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Antarctica A Nazi Base?
by Jim Marrs

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Antartica A Nazi Base? 
By Jim Marrs
An Excerpt From 'Alien Agenda'

With the current mysterious happenings in Antartica concerning Lake Vostok, an old theory is being resurrected -- that German Nazis as early as the 1930s may have built a secret base at the South Pole.

While this idea undoubtedly will strike most people as absurb, there is tantalizing evidence to suggest that something along this line might have some truth to it.

Long-standing banking and business connections allowed high-ranking German leaders in 1944 to forge a formidable Nazi-controlled organization for postwar activities. Author Jim Keith wrote, " researching the shape of  totalitarian controlduring this century, I saw that the plans of the Nazis manifestly did not die with the German loss of World War II. The ideology and  many of the principal players survived and flourished after the war, and have  had a profound impact on postwar history, and on events taking place today."

Orvis A. Schmidt, the U.S. Treasury Department's director of Foreign Funds  Control, in 1945 offered this description of a Nazi flight-capital program: "The network of trade, industrial, and cartel organizations has been
streamlined and intermeshed, not only organizationally but also by what has been officially described as 'personnel union' Legal authority to operate this organizational machinery has been vested in the concerns that have majority capacity in the key industries such as those producing iron and steel, coal and basic chemicals. These concerns have been deliberately welded together by exchanges of stock to the point where a handful of men can make policy and other decisions that affect us all." 

Could one of those "decisions" have been the creation of a Nazi base connected to the development of UFOs? While this notion may superficially appear to be sheer nonsense, the public record offers compelling --- if
incomplete --- evidence to support this idea.

One theory is that Martin Bormann and other top Nazis escaped to South America and on to a secret base in Antarctica where they built UFOs so sophisticated that their secret Nazi empire has exerted significant control over world events and governments to this day. While there can be no question that the business and financial network created by Bormann wields a certain amount of power even today, evidence for the existence of a major Nazi base containing UFOs is virtually nonexistent, consisting primarily of the known exploration of Antarctica's Queen Maude Land --- renamed Neuschwabenland by  the Germans --- in 1938 and some unverified statements. Reportedly, German Navy Grand Admiral Karl Doenitz stated in 1943, "The German submarine fleet is proud of having built for the Fuehrer in another part of the world a Shangri-La on land, an impregnable fortress." And it has been reported that U.S. Admiral Richard Byrd, upon his return from an expedition to Antarctica in 1947, stated it was "necessary for the USA to take defensive actions against enemy air fighters which come from the polar regions" and that America could be "attacked by fighters that are able to fly from one pole to the other with incredible speed."

Advancing the idea that the Nazis continually shipped men and material to the  South Pole throughout the war years, author R. A. Harbinson wrote, "Regarding the possibility of the Germans building self-sufficient underground research factories in the Antarctic, it has only to be pointed out that the underground research centers of Nazi Germany were gigantic feats of construction, containing wind tunnels, machine shops, assembly plants, launching pads, supply dumps and accommodation for all who worked there, including adjoining camps for slaves --- and yet very few people knew that they existed."

But, while tales of a secret Nazi base in Antarctica may appear plausible to  some, the idea that a warm water location at the South Pole has remained undiscovered and no one has escaped or deserted the place in more than 50 years stretched belief to the breaking point in years past.

But with the new revelations of 60-70 degree temperature water, magnetic anomalies suggesting the possiblity of a hidden city or base and the obvious backout taking place concerning current events at the pole, the idea of a
secret base is no longer so far fetched.

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