The Color of the Lunar Sky
An Opinion by John Lear
The daytime sky on the moon is not black.

It could be yellow. It could be blue. It could be red.

But it is not black.

The reason for the lie the sky is black on the moon is that if it were yellow or blue or red or another color then that would mean the moon has an atmosphere through which the sun rays shine, turning the sky a color.

And if the moon has an atmosphere then it has gravity which holds the atmosphere in place.

If it has an atmosphere and gravity then most everything you have been told about the moon is a lie.

And you have been told a lie.

The atmosphere on the moon is not as dense as on earth but there is wind; there are clouds, lakes, rivers, vegetation and everything else that comes with those things. And itís the Ďeverything elseí part that made the lie so necessary.

Of course these things are not on the side of the moon that you can see, by design.

From the moment it was discovered that the moon had an atmosphere unbelievable amounts of time, money and effort were expended to protect the lie.

Film. Color film, black and white film, still cameras, movie cameras, all had to be engineered to promote the lie. Hollywood movie-type sets had to be built for the Apollo missions because they had to be sure that no accident in filming on the lunar surface was able to catch the color of the sky.

Color photographs were changed through a series of inter-negatives to turn the sky black. Technicians labored literally hundreds of thousands of hours to doctor photos of the moon to turn the sky black, and to eliminate offensive material.

Accidents like the t.v. camera on Apollo 12 being accidentally pointed towards the sun and rendering it useless were engineered to prevent any chance the sky would be filmed in its true color.

Thatís why the discrepancy in shadows on many of the Apollo pictures: many scenes were filmed on a set and careful enough attention was not paid to the direction of the shadows cast by the different lights.

Oh we went to the moon alright. Its what we found there that was such a secret. A secret, it was determined, that had to be kept at all costs.

Thatís the reason that many of the Apollo astronauts canít recall exactly what its like to be on the moon because they were subjected to deep, heavy, memory altering hypnosis/therapy to prevent any chance they would remember that the sky was not black.

A sky as black as a pair of black patent leather shoes as Alan Bean recalls.

And the Ďcontructsí (as the astronauts described the huge structures, arches, bridges, domes and machinery of unimaginable size that crowded the lunar surface) had to be deleted forever from their memories.

Many of the astronauts rebelled against the lie. They found it difficult if not impossible to accept the need for the lie and struggled to compensate in different ways.

Neil Armstrong, who was the first man on the Apollo program to set foot on the moon, has made very few public appearances since his return to earth. I believe his reason was, I will not lie for you. And the loyal, brave, honest, true American, rather than promote the lie, just kept silent.

On July 20, 1994, at a White House celebration of the 25th anniversary of the first Apollo landing on the moon, Neil gave a short, 3 minute speech. He told us, There are great ideas undiscovered, breakthroughs available to those who can remove one of truthís protective layers. There are places to go beyond belief.

I have accepted Neilís challenge to remove one of truthís protective layers with this document.

Most of the Apollo astronauts still living probably want the truth to be known. Those that are gone probably did also.

Alan Bean, Apollo 12 astronaut, painted many lunarscapes with the truth for all to see. The bright, yellow, refracted, shining sun. The colors of the soil, a dead giveaway for the Ďdirty beach sandí described by the Astronauts of Apollo 8. In Beans self-portrait, standing on the moon, we can see the huge lattice-like dome structure high overhead reflected in his faceplate.

The lie has been firmly in place for over 4 decades. The truth is, the daytime sky is not black on the moon. And all that goes with that.

A belated Happy Birthday, Neil.

John Lear August 20, 2005


Please donít bother telling me how many laws of physics and books of knowledge and reams of scientific evidence prove Iím wrong. I not interested in the depth of your ignorance. There are a few that know I am right. There are also a few that are shaking in their boots trying to figure out how they are going to get this back in the bottle. And you know what? I havenít even told you half of it. Going Kilo Kilo. 


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