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Ed Fouche
Secret and Trickle Down Technology
Wednesday, August 27, 2003

Texan Ed Fouche spent 27 years with the US Air Force Dept of Defense, on black program and top secret programs. He worked at Area 51 for two weeks. While he cannot talk about still-classified programs, he can reveal second-hand information, he says, about flying triangles (which use magnetic field disrupters to warp gravity and reduces mass and weight, making it fast and maneuverable) and the reverse-engineering of alien technology. He shares his thoughts on where the alien issue is heading, and how he is using subliminal message techniques and brain entrainment – developed by the CIA as part of mind control research – for positive end results. Fouche co-authored Alien Rapture: The Chosen with Brad Steiger. More info at and

From the Author:

When I begin researching Alien Rapture - The Chosen I had only read one book on UFOs, and that book was Project Blue Book. So it was an amazing coincidence that Brad Steiger, the esteemed author of Project Blue Book, ultimately became my co-author.

I am not a conspiracy buff, nor am I a UFOlogist. In 1990 you could not have convinced me that some of our most advanced technology was derived from reverse engineering of alien technology and alien artifacts. Five of my close friends, some of whom had also worked very classified exotic black programs; one who had flown the SR-71 Blackbird spy plane and been Air Force Test Pilot; and another who had been a National Security investigator, shared information with me which had not previously been revealed. I interviewed a number of their closest and most trusted friends to gather even more startling information. These additional connected individuals trusted me not to reveal my sources because I had been vouched for by my contacts and friends.

The resulting work, Alien Rapture - The Chosen, offers an altogether new slant provided by insiders who would not have dared speak to the media or other writers in this field. Therefore, instead of rehashing the same information available in a pletoria of existing books, in Alien Rapture you will discover a myriad of never before released facts about top secret black technology; the government conspiracy to cover up alien contact and reverse engineering of alien technology; and documents never previously revealed to the public. The draft of Alien Rapture and the attached documents were copyrighted in 1994 in order to prove we had this information at that time. The details in the Roswell autopsy report were obtained before the, ‘government made for disinformation,' autopsy film appeared.

Brad Steiger, a master writer, and I have woven this information into a story about normal individuals who begin a quest to discover the roots and means of this conspiracy in order to reveal this information to the public. The story stands on its own, and even those not interested in secret technology or classified government documents (attachments) should find Alien Rapture-The Chosen a fast-paced enjoyable read with a thought provoking and inspiring ending. Enjoy.

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