Mystifying Shuttle Shadow 

What is This Strange Dark Cone?
Is It A Soul Catcher At Work?

By Rayelan Allan

The launch of the space shuttle Atlantis on Feb. 8, was one of the most spectacularly beautiful ever. But something strange happened that has NOT been widely reported. A long, dark cone, extending from the shuttle's bright exhaust plume to the full moon near the horizon appeared. Some described it as rainbow-like, and some observers wondered how a dark shadow could possibly extend from one very bright object (the shuttle plume) to another (the full moon). 

Several years ago, I had an Instant Message conversation with John Lear. During the coverversation he asked me if Gunther had ever told me anything about the buildings and structures on the moon.

I answered yes and proceeded to tell him that Gunther had told me about a Moon Base. He quickly sent back an instant message that asked, "Did he ever tell you about the structure that is a soul catcher?"

I was stunned. Gunther had described, in great detail, a ancient structure which was built by extraterrestrials that "shot" souls to earth and "caught" them after their trip to earth was finished. I was amazed that John knew about it.

Gunther told me that his mother was descended from the Hungarian Esterhaszy family. The Esterhaszys are best known as the benefactors of Hayden. The Hayden conservatorium is in the old Estersazy castle east of Vienna, Austria near the Hungarian border.

The Esterhaszys believed they were descended from people who came to earth from the star Sirius. 'Ester' means 'star' and "haszy" means either "descended from" or "House of". In other words, the word' esterhaszy' means "House of the Star" or "Descended from the Star". The Star was the star Sirius.

Gunther told me that the the Esterhaszys believe that their ancestors had to come to earth because their home world was destroyed. He said that original settlers built ships that took volunteers to earth to physically settle and begin to prepare the earth for the later arrivals.

He said the main body of souls traveled as a soul group from their home world to the star Sol, the Sun around which the Earth orbited. The soul group resided in the Sun until preparations had been made for the souls to travel to earth. When a soul was ready to individuate in preparation for going to earth, the soul was shot out of the Sun and went to the Moon.

Gunther said that at the time this was going on, the Planetary Federation had a quarantine on the Planet Earth. No one was allowed to interfere in the 'breeding experiment" that was going on. 

When one of the souls from the Sirius Group was ready to travel to earth to reside in a body, the Federation would "shoot" the soul to earth with their "soul shooter" which was on the moon. When the soul had finished its lessons, there was a "reverse soul-shooter" in the Great Pyramid.

The body would be placed in a sarchaphogus in a mineral brine. Low levels of electricity were sent through the mineral brine. When enough water had evaporated, there was a sudden flash, the body was instantly transmuted into atoms. This string of atoms, to which the soul was still attached, was shot out the "reverse soul-shooter", through the slanted opening in the pyramid. This was done only when the opening and the moon were aligned. 

On the way to the moon, everything physical fell away from the soul and it was "caught" by the device on the moon that was set up by the Federation to "shoot" and "catch" the souls that were assigned to earth.

I don't remember much about what John Lear told me about the "soul catcher" that he knew about. What I do remember is that it was being used for a negative purpose rather than the purpose it had been created for.

It was catching souls, but it was catching them to enslave them, not as part of the two way transportation method that had been built to gain entry to a quarantined planet.

Take a look at the following picture which was taken at the launch of a Space Shuttle. If I had been asked to draw a picture of the "Soul Shooter" on the moon, shooting a soul to earth, it would have looked just like this!

The more I look at the photo, the more I wonder. If there really is a soul shooter and/or soul catcher, could an exchange of souls have just been made? Could one of the people who was on the shuttle now have a different soul? 


Mystifying Shuttle Shadow 

This photograph is representative Launch of Space Shuttle Atlantis Featuring Beam-like Projection Appearing to Eminate from the Moonof six that I took with a disposable camera just after the launching of the Space Shuttle Atlantis, on Wednesday, February 8th, 2001, facing eastward, just after sunset at 6:13 PM Eastern Time, at the Kennedy Space Center near Titusville, Florida.

In all of the pictures, the shuttle itself is barely visible, to the left of the power line pole, and about even with the top of the pole. I have cropped it out of this view to focus on two other aspects of the image. 

All of the pictures show the dark "beam" that seems to eminate from the bottom of the moon, which is near the bottom of the picture. On the original, though, you can see that the beam actually extends beyond the bottom of the moon.

I can only fathom three sources of light to produce this effect, not including the moon itself, since the beam is dark. I rule out the shuttle itself because it is not in line with the beam, but off the left edge of this frame. 

The sun is below the horizon to the west (behind me) so the moon can't be casting this shadow beam. Besides, it does not eminate from the entire moon, but from someplace below the moon. It seems as though there is something shining in the trail cloud itself and that another part of the trail must be producing the shadow which is only coincidentally pointing almost exactly at the moon.

The oddest thing is the orb in the upper right quadrant of this unretouched photograph, which looks just like a moon, but is not, because the moon is in the lower part of the picture. I was able to see this on my screen at the time that I originally attached this scan over a year ago. My eyesight has since deteriorated and I cannot make it out any longer, but perhaps some of you can who have fancier monitors or newer eye models.

This is the only picture of the six in which this image appears, and it was not the last of the six. None of the other pictures on this roll of film show any similar "spots." 

One person looking at my print of this picture thought that it looked like the moon, because she thought she saw the familiar landscape of the Have you been here before? Refresh your cache from the web, especially if you're not seeing expected updates.moon on it, but I couldn't see that. I will scan just that portion again soon at a much higher resolution.

I'd like some help finding other pictures that people may have uploaded that would show this launch from other perspectives. --- '01-Feb-14th

Mystifying Shuttle Shadow 

By Globe Staff, 2/27/2001

The launch of the space shuttle Atlantis on Feb. 8, on a mission to the International Space Station, was one of the most spectacularly beautiful ever. Lifting off at 20 minutes after sunset and eight hours before a full moon created spectacular visual effects, best captured in this photo by Pat McCracken of NASA headquarters. 

But many people were mystified by the long, dark cone extending from the shuttle's bright exhaust plume to the full moon near the horizon. Some news accounts described it as rainbow-like, and some observers wondered how a dark shadow could possibly extend from one very bright object (the shuttle plume) to another (the full moon). 

Robert Greenler, a leading expert on unusual optical phenomena in the sky, believes the explanation lies in the shadow cast by the rocket's own plume, whose base was still in darkness but whose tall spire extended up into sunlight, progressing through the colors of sunset along the way. 

The phenomenon is closely related to the dark rays that are often seen extending upward from the sun around sunset, called crepuscular rays. These are the shadows of clouds or mountains near the horizon. In some cases, these rays can be seen converging on the opposite side of the sky, where they are called ''anticrepuscular rays.'' 

''My guess is that we are looking at an anticrepuscular ray, which in this case is the shadow cast across the sky by the rocket plume,'' said Greenler, a physicist and author of ''Rainbows, Halos and Glories'' and ''Chasing the Rainbow.'' 

''The lower part of the plume is dark and the top is bright, which suggests that the sun had just set for an observer on the ground, but still illuminates the plume higher in the sky. A shadow cast by the obscuring plume would be in the form of a fan converging to the antisolar point,'' the point in the sky exactly opposite to the sun's position. 

Based on the time of the shuttle launch, Greenler estimated that the antisolar point would be just above the horizon in the east, creating a shadow extending through the moon and disappearing in the murk close to the horizon. The fact that the shadow passes through the moon is just a coincidence, he said, because when full, it is very near the antisolar point. 

The confusing fact that the shadow fan converges, instead of diverging, toward the moon is a result of perspective, Greenler explained - the same effect that causes parallel train tracks to appear to converge toward the horizon. 


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Shuttle Plume Shadow Points to Moon

Credit: Pat McCracken, NASA

Explanation: Why would the shadow of a space shuttle launch plume point toward the Moon? In early 2001 during a launch of Atlantis, the Sun, Earth, Moon, and rocket were all properly aligned for this photogenic coincidence. First, for the space shuttle's plume to cast a long shadow, the time of day must be either near sunrise or sunset. Next, just at sunset, the shadow is the longest and extends all the way to the horizon. Finally, during a Full Moon, the Sun and Moon are on opposite sides of the sky. Just after sunset, for example, the Sun is slightly below the horizon, and, in the other direction, the Moon is slightly above the horizon. Therefore, as Atlantis blasted off, just after sunset, its shadow projected away from the Sun toward the opposite horizon, where the Full Moon just happened to be.