Bay Area UFO Expo
August 25-26, 2007
John and his Daughter Alli Modelling the Above Top (ATS) Beauty Contestant Ribbons

"Springer" and Dave Rabbit
"Here's one where Dave explains that the "Pink Caddy" we bought as an advertising
promotion with Springer's Credit card can't be returned back to the dealership.

Ahem... Anyone interested in a classic 1976 pink Cadillac with the
AboveTopSecret Logo plastered all over it? - Johnny Anonymous

Left: Having hypnotized one poor girl in red hair to visit ATS every day, Springer works on his second victim.
Right: Springer and Mirthful Me at the booth ... taken by MajorMalfunction
Mark Allin, John Lear Dave Rabbit and Johnny Anonymous
"Springer tells me he's hung-over from the several bottles of fine wine supplied by 
FredT and Mirtful Me the night before. (Lightweight)" - SkepticOverlord
Zorgon's Daughter Raquel (Cheeta) in the ATS Booth 
(It will be better next time)
Left: Zorgon in front of  Copernicus Poster made by Select Imaging by Papajake (ATS Member)
Right:The Living Moon Booth with The official John Lear/ATS Tin Foil Hats

Posted by John Rhodes August 2, 2010
 My good friends Jordan and John join me at the Bay Area UFO Expo. (Notice how John has hands growing from his shoulders? Proof he's been to Dulce!) with John Lear.


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