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Howard and Connie Menger Credit: Howard's Website

Howard Menger (born on February 17, 1922 in Brooklyn, New York) is an American Contactee who claimed to have met extraterrestrials throughout the course of his life, meetings which were the subject of books he wrote, such as From Outer Space To You and The High Bridge Incident. Menger, who rose to prominence as a charismatic contactee detailing his chats with friendly Adamski-style Venusian "space brothers" in the late 1950s, has been widely dismissed as a charlatan who simply jumped on the bandwagon in the wake of publicity following publication of George Adamski's wild stories of chit-chatting with Nordic-looking spacemen, and during at least one live TV appearance he admitted as much. Nonetheless, his various stories, photographs and films have been accepted by some UFO believers. While most contactees have religious revelations to impart after their "experiences," Menger came back from his saucer-rides with a far more practical message: a new outer-space-approved diet for losing excess weight. Later he issued a 33-1/3 rpm recording of "music composed by space aliens."

When he was still young he moved with his parents to the rolling hills of Hunterdon County, New Jersey. His first alleged contact with a person from another planet was at the age of ten, in the woods near his hometown High Bridge. Shortly after leaving high school, he entered the Army and was attached to the 17th Tank Battalion. In later life he was often employed as a sign painter.

Born  February 17, 1922 (1922-02-17) (age 86) Brooklyn, New York
Spouse  Connie Menger (Maiden name, Weber)
Children  Eric Menger (Son); Heidi Menger (Daughter)

Official Howard Menger Website

Howard recreates scene with space woman

Howard Menger describes a beautiful woman he met sitting on a rock.  She had on a uniform which had a shimmering, shiny texture... the clothing had no buttons, fasteners, or seams that he could discern.

Venusian Friend according to Howard Menger
The Menger Story 

In the late summer of 1956, in a rural community of Northwestern New Jersey, in the undulating fertile hills of Hunterdon County, a series of events transpired which brought nationwide and eventually worldwide attention to High Bridge, New Jersey.

A young man's account of seeing and photographing "flying saucers" (as they were called in those days) alerted the entire east coast to the first UFO FLAP.  Photographs of the flying saucers (called UFO's) in flight were developed by a local film processor and eventually found their way into the news media, radio and television.

Howard Menger had begun his strange odyssey from a prosaic, routine life of a successful businessman and contented family man into the strange world of UFO's, aliens, and the paranormal.

Menger's story attempts to recount the incident at High Bridge, New Jersey as it happened, how we perceived it, how we later tried to evaluate it.  The authors cannot offer a ready answer or easy solution to the illusive UFO phenomenon.  Nevertheless, we conscientiously submit this story with the objective that it might suggest a pattern that invariably followed the reporting of UFO's, and how these incidents affected the lives of many contactees, abductees and their families.

The authors believe that the underlying pattern of the UFO phenomenon is controlled by a central network from which contrived information, such as sightings, holograms, photographs, specimens and documented accounts is fed to the public.  This central network consists of various top secret agencies in our government working with specialized personnel of the Army, Navy, and Air Force in secret locations.  But why is the public uninformed?  The authors believe they know why, but cannot prove it.  Their main purpose is to let people know their side of the story: behind the story: and let the reader decide the answer.

SOURCE: http://howardmenger.com/_wsn/page2.html

Adamski's Golden Medal of Honor, which he claimed to have received during his meeting with Pope John XXIII.
Menger's painting of his contact with the "Space Brothers", Another Hanubu saucer
Credit: Howard's Website
Howard Menger's Books at Amazon.com


1991 - The High Bridge incident: The story behind the story - by Howard Menger
1967 - From Outer Space - Secret of the Flying Saucers - by Howard Menger
1967 - Secrets of the Flying Saucers From Outer Space - by Howard Menger
1967 - From Outer Space - (original) From Outer Space to You - by Howard Menger
1959 - From Outer Space to You - An Account of Visitors From Space - by H. Menger
1959 - From outer space to you by Howard Menger

The Color of the Lunar Sky

Saturday, August 18, 2007 7:43 AM
To: johnlear@cox.net
Subject: Saffron

Dear Mr. Lear,

Several years ago you sent us a charming picture of your family at Christmas time.  I could not help noticing what a nice family you presented.  We are so glad to hear from you again.  Our daughter, Heidi is assisting us in our communications with fellow researchers.  My dear husband, Howard is in reasonably good health at 85, but he does have some difficulty with his memory.  We presented him with the color variations of saffron that you sent and he as indicated as far as he could remember what the moonsky and horizon looked like at that time many years ago.  He sends his regards to you and we will send the indicated colors he has chosen and hope that it will be helpful to you and your research.

May I ask why you are interested in this information now?

We are also sending you a copy of a page in a book by William L. Brian II, called "Moongate."  The author seems to agree with the coloration as described by Howard.  Incidentally, the Japanese seem to be unusually interested in the moon, also.  Heidi has skillfully negotiated with a Japanese published and a translator to have our book(s) published into the Japanese language through Tokuma publishing.  It is now available and being sold in Japanese bookstores.  The title is "Angelic Visitors." 


Connie Menger

Sent: Saturday, August 18, 2007 5:26 PM
To: johnlear@cox.net
Subject: Saffron scans

Hello John,

I am sending the scanned images in color with the "X" on each one to indicate my Dad's choice.  Your lecture sounds interesting and I've viewed your websites.  Very informative.  Thank you for your research, and  I'm glad I could be of some help.  Please let us know how your presentation went and keep in touch.

Greetings from Florida,

Heidi Menger

From: John Lear
Subject: Lunar Sky
Date: August 20, 2007 3:16 PM


Here is an excerpt from Moongate concerning what Howard Menger saw on the moon.

John Lear


Moongate: Suppressed Findings of the U.S. Space Program
by William Brian

From: John Lear
Subject: Lunar Sky
Date: February 08, ,2008 10:51 AM


I am ecstatic to hear from you! Please give your Dad my best wishes and tell him how highly I think of him. The answers to my questions were greatly appreciated. Can I ask more questions? I donít want to bother him.

All the best to you and all the family, you have brightened my day!


From: Howard Menger
Sent: Friday, February 08, 2008 10:08 AM
To: johnlear@cox.net
Subject: Re: Lunar gravity

Hello John,

I hope this email finds you in good health.  Dad hasn't been feeling too well lately, but he is better now.  He was able to answer the questions for you...if you still need them. Sorry this is so late.

All the Best to you and you Family,


To:    Howard Menger
From:  johnlear@cox.net (John Lear)
Subject: Lunar gravity
Date: December 13, 2007 3:28:22 PM Eastern Standard Time

Hello Heidi,

I hope your family had a Happy Thanksgiving.

Could you please ask Howard is the gravity on the moon was normal or say, equivalent to earthís?

At lectures, Howard Menger Showed photos of the moon's slight atmosphere: Like an aura.  If there is an atmosphere, there is gravity, not as much as on earth, but there is gravity.

Also, in his opinion is there a breathable atmosphere on the moon?

There is a light atmosphere (air was thin) and stepping out (of the craft)... HM was weighted down.

Also, when he stepped out of the train into the broiling heat was he inside a dome or in unobstructed lunar atmosphere?

Outside.  He looked down at the dirt and he was facing the sun.

Did the air have any particular odor?

No odor.

One more question. Could you please ask him if he visited the nearside or the farside?

He was in between the two sides, but aware that there were installations (domes, tunnels, mining operations) on the dark side that couldn't be seen from Earth.

It seems from what he wrote that he just visited the farside.

Sorry for all of these questions but I am trying to bring the importance of the moon and its inhabitants to the attention of those on abovetopsecret.com. There is so much disinformation around that its very hard to get through to people. Howard is my only source for accurate and true information.

Thank you and all the best to all of the family,\

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