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Annales Laurissenses

It's from 'Annales Laurissense', a 12th century manuscript referring to a UFO sighting in 776 AD during a Saxon seige on Sigiburg Castle, France. There's a description below this bigger version

More info here.

The Annales Laurissenses indeed contain an entry for the year 776 which reads as such:

"...and the same day, while they (the Saxons) were preparing for another assault against the Christians who were living in the castle, the glory of God manifested itself above the church inside the fortress. Those who were watching in the square outside - many of which still live today - said that they saw something resembling two large flaming shields of reddish color moving above the church itself."

Unfortunately, even if the Lorsch Codex does contain some miniatures for initials, it does not contain our beautiful world-wide-web illustrations. These must have come from elsewhere.

Source. He also includes a link to possible copies of the Codex Laureshamensis, from which the Annales Laurissenses are supposed to have come. I'll have a look through them and see what turns up

Another website here regarding the paintings being fake, with many comments from readers suggesting they could be paintings of Halley's comet.

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