randall, what exactly are you complaining about? I told you exactly what happened. Why are you worried about the nuclear alert story?

Randall Koller: I'd like to see some evidence John that's all. I think the alert is certainly part of the puzzle as it just doesn't add up. I don't doubt you could have inside information, you're a legend among the pilot sect and I'm sure many of them know the truth... It makes me uncomfortable to even think that they would pull a stunt this big.

Sue Weedman: Randall Koller, oh but they would pull a stunt exactly like this. 😔

Danny Silva: Randall Koller John Lear has no evidence.

Randall Koller: and? why are you here then? just to make trouble?

John Lear: Danny Silva Correct. Not one teenie, tiny sliver of submarine parts. They are all at the bottom of the Pacific. And I am certain that if I were to bring up a couple of hundred pounds of it you would just say, "Prove to me that its from the sub the U.S. Navy nuked." So I am not going to bother.

Danny Silva: John Lear when making claims, evidence is important.

Jim Garrett: It doesn't matter if you have evidence or not; 99% of the people do not believe anything they hear or read, or half of what they see; Mr. Lear is correct in stating no one, repeat, no one would believe it

Timothy Cummins: Pinged for knowing without a doubt that John was right about 911. His friends and relative knew when there was going to be a disaster also. And to buy BTC at $800. Good thing I listened.

Nancy Cuevas Guzman: John, there's the Israeli Dolphin 2 again. Connected with your article from the other day?:
"Word here in Hawaii is that a group of tourists and tour guides were on a boat 100 miles off shore Saturday morning around 8 AM when they witnessed what they thought to be a meteor blowing up over the ocean. It was reported on Hawaiian Channel 2 but then removed from their website. Rumor is the launch came from an Israel Dolphin 2 submarine. Some college basketball games had a red alert across the screen from US Pacific Command declaring a missile launch in the Pacific near Hawaii." - SOURCE

Claim: Hawaii charter boat group witnessed explosion in sky on morning of false missile alert. 

Posted by Lexi Morgan

A man’s sister told him a group of boaters witnessed an aerial explosion about 100 NM offshore around 8:00 a.m. last Saturday morning

SOUTH PACIFIC (INTELLIHUB) — A man posted a video to YouTube on Sunday in which he claims his sister, who lives on Maui, heard that a group of 9 tour boat guides and about 13 tourists witnessed some type of explosion in the sky about 100 NM offshore (leeward side.)

“They said it looked like a meteor and then all of a sudden it was a big boom and it lit up the entire sky,” he explained. “It was at eight o’clock in the morning.”

“Maybe this wasn’t a drill after all,” he said. “I would think that the United States would not want to cause more panic if they did launch something at Hawaii — they would say it was a mistake.”

The man also maintains that the story was posted by a local news outlet for a short period of time before it was “pulled” altogether.

Youtuber Ashley LP chimed in:
So I live on Island and our family has a lighthouse, we all saw a bright flash that morning as well. There is much buzz about this… Thank you for actually putting what islanders are all talking about.

The video was posted one day after a false missile alert caused a panic throughout the islands. ~ SOURCE

Giovanni Guerra: January 31 at 7:23pm
I'm getting validation from other sources regarding this. Thanks once again John Lear.

HAWAII TOURISTS SAW THIS BLOW UP OVER HAWAII? Hawaii false alarm was no false alarm

Marfoogle Watutu News  Published on Jan 26, 2018
Can anyone Tell me what this is. It was captured by the heck observatory full credit for video to the Hawaii Keck Observatory. This video was taken september 1st 2017, my point is perhaps they are doing more tests then they are letting on. Please do not call this a fear video, it is purely critical thinking and trying to understand what people may have seen on the morning of the Hawaii false alarm

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