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The Case for the Civilization on the Moon
The Case for the Civilization on the Moon
Image Credit: BBC News
Sketch from 1895 of a Gold Mine in Operation on the Moon
by Konstantin Tsiolkovsky. "Dreams of the Earth and Sky" (1895)

by John Lear
Posted March 2008

There is a civilization of human beings who live on the Moon. This is the biggest and best kept secret on earth.

The nearside of the Moon, which is the side that faces earth, appears to be a desolate and unoccupied.

The farside of the moon, which also has a breathable atmosphere also has lakes, rivers, forests, snow-capped mountains and life as we know it here on earth.

Most of mankinds misconceptions about the moon have been carefully and systematically fed to us over thousands of years.  

People generally believe that the moon has one sixth the gravity of the earth because they are told that the density of the moon is 3.3 gr/cm3 and that the earth's gravity is 5.5 gr/cm3. And with those densities and the radius of the moon and the earth, the calculation is made:

Fg=G x m1m2/r2

The assumption that the density of the moon is 3.3 gr/cm3 is based on:

1. Earth density is 5.5 gr/cm3 and the gravity of the moon is one sixth that of earth
2. Observations of asteroids and the Earth's polar axis
3. Angular momentum
4. Soil samples from the moon
5. Keplers Third Law
6. Shockwave measurement

In fact, we have no idea what the density of the moon is and we are just assuming that the density is 3.3 gr/cm3 because that is the only explanation apparent to us at this time. It seems to make sense.

Just as we have no idea what the density of the earth is. We make educated guesses of 5.5 gr/cm3 and we say "Well it has to be 5.5 gr/cm3 because the moon is 3.3 gr/cm3 and the moons gravity is one sixth that of earth so there is no other option.

Oh yes, and the Cavendish experiment with 2 solid metal spheres. This experiment determined the gravitational constant in Newton's gravitational equation which was then used to determine the mass of the Earth.

And of course they hypothesize and inner and outer iron core of Earth to make in density what they lack in actual evidence. 

So essentially we don't really know what earth's density is.

There are 5 main theories for the existence of the moon in orbit around the earth and they are:

1 - Capture from an independent orbit
2 - Formation as a double planet
3 - Fission from a rapidly rotating Earth
4 - disintegration of incoming planetesimals
5 - Earth impact by a Mars sized planetesimal

There is another theory that is not generally accepted but its occurrence is far more likely and that is that our moon was placed in orbit around our earth by a civilization very far advanced from our own. Our moon is in rotational lock around our earth. This means that only one face or one hemisphere of the moon, what we call the "nearside", ever faces earth.

A contemporary and completely fallacious and bogus explanation by mainstream science for 'rotational lock' is a fantasy force called 'tidal locking', which has forced the moon, whatever its origin, into this 'rotational lock'.
"Tidal Locking" was only proposed a few years ago to explain the moons rotational lock.

In fact, in my opinion, tidal locking has no scientific validity and those who defend it are only making up a theory to account for the unexplainable. Which is what mainstream science is all about anyway. The scientific community claims that most all of the moons and satellites of the planets in the solar system are 'tidally locked' with their mother planets. 

In my opinion this is not a fact. One of the earliest memories of man is that there was a time, many thousands of years ago, when there was no moon in the sky. Immanuel Velikovsky wrote that Democritus and Anaxagoras taught that there was a time when the earth was without a moon. Aristotle wrote that Arcadia in Greece, before being inhabited by the Hellenes, had a population of Pelasgians, and that these aborigines occupied the land already there 'before there was a Moon in the sky above the earth'; for this reason, they were called Proselenes.

Apollonius Rhodius mentioned the time “when not all the orbs were yet in the heavens, before the Danai and Deukalion races came into existence, and only the Arcadians lived, of whom it is said that they dwelt on the mountains and fed on acorns, before there was a moon.”

So there are several ideas of how the moon came into existence; mine is that it a large space ship, towed from solar system to solar system with its prime mission to help jump start lesser advanced civilizations, spending many thousands and thousands of years in secret manipulations and stimulations, until that lesser civilization can continue on their own, then moving to another solar system.

Whatever you decide the moon really is or where it came from or how it got here and placed itself into a rotationally locked orbit there are many strange things about our moon which are not easily explained.
One is that its size, when viewed from earth is identical to the apparent size of the sun. Isaac Asimov says, "There is no astronomical reason why the moon and the sun should fit so well. It is the sheerest of coincidences, and only the Earth among all planets is blessed in this fashion."

Moon rocks were dated at 5.3 billion years old approximately 700 million years older than the earth. 
The moons composition should conform to normal planetary formation with heavier elements in the core and lighter elements at the surface. On the moon however, elements like titanium are found at the surface in great quantity. Another oddity is that women of childbearing age menstruate once every complete cycle of the moon (27.3 days).

Many scientists and astronomers in history have proposed and or believed that the moon has a breathable atmosphere and that there is a civilization, possibly of human-like beings that live on the farside.
In the 1950's there were a number of men, derogatorily referred to as "contactees" that claimed to have been taken to the moon in flying saucers. They were shown magnificent cities with enormous buildings, many strange structures and constructs; rivers, lakes, meadows, forests along with fantastic scenery, much of it similar to earth.

Two of these 'contactees' were George Adamski and Howard Menger, who, unbeknownst to the general public both became secret advisors to the Pentagon. Howard Menger claimed to have ridden on a train that was "a strange vehicle that had no wheels, rested in suspension about a foot above a cooper highway which ribboned through the terrain and disappeared from view." He went on: "We boarded the train and soon were gliding noiselessly above the highway. As we traveled we could see all around and above us." 

Howard went on to describe the terrain. "Some of the terrain, in one section of the moon near the so-called "dark-side" reminded me of Flagstaff, Arizona while other desert sections made me think of Nevada. Huge cliffs and mountains made our own look like ant hills. One particular desert locale brought to mind "The Valley of Fire" in Nevada. There we stopped long enough for your guide to open the door and permit us to stick our heads out for a brief moment, which is all one could take, for it was terrible hot outside-like a blast furnace. I was certain that no one cold have lived outside very long and was glad he had shut the door."
At the end of his 4 day tour of the moon Menger said he was wined and dined by his hosts, along with many others from Earth who had similarly taken the tour.

Whatever the truth there is certainly photographic evidence by Russian Zond, Lunar Orbiter and Apollo mission photos that clearly show buildings, mining operations and mining equipment, factories, domes, cranes and in one case, in the crater Aristarchus, we can see what appears to be a huge, 24 miles diameter, hexagonal, dome shaped structure, emitting or surrounded by a strange blue glow.

This blue glow has been described by one nuclear physicist as the Cherenkov Effect which is the result of radiation coming in contact with molecules of air. Modern science has claimed that the moon is an airless, that although there is an atmosphere, it is so minute it is virtually a vacuum. They back up this claim with the formula that the moon has only one sixth the gravity of earth and further claim that no breathable atmosphere could be held intact with that small amount of gravity.

They also point to the films of the Apollo astronauts hopping and skipping across the lunar landscape in apparent one sixth gravity. If one points out that these hops and skips are barely more than 12 inches high, 18 inches at the most they tell you that the astronauts were wearing very heavy spacesuits and backpacks and that it was dangerous to take advantage of the minimum gravity to jump any higher.

If a breathable atmosphere is suggested mainstream science counters that there is no occultation of a star passing behind the moon, thereby proving, they say, that there is no atmosphere. If you propose that the atmosphere could be very, very clean with no dust or other particles and that the height of the atmosphere might not be thick enough to actually see an occultation they dismiss it with: "What about all the scientific data from all the moon probes and Apollo astronauts?"

And therein lays the question of whether or not there is more than one sixth gravity and or a breathable atmosphere on the moon: who is correct? The contactees who say there is a civilization on the moon, with some gravity and a breathable atmosphere or mainstream science with all of their billions of dollars of scientific probes and the testimony of the Apollo astronauts, who, it is claimed, were actually there?

One of those astronauts, Buzz Aldrin had this to say about what it felt like to be on the moon:
"For Christ's sake. I don't know. I just don't know. I have been frustrated since the day I left the Moon by that question." Edgar Mitchell had this to say: "Somehow I couldn't resurrect the feelings I had while there, although my thoughts and action were easily summoned." And Neil Armstrong has had little to say about being the first man on the moon. At the 25th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 landing on the moon he commented: " (there are) breakthroughs available to those who can remove one of truth's protective layers. There are places to go beyond belief."

Another puzzle in the mystery of the Moon is the so-called "neutral point". The neutral point is that point in space, between the earth and the moon where the pull of the earth's gravity is exactly equal to the gravity of the earth is equal pull of the moon's gravity, hence 'neutral point'.

Mainstream science, up until a few years ago maintained that the neutral point was 24,000 miles from the moon and that, according to the Bullialdus/Newton law of inverse square which states:"Any physical quantity or strength is inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them, specifically, the gravitational attraction between two massive objects, in additional to being directly proportional to the product of their masses, is inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them. The gravity on the moon would be one sixth that of earths. But there are a few problems with that 24,000 miles figure.

"At a point 43,495 miles from the Moon, lunar gravity exerted a force equal to the gravity of the Earth, then some 200,000 miles distant." - Wernher von Braun (Time Magazine, July 25, 1969.)

This is Eugene Cernan's book "The Last Man On The Moon" written with Don Davis. Copyright 1999 Eugene Cernan and Don Davis. St. Martin's Griffin, New York. ISBN 0-312-19906-6 (hc) ISBN 0-312-26351-1 (pbk) LOCC TL789.8.U6A52435 1999 629.45"0092-dc21{b}:
(Inbound to the Moon) "It was Saturday December 9 and we were in the moons firm hold only about 38,000 miles out and drawing closer by the moment."

This is Michael Collins' book, "Carrying the Fire An Astronaut's Journeys" Copyright 1974 by Michael Collins. Farrar, Straus and Giroux, New York LOCCC TL789.85.C64A33 629.4'092'4 [B] 74-7211:
(Outbound from the Moon) "Houston reports the instant at which we leave the lunar sphere of influence. This means that despite the fact we are only 34,000 nautical miles (39,000 statue miles) from the moon and still 174,000 miles from earth, the earth's pull has become dominant, and the mathematical equations now recognize that fact."
Reginald Turnhill “The Moonlandings” Copyright Reginald Turnhill 2003. Cambridge University Press ISBN 0521815959.  (Inbound to the Moon)"Soon after that a new stage in manned spaceflight was reached. Like a ball thrown upwards, the spacecraft had been gradually slowing down, until its velocity was 2724 mph and its position was 202,825 miles from Earth, and 38,900 miles from the Moon. 

For the first time, men had reached a point where the pull of Earth’s gravity was less than that of another body. Now the pull of lunar gravity was greater and the craft’s speed began to increase again as it fell towards the moon." Reginald Turnhill “The Moonlandings” Copyright Reginald Turnhill 2003.

No matter how many flip flopping, flap jacking Earth Moon sun 'spheres of influence' paradigm shifting 'non-rotating (or rotating) frames of reference' you throw into the mix the fact is at some point the Apollo spacecraft left the dominant pull of earths gravity and was in the dominant pull of the moon's gravity or left the dominant pull of the moon's gravity and was in the dominant pull of the earth's gravity. That point is the neutral point and that point is approximately 43,495 miles.

And that point using the Bullialdus/Newton law of inverse square to calculate the 'relative' pull of the earth to the relative pull of the moon is, using earth as '1' is .64 for the moon. That means that the relative gravity on the moon is .64 of earth's gravity. That is approximately 2/3 of earth's gravity.

Now you can talk, sing, dance, play pinochle, play charades, stand on your head, spout nonsense like: 

"The 'sphere of influence' concept was computationally most practical. That's the second approach. And in real terms, it's the only 'authentic' definition, as you can show by calculating the Earth-SUN 'neutral point' both ways, and see that the 'classic' (i.e., pre-Space-Age) method gives a neutral point CLOSER to Earth than the moon's orbit -- counter-intuitive and contrary to several billion years of loyal lunar earth-orbiting." - Jim Oberg "

all you want but the moons gravity is at least 64% of earth's gravity. Von Braun gave us 43,495 miles; Collins gives us "firm hold only about 38,000 miles out"; Cernan gives us "39,000 miles from the moon out"; Turnhill gives us "38,900 miles from the moon". Now it can't get much clearer than that.

Let's look at the possibility, however far fetched it may seem and suppose that some incredibly advanced civilization wanted to monitor earth and its start up mankind, the dawn of civilization on Earth. Let's suppose that they built a huge spaceship in the form of the Moon. They have designed it so that mankind will never have an inkling that they are being watched, nurtured and helped along.The Spaceship Moon has on one hemisphere an atmosphere, normal gravity, lakes, mountains, rivers, meadows, forests, large cities in which the owners live and carry out their monitoring of Earth.

On the other hemisphere is a bleak, desolate, seemingly deserted land, bereft of any apparent life, with thousands of craters, huge mares of unknown material and many mountain ranges. They place the Spacecraft Moon in orbit around the Earth so the developing civilization (us) sees only the bleak, desolate side. They arrange the distance of this Spacecraft Moon in orbit so that, at least for a while, mankind, in their infinite ignorance will conclude: there can be no gravity; there can be no atmosphere; Conclusion? Nobody is home.
The mysterious 'Watchers' with technology advanced by hundreds of thousands of years has managed to create gravity which is normal on their side but less on the side seen by Earth.

They may accomplish this feat by locating a gravity B generator inside the moon slightly further from earth than the geocentric center. The gravity B generator would cause a normal 1 "g" gravity other farside and .64 "G" on the nearside.

The blue circle represents the gravity B field that is displaced 59 kilometers (37 miles) further away from Earth from the geocentric center of the moon.

One of the mysteries of the Moon is her "Mascons". Mascons are massive concentrations of gravity which affect the orbital paths of spacecraft flying over them. The known Mascons on the nearside are Imbrium, Serenitatis, Crisium, Nectaris and Humorum. Here is how they are oriented on the nearside of the Spaceship Moon:

Since this Spaceship Moon is not really a "moon" composed of dirt, rock and an iron core it can't maintain it's distance from Earth by normal gravitational attraction (it's not dense enough) it has to maintain it's distance from Earth by other than the gravity generated by the gravity B generator.

To maintain its distance from Earth, the Spaceship Moon might use a gravity A wave generator which is not actually a 'generator" as such; it is a machine that accesses and amplified the gravity A wave which can exert an enormous pull. So enormous in fact that is can hold the Spaceship Moon in orbit around the earth by using the gravity A wave which pulls it toward the earth or actually pulls the Earth towards the Moon.

The gravity A wave has enormous gravity amplifiers through which the amplified gravity A waves extend. These beams might radiate from several of the moon's mascons.

Maybe it's these gravity A wave 'beams' that cause the orbital paths of the spacecraft flying over them to be perturbed. It may also be possible to "ride" one of these amplified A wave beams from the Earth to the Moon.
Another Spaceship Moon mystery is its 'libration'. Libration is the Spaceship Moons 'wobble' and this wobble is theorized by mainstream science to be caused by "tidal lock". "Tidal lock" is a nonsensical theory to account for unknown forces. Like "gravitons" to account for gravity (which is total nonsense).

Maybe the Spaceship Moon's libration or 'wobble' is caused by the rotation of the moon about the location of the gravity B wave generator which is located further away (from the Earth) from the center of the Spaceship Moon's geocentric center. It's curious to note that one cycle of libration is equal to one period of rotation of the Spaceship Moon.

In 1856, Peter Andreas Hansen, a much respected Danish Mathematician and Astronomer proposed to the Royal Astronomical Society that the moon was not spherical but ellipsoidal, with the longest axis directed towards earth. Based on the very slight discrepancy between the observed position of the moon and its position predicted by calculation he hypothesized that that the moons center of gravity was not at its geometric center but actually located at a point 59 kilometers (37 miles) farther from earth than the center of the figure.

His theory was that the hemisphere turned towards earth would be elevated above the average altitude of the moon's surface and would therefore be sterile because any atmosphere would seek a lower altitude. But he proposed that the opposite hemisphere, the hemisphere lower in altitude could have an atmosphere and it was not impossible that there existed vegetation and living things.

If only one hemisphere had an atmosphere that might explain why no stars were occulted, the basis that current science uses to discount an atmosphere on the moon.

Hansen's hypothesis was widely accepted until 1870 when Simon Newcomb came to Europe from the U.S. and ridiculed Hansen's theory not with facts but with the statement that Hansen's work was "mere speculation, unsupported by analogy, probability or observation."

Support for Hansen's theory began to crumble and in the next few years was completely forgotten. After all, Simon Newcomb was a man of considerable import; he was a U.S. Navy Admiral and Director of the U.S. Naval Observatory in Washington, D.C.

It's not clear from the papers available today exactly what calculations caused Hansen to believe that the moon's center of gravity was 59 kilometers (37 miles) further away from earth but maybe his computations of libration were included. But whatever his calculations where he concluded that that the farside could have an atmosphere and that "it was not impossible that there existed vegetation and living things."

All of us have been told, since we were old enough to listen that the moon is a desolate, airless, colorless wasteland.
The U.S. Government even spent 20 billion dollars on the Apollo Program to make sure that we believed it so. They showed us movies of Apollo astronauts, wearing moon suits, hopping around in what was said to be one sixth gravity of the Earth.

I once talked to a former NASA psychologist who said her job was to work with the Apollo astronauts after their flight to the moon to help them deal with the fact that they could not tell the public what they really saw there. He said they talked of huge 'constructs'.

So NASA has lied to us for almost 50 years about what they know about the moon. Why? Why, indeed.
But for whatever reason, the moon is certainly much different than what we have been told whether or not it has a greater gravity and whether or not it has a breathable atmosphere.

My opinion is the moon is an interesting place with most everything we have here on earth; gravity the same; breathable atmosphere; a civilization far advanced from ours; forests, lakes, meadows, rivers, towering snow-capped mountains, gorgeous and inspiring scenery, cities, bridges, highways, huge structures the purpose of which we can only guess.

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