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Bucegi Mountains, Romania
The Mysteries
Valea Dorului (Longing Valley) by stratoreaper
Sunset by stratoreaper

What better way to start a mystery than with eerie clouds. The video below mentions the secrets and mystery of Bucegi and Department ZERO, yet there is nothing about that in the fil. Included because the footage of the mountains is awesome in the myst. The comments on Youtube may be worth checking out

Secretul Departamentului ZERO si misterul Bucegilor
Youtube Link
 The Stories
Transylvanian Sunrise - Book Review - March 25, 2010
Transylvanian Sunrise by Radu Cinamar and Peter Moon

This book heralds the most remarkable archaeological find in the annals of Mankind. Unbeknownst to most, there is an ancient sphinx located in the Bucegi Mountains of Romania and near the border of the famous land known as Transylvania. In 2003, the Pentagon discovered, through the use of state-of-the-art satellite technology, an anomaly within the Bucegi Mountains. Through the highest levels of Freemasonry, the Pentagon was able to secure an alliance with the most secret department of the Romanian Intelligence Service which is known as Department Zero. Together, the Romanians and the Americans utilized the Pentagon�s secret technology to penetrate a chamber inside of the mountain that was otherwise inaccessible to humans. What was discovered eventually was a holographic Hall of Records left by an advanced civilization near three mysterious tunnels leading into the Inner Earth. Transylvanian Sunrise chronicles the discovery of these modern day artifacts that represent the dawn of a new era for Mankind.

Peter Moon is brought into the fold through his Romanian Publisher who just happens to be the publisher of this remarkable story. Peter, whose original connection to Romania came through Dr. David Anderson of the Time Travel Research Center, recognized that such satellite technology would had to have utilized Dr. Anderson�s proprietary space-time technology for maintaining satellites in orbit and pursues the matter further. This leads Peter Moon on an adventurous journey to Romania to visit the Romanian Sphinx and a remarkable encounter with his old friend, Dr. David Anderson. There, he learns of a mysterious association between the mysterious time travel scientist and Radu Cinamar.

Book Available Here

Other Books:

  • Radu Cinamar - VIITOR CU CAP DE MORT 2004 sau 2005. "Future with a dead head" - from Scribd - [PDF][Archived]
  • Radu Cinamar 12 zile - o initiere secreta "12 days -a secret initiation"
  • Radu Cinamar In 2007 iMISTERUL DIN EGIPT - PRIMUL TUNEL. "Mystery of Egypt - First Tunnel"
  • Radu Cinamar - PERGAMENTUL SECRET. "The Secret Scroll"

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Bucegi Mountains Legends

In old Romanian language “a bucegi” means “to choose” – these are “the chosen” mountains; and some of the events occuring in the area  (see below) give a true meaning to their name.

Two major tourist attractions are located at above 2200m altitude (2216m, to be precise): the Sphinx , an old stone looking like a human face, apparently formed by wind erosion, and the closeby ” Old Women” (Romanian: Babele), a rock formation resembling human silhouettes.

People talk about an old special traveling route in these mountains, called “the silver belt of the world”, 8 hours long and quite difficult, with a lot of ups and downs – yet at the end nobody feels tired, but relaxed and joyful. Some say that’s because this route overlaps with a major energy flux of the planet. It starts in Valea Doamnelor (The Ladies Valley), and continues to Omu Peak (2505m), the summer route of Babele, Piciorul Cocor, and the Ialomiţa Cave in Valea Horoabelor, the most beautiful valley in the Bucegi mountains.

The name of the Ialomiţa cave came from the Dacian language, “jalomit” meaning “to cry”, this cave being known as an ancient place where Dacians celebrated death as a major event, passing from one life to the next one. 

The cave has 3 levels: the first one is for the tourists, shaped like an S; the next two are harder to cross. 

The first level has many names, the most known are Grota Pustnicului (The Monk’s vault- because some say that the cave was discovered by a monk, Father Teofil, after he had dreamed of the place and the way to it) or Grota lui Zamolxe (Zamolxe’s Vault) – Zamolxe is an ancient Dacian priest/god. It is said this cave was used by Zamolxe and his people to hide and pray when they were under attack.

At this level you can find one of its most peculiar attractions: somewhere in the stone there is a groove, like a pail, filled with water. The strange thing is that once the water is removed, it starts to “rain” from the ceiling, and it stops when the pail is full with water again. 

Another attraction is Hades Well, a coalpit inside the Ialomiţa Cave: nobody could explain yet why any kind of light just dies inside this groove. 

The second level hosts two Dacian tombs, and the third level a glaciar lake.

The entrance to this cave is guarded by a small hermitage, called Schitul Pestera, built in a very long time because of a long series of weird events – people say that every time they tried to finish this church a lot of hostile natural phenomena stroke the building: fire from the sky, avalanche of stones. Maybe, it is said, because no one should build churches in the land of Death.

SOURCE: European Pyramids: Bucegi mountains legends

Mrs. Valentina the Blind Clairvoyant

Originally posted by lisa2012 ATS Post ID 10551948

There is a lady in Iasi Romania... She is called the Blind Clairvoyant

Interestingly, Mrs. Valentina the blind Clairvoyant speaks of the psychic energies, tunnels and rooms beneath the Bucegi mountains. HER capabilities have been certified by some committees, currently working in some medical offices, being helpful to patients and doctors who collaborated with her. She was invited to NASA, to test her capacities. Or about those tunnels? ... Who knows.

This is a quote of what she said about the Bucegi Mountains : 

"But I saw something very interesting under the mountain where the Sphinx from Bucegi: Below are some earthly man-made tunnels. I saw this when, in Bucharest, gave me some photos of the mountains or the Sphinx from us. And looking at the pictures, I came across an entry that is a rider guard couplets, which sits astride a white horse. Yes' and he's dressed in white. But it is a bright smoke, not meat. It holds, a knife in his hand is long and has a crown on his head high. But he stands there for a long time, perhaps millions of years. To go in with eyes and give me the freedom to see, one I had to get him and then go into a long tunnel, which goes far, far below the mountain. When I entered the tunnel, it's been a long hall, I saw in the right part, partitions. I went to look in the first tunnel, there was a table made of something hard, bright, shining like crystal. And there were three more small stools. On the table was like the skin folded and there were some scratches on it, it was like something had been scratched with sharp - with a glass or stone top - and stayed pinstriped. But the scratches were made as a kind described: some rods, some waved. When we went there, I saw several of these folded and put on the table. On another table, there was something else, like everything made from crystal goblets were some, but otherwise shall adopt, and not the glasses from us, was something carved into them. - [HTML][Archived]

NASA ESP Study Contract 953653 NAS7-100

Pure Clairvoyance and the Necessity of Feedback

The following two excerts are from a paper on the study that are very intersting as they show NASA was involved in a study of clairvoyance. Ingo Swann, head Remote Viewer from the CIA "Project Stargate" was a participant, though reluctantly, and Hal Puthoff was involved.

Percipient A was an SRI policy analyst, Duane Elgin. In 1974, he participated in a NASA-sponsored study of feedback training on a four-choice electronic ESP tester and trainer, the Aquarius machine (Targ, Cole, & Puthoff, 1974). He was outstandingly successful, scoring at a significance level of p < 10 over 2,800 trials.

Percipient C, Ingo Swann, had been extensively involved and exceptionally successful as a remote viewer for some years. Although he had done some successful work with multiple-choice type ESP tests, he regarded the present experiment as a trivialization of his talents and participated out of courtesy, rather than willingly.

SOURCE: Pure Clairvoyance and the Necessity of Feedback

ESP Trainer by Russell Targ

  • The ESP trainer was developed under a NASA program by Russell Targ at Stanford Research Institute.
  • We have found that people are able to improve their ESP scores by using a machine just like this and get in touch with the part of themselves that is psychic. This is often called a clairvoyant ability, and can enhance your life in many surprising ways.
  • In a year long NASA program with 145 subjects (under Contract 953653 NAS7-100) many were able to significantly improve their scores. Four of the subjects improved their scores at the hundred-to-one level or better. This approach has been used with surprising success on Wall Street. But of course, past results are no guarantee of future performance.
SOURCE: ESP Trainer by Russell Targ
Story of Professor Constantin Bursuc

Originally posted by lisa2012 ATS Post ID 10556684

The Story Of A Teacher from Iasi - Romania that claims he entered some tunnels through another mountain area in Romania;

A teacher discovered a network of Iasi tunnels and underground rooms
by Răzvan Popescu

Translation of Professor Constantin Bursuc :

Professor Constantin Bursuc(Badger) states that he entered into an extensive network of artificial galleries. "There is a network of tunnels, natural, real, in all of Romania. I've mapped by spot measurements, only some of these underground channels of communication, which are 4-5 km deep beneath the earth," said Professor Constantine Bursuc.

Profesorul Constantin Bursuc afirmă că a pătruns într-o vastă reţea de galerii subterane artificiale. „Există o reţea de tunele fizice, reale, sub toată România. Eu am cartat, prin măsurători la faţa locului, doar unele dintre aceste căi de comunicaţie subterane, care se află la 4-5 km adâncime sub pământ,” afirmă profesorul Constantin Bursuc.
Now he can not say precisely who and what for purpose made these mysterious constructions, but research continues and the results will be obtained. They argue that their achievements are involved with intelligence from other worlds in the universe or other dimensions of space and time. 
Deocamdată domnia sa nu poate spune cu precizie cine şi cu ce scop a făcut aceste construcţii misterioase, dar continuă cercetările, urmând a face publice rezultatele obţinute. Susţine însă că în realizarea acestora sunt implicate inteligenţe din alte lumi din Univers sau din alte dimensiuni spaţio-temporale.
Professor recounts: "I was contacted by some subtle entity in the universe that I have communicated with that we should do a signaling system for the landing of large alien ships, let's say an airport as aerospace. To achieve this, I may be allowed to decorporalizări (? out of body?) and jump in time and space. We started the investigation three years ago, during which I was accompanied by two entities that have regular contact with terrestrial extraterrestrial civilizations. "We can not publish details of the techniques currently splitting, no information about those entities or the exact locations where research is carried out. Among the concerns of teacher guides and the entities it is the location of the underground network of tunnels Romania."
Profesorul relatează: „Am fost contactat de anumite entităţi subtile din Univers care mi-au comunicat că trebuie să facem un sistem de semnalizare pentru aterizarea navelor extraterestre de mare capacitate, să-i zicem un fel de aeroport aerospaţial. Pentru a îndeplini acest lucru, mi s-a permis să pot face decorporalizări şi salturi în spaţiu şi timp. Am început investigaţiile în urmă cu trei ani, timp în care am fost însoţit de două entităţi terestre care au contact permanent cu civilizaţiile extraterestre”. Nu putem publica momentan detaliile tehnicilor de dedublare, nici informaţii despre entităţile respective sau despre locaţiile exacte unde se desfăşoară cercetările. Printre preocupările profesorului şi ale entităţilor care îl ghidează se află şi localizarea reţelei de tuneluri din subsolul României.
Labirintul subteran - Underground Maze

"I started research in Suceava, where there is a gate to the building. I must say that there is at 5km underground, a "spiritual center" in which we had access only on a special order, submitted by entities which have accompanied me.", said Mr. Badger. Then, described a huge hall, bright with polished basalt walls, luminescence and a high sun, gold, on the east wall.

„Am început cercetările din Suceava, unde se află o poartă de intrare spre aceste construcţii. Trebuie să vă spun că există, la 5km sub pământ, un «Centru spiritual», în care am avut acces numai în urma unei comenzi speciale, transmisă de entităţile care m-au însoţit,” a precizat dl Bursuc. Apoi, a descris o sală imensă, luminoasă, cu pereţii din bazalt lustruit, luminescenţi şi cu un soare mare, de aur, pe peretele dinspre răsărit.
The professor claims to have actually entered (not splitting)(out of body?) into a tunnel in Ceahlău(see note) and was accompanied by Prof. Traian Stănciulescu, technical director at the Institute of Inventions, Science Branch. A sloping tunnel that was about 10m wide and 15m high, vaulted, where gravity was canceled, so that movement is made in leaps inside. This phenomenon, which he can not fully explain, enabled him to travel large distances in a relatively short time through these underground labyrinths. According to the Professor's maps, such a mysterious tunnel, at a depth of 1,500 m below ground links Retezat Mountains (Sargesia(see note)) to Bucegi (Buşteni), Ceahlău (Sucidava(see note)) and Satu Mare. In summer 2007, Professor Bursuc conducted research in the Godeanu Massif, west of Tismana Monastery, where he found other subterranean construction.
Profesorul susţine că a intrat efectiv (nu prin dedublare) într-un tunel din Ceahlău, însoţit fiind până la intrare de prof. Traian Stănciulescu, director tehnic la Institutul de Inventică, filiala Iaşi. Tunelul respectiv era în pantă, avea cam 10m lăţime şi 15m înălţime, cu boltă, iar în el gravitaţia se anula parţial, astfel că deplasarea în interior se făcea în salturi. Acest fenomen, pe care nu îl poate explica deplin, i-a permis să parcurgă distanţe destul de mari într-un timp scurt prin aceste labirinturi subterane. Conform hărţilor profesorului, un asemenea tunel misterios, aflat la o adâncime de 1.500 m sub pământ, leagă Munţii Retezat (Sargesia) de Bucegi (Buşteni), Ceahlău (Sucidava) şi Satu Mare. În vara anului 2007, dl profesor Bursuc a efectuat cercetări în Masivul Godeanu, la vest de Mânăstirea Tismana, unde a găsit alte construcţii subpământene.[subpământean]
There are many claims about the existence of the mysterious depths of earth construction in Romania, some of which are known and heavily guarded by the authorities themselves. The way in which these tunnels were made from a technical standpoint is a conundrum. In terms of destination, the most plausible hypothesis is that they are part of the network of tunnels that exist across the planet and make contact with the mysterious world of Shambhala.
Există mai multe afirmaţii privitoare la existenţa unor enigmatice construcţii în adâncurile pământului României, unele dintre ele fiind cunoscute şi păzite cu străşnicie chiar de autorităţi. Modul în care au fost realizate din punct de vedere tehnic aceste tuneluri este o enigmă. În ceea ce priveşte destinaţia lor, cea mai plauzibilă ipoteză este că ele fac parte din reţeaua de tuneluri care există pe întreaga planetă şi care fac legătura cu lumea misterioasă a Shambalei. 
Laşi Professor Constantin Bursuc is the original owner of patents, among which mention the swirl plasma jet engine used successfully in building rockets. He is the author of "Build your own UFO" published by Miracle.
Profesorul ieşean Constantin Bursuc este posesorul unor inedite brevete de invenţie, printre care menţionăm motorul reactiv cu plasmă turbionară folosit cu succes în construcţia rachetelor. El este şi autorul volumului „Construiţi-vă cu mijloace proprii un OZN”, apărut la editura Miracol.
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  • În România există porţi către lumea cea tainică a Shambalei 
  • Expediţii programate în tainicul tărâm subteran al SHAMBALEI 
  • Coloana infinitului din Tîrgu-Jiu emite energii
  • Cercurile din lanuri - Artă sacră sau mesaje OZN?
yogaesoteric ianuarie 2008
SOURCE: - Romanian (Translation page)
Originally posted by white.aslan ATS Post ID 10556892

I don't know how many of you have read the book "Etidorhpa" but I was shocked when I read this line... "A sloping tunnel that was about 10m wide and 15m high, vaulted, where gravity was canceled. This phenomenon, which he can not fully explain, enabled him to travel large distances in a relatively short time through these underground labyrinths." describes exacly the same phenomenon as in the book. For those who want to know more I would suggest you read the book... just google it it's for free on the internet... the book is amazing to say the least. Have fun reading.

Editor: Torrent link replaced with copy of the original book as scanned by University of Conneticutt Internet Archives

Etidorhpa, or, The end of earth : the strange history of a mysterious being and the account of a remarkable journey as communicated in manuscript to Llewellyn Drury who promised to print the same, but finally evaded the responsibility which was assumed (1896) - Book is in Public Domain

Note: Ceahlău refers to Ceahlău Massif

The Ceahlău Massif is one of the most renowned mountain ranges of Romania. It is located in the Eastern Carpathians chain, in Neamţ County, in the Moldavia region. The two most important peaks are Toaca (1904 m altitude) and Ocolaşul Mare (1907 m altitude). It is bounded to the east by the Bistriţa River and Lake Bicaz, to the south by the Bicaz River. From the south, the main access point is the town of Bicaz. To the north, Mount Ceahlău is also accessible from Durău. There are many legends about the Ceahlău Massif; as a consequence it is often called "The Romanian Olympus."

SOURCE: Wikipedia Ceahlău Massif

Mount Ceahlău—Piatra Lată din Ghedeon Credit: Cristian Burlacu 2004

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Shadow Pyramid from "Ceahlău" Mountains Romania

Originally posted by lisa2012 ATS Post ID 10556925

The Shadow Pyramid from "Ceahlău" Mountains Romania... a UNIQUE Phenomenon 

Romania has something more interesting than Stonehenge or the Egyptian pyramids. We talk all about a pyramid. More specifically, one hologram. Sounds like Star Trek, but you should know that this hologram can be seen only in the first 10 days of August in Ceahlău Massif. 

The phenomenon is unique in the world. Pyramid Mountain Shadows Ceahlău occurs every year in the first 10 days of August. In the 6th and 7th of the month, the hologram has the best chance of training.

There, on the east, the rocks formed some shadows, with clouds and fog forming the 3D image of a perfect pyramid.

Ceahlău Toaca Peak Massif. At 1907 meters, you can see the sun just before sunrise. But the real show is giving the other side of the ridge. Sunlight is hitting the rocks and some yarn shade somewhere between heaven and earth together. Steam heavy fog that rises from the valley turns into an incredible hologram. It is a perfect three-dimensional pyramid.

CEAHLAU (Eastern Carpathians), near artificial lake Bicaz (or “Spring of the Mountain”).
Holographic pictures taken by Mihai Marin,

This picture forms only on August 6th every year (the 49th day after the summer solstice called Day of the Sun), with superposition of four shadows of the mountain-pyramids: the peaks Toaca, Lespezi, Shepherd Stone and Volcano Stone. The photos were made from the Toaca peak . SOURCE

CEAHLAU (Eastern Carpathians), near artificial lake Bicaz (or “Spring of the Mountain”).
Holographic pictures taken by Mihai Marin,

SOURCE: European Pyramids: Ceahlău Shadow Pyramid

Fata Morgana - The Cross

Originally posted by lisa2012 ATS Post ID

This Happened in Romania Last Year close to" Babele " and the "Sfinx"  There is a big Cross there and people saw with their own eyes a holographic effect effect. The mountain and the cross had a perfect reflection in the sky . They call it here the"Fata Morgana  " effect.

Please watch the VIDEO that made news on the Romanian Channel:

Fenomen extrem de rar in statiunea Busteni- Stirile Protv
Extremely rare phenomenon in Busteni-ProTV News

Youtube Link
Baile Herculane Story

Originally posted by lisa2012 ATS Post ID 10556636

Adi Pop in a reply on a Romanian Blog Talks About Mehadia Region of Romania.

I am pretty sure you did not hear of this one before. He says, this is the English Translation, quote;

"At Mehadia, there is a Cave of 8 km which is connected to a cave near the Hotel Traian Herculane. There, they discovered a civilization, the ROMBICONILOR, dated well before the current civilization. A local told me that there are some of  the graves of humanoids, which had a diamond-shaped stone, put in place to cross. 

He told me that night, the area over the graves is lighting up. We found all kinds of signs inscribed on rocks and ... diverse small red crystals.

Another villager in the area, Stan, told me that he saw four spheres of light entering the night sky above the mountain. That there are other caves and these spheres movement is made in a pattern of a diamond. 

One of the spheres was much higher than the other three. I visited the area several times, indicated exactly where my shepherd. The whole area was scorched. I talked with my grandfather and told shepherds of the existence of large unknown treasures of a civilization. The area has a fortress wall, which I was told that has existed for thousands of years, but nobody knows exactly what and how it came about... The Shepherds place is a few hundred meters above the fortress wall" ~ adi


Mehadia (Hungarian: Mehádia, German: Mehadia, Turkish: Mehadiye) is a commune in the Caraş-Severin County, in the valley of the Bela Reca river, Romania. It is located on the site of the ancient Roman colony Ad Mediam. It had a population of 2,402 in 1900, and of 4,474 in 2002. - Source

Hotel Traian Herculane
Hotel Traian Herculane - Deserted
Fostul hotel Traian din Herculane - All rights reserved by bogdangoim

Ghost Photographed In Historic Romanian Hotel
Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Ghost photo

A hotel in Romania has become a local attraction after a photograph of a ghost was published by newspapers and television. The ghost of a tall woman in a long white dress reportedly watches the hallways and staircases of the Decebal Hotel, in the Baile Herculane mountain spa.

The 150-year-old hotel is believed to hide ancient Roman treasure under its foundations and the ghost is said by locals to keep treasure hunters away. The hotel has been closed for renovations for five years but people who have ventured inside claim to have seen - and photographed - the ghost.

Victoria Iovan, 33, from Baile Herculane, said: "I photographed my boyfriend in the hotel. Back home I was shocked to see another woman's shadow in the picture. She looked like a priestess in long white clothes."

Another witness, a high school student called Alexandra, said he and six classmates went into the hotel late one evening for fun. "All of a sudden we felt a cold air and we saw a white silhouette close to us. We couldn't find our way out because we ran so fast," he said.

Local authorities have warned people not to go into the hotel because they say it is unsafe because of the building work.

SOURCE: Phantoms and Monsters Blog

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Ghost Town
Decebal Hotel abandoned, in the Baile Herculane By Anastasia on July 16, 2010

Baile Herculane- A Resort in Romania

Baile Herculane is the oldest resort in Romania and it is situated in the Caras-Severin County, near the border with Serbia. I started to visit this town when I was a child and I continue to return there from time to time. The past years I didn’t have time to go to Baile Herculane but this summer I decided to go on a short trip there and I was really shocked. The resort is completely neglected and there are almost no tourists there. Surrounded by mountains and crossed by the beautiful Cerna River, Baile Herculane was once full of tourists, but this was a long time ago.
But now the town is empty. Walking on the empty streets, I saw a lot of the old buildings in the touristic area (now not so touristic anymore) of the town abandoned. In the center of the Hercules Square the old statue of Hercules is still there but the place is quite strange. Once it was full of tourists, now nobody is there. Only a few lost tourists taking pictures with the statue can be seen.

Baile Herculane is also famous for the thermal and sulfurous waters. A lot of retired people still go there for treatment. - By Anastasia on July 16, 2010

Steam Cave By Anastasia on July 16, 2010
Another Ghost photo?
Cave of Thieves By Anastasia on July 16, 2010
Sarmizegetusa Romania

Originally posted by lisa2012 ATS Post ID 10556849

I am trying to get more sources for this story:

Sarmizegetusa Romania, where unexplained phenomena happens

Sarmi seget usa , meaning "I hasten to flow" (in Sanskrit) is the ancient capital of Dacia. It is located in the mountains of Group Retezat-Godeanu Orastiei. It is said that this area, where strange lights appear in the middle of the night, is called "twilight zone of Europe. "

 In 1991, seven specialists have done research on the spot. They noted the appearance of a "boom light" that seemed really out of the mountain. Back in Bucharest, have found that the devices did not remember any pictures. 

In August 1991, in the same area, an IL-14 aircraft to spray out of the blue."

"The sparkle from the Rock"

"In July 1994, some tourists who had settled their tent at Sarmizegetusa reported seeing countless rays of different colors, sprang from behind a rocky wall. Rays like the spokes of a wheel revolving. The entire valley was engulfed in a roar for half an hour. Two months later, in the same place, other tourists were wrapped in a veil of color range."

Please can anyone here that is from Romania can confirm if they heard anything on the news about this , or they saw anything written in a magazine?

Sarmizegetusa Regia - © All rights reserved by Mihai Radi

Cluj-Napoca - Hoia-Baciu Forest, Romania
46° 46′ 0″ N, 23° 35′ 0″ E

The city is surrounded by forests and grasslands. Rare species of plants, such as Venus's slipper and iris, are found in the two botanical reservations of Cluj-Napoca, Fânaţele Clujului and Rezervaţia Valea Morii ("Mill Valley Reservation").[67] Animals such as boars, badgers, foxes, rabbits and squirrels live in nearby forest areas such as Făget and Hoia. The latter forest hosts the Romulus Vuia ethnographical park, with exhibits dating back to 1678.[68] Various people report alien encounters in the Hoia-Baciu forest, large networks of catacombs that connect the old churches of the city, or the presence of a monster in the nearby lake of Tarniţa.[69][70] - Source

Hoia-Baciu Forest - (Found under search for Ghost Lights)

This forest, sometimes called the "Bermuda Triangle of Romania," is located in the middle of Transylvania. It was called Baciu Forest after a shepherd (the chief of a given shepherd camp is called "baci" in Romanian) disappeared inside the forest with his 200 or more sheep. He was searched for everywhere, including in nearby counties, but nobody knew where he was or saw him after he entered the forest. In addition, further disappearances, as well strange sensations of sudden illness, headaches, dread, or other odd sensations has been reported by some visitors. Sometimes mysterious lights and orbs have been observed amongst the trees as well.

Supporting the lights/UFO observations, one of the most famous photographs of a prototypical saucer-like object was captured in 1968 over the forest. Researchers from different institutes, as well all kind of amateurs, visit the forest regularly, including a recent investigation by the American television program, Destination Truth, which captured strange activity. Even if the events do not appear all the time, the forest is considered one of the most active spot in the world regarding apparitions and various unexplained phenomena.

Several theories have been promoted to explain the strange things that appear at times: from unusual electromagnetic readings produced by something inside the earth, to a so-called portal to another world from where beings from the other side sometimes cross over (or vice versa), as well as a theorized crossing point where extraterrestrial beings from alternative universes pass into our dimension.


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Sarmizegetusa Regia
Romanian Stonehenge
The ancient Dacian fortress Sarmizegetusa, ruins of temples, under reconstruction. By FDominec 2007

Sarmizegetusa Regia (also Sarmisegetusa, Sarmisegethusa, Sarmisegethuza, Ζαρμιζεγεθούσα (Zarmizegethousa), Ζερμιζεγεθούση (Zermizegethouse)) was the capital and the most important military, religious and political center of Dacians. Erected on top of a 1,200 meter high mountain, the fortress was the core of the strategic defensive system in the Orăştie Mountains (in present-day Romania), comprising six citadels. Sarmizegetusa Regia was the capital of Dacia prior to the wars with the Roman Empire.

There were two Sarmizegetusa’s: Ulpia and Regia located some 40 km apart. Sarmizegetusa Ulpia, the only one known in the early 1900s was the Roman capital of Dacia built by Roman Emperor Trajan, not the Dacian capital. This inevitably led to inaccuracies regarding Dacian wars and Dacians military system based solely on insufficient information.

Murus Dacicus at Sarmizegetusa Regia, Romania August 2009 by Oroles


About the origin of the name Sarmizegetusa several hypotheses have been advanced. The most important are the following;

  • The citadel built of the palisades on mountain peak’ from ZERMI (*gher-mi, mountain peak, top cf. *gher ‘stone’, ‘high’) and ZEGE-T (*geg(h)t)[2]
  • City of warm river’ from ZARMI ‘warm’ (derived from Sanskrit gharma ‘warm’) and ZEGET ‘flow’ (derived from Sanskrit sarj, bactrien harez; sarjana, harezâna ‘flow’), the city beig named after the nearby river Sargetia[3]
  • The palace that illuminates the world of life’ from "ZARMYA" ‘palace’ (Sanskrit harmya ‘palace’), ZEGETH ‘world of life’ (Sanskrit jagat, jigat ‘go’, ‘mobility / world of life’) and "USA" ‘illuminaing’ (‘enlightening’, ‘burning’)[4]
Paved Dacian road at Sarmizegetusa Regia, Romania August 2009 by Oroles

Early attestations

The royal Dacian capital Zarmizegethusa is mentioned under a large number of orthographic varieties due to several pronunciation: [7]

Ruins of andesite sanctuaries and solar disk at Sarmizegetusa Regia, Romania August 2009 by Oroles

Pre-Roman era

Towards the end of his reign, Burebista transferred Geto-Dacians capital from Argedava to Sarmizegetusa. [8][9] For at least one and a half century, Sarmizegethusa was the Dacians' capital and reached its acme under King Decebal. Archaeological findings in this area have thrown new light on the political, economic and scientific apogee of Dacian culture, the latter testified by the solar calendar. Burebista and Decebalus creatively assimilated the technological achievements of Greek and Roman culture, out of which Decebalus was in process of making a Dacian classical age when Trajan's legions struck the final blow. [10] And, these show that Dacian's god Zalmoxis and his chief priest had an important role in Dacian society. [11]

The site yields two important finds:

  • One is a medical kit, contained in a brassbound wooden box with an iron handle. It contained a scalpel, tweezers, powdered pumice and miniature pots for pharmaceuticals. [12]
  • The other important find was a huge vase twenty-four inches (0.6 meter) high and forty-one inches (1 meter) across. It is stamped in mirror-writing, in the Roman alphabet, DECEBAL PER SCORILO i.e. Decebalus, son (cf. Latin puer) of Scorilus. [12]
Also, there had been found 400 iron tools, made with the meter-long tongs, hammers, and anvils found in the smithies north of the sanctuary: scythes, sickles, hoes, rakes, picks, pruning hooks, knives, plowshares, and carpenters' tools.[10] Finds includ weapons, too i.e daggers, curved Dacian scimitars, spearpoints, shield-bosses. [10]
Ruins of a limestone sanctuary at Sarmizegetusa Regia, Romania August 2009 by Oroles
Ruins of a Dacian limestone sanctuary at Sarmizegetusa Regia, Romania August 2009 by Oroles
Temples at Sarmizegetusa Regia, Romania August 2009 by Oroles
Solar disc (astronomical calendar) at Sarmizegetusa Regia, Romania August 2009 by Oroles
Dacian Water pipe by CristianChirita
Map of the Site
Sarmizegetusa Regia contained a citadel and living areas with dwellings and workshops, but it also contained a sacred zone.
  • The fortress, a quadrilateral formed by massive stone blocks (murus dacicus), was constructed on five terraces, on an area of almost 30,000 m².
  • The sacred zone —among the most important and largest circular and rectangular Dacian sanctuaries – includes a number of rectangular temples, the bases of their supporting columns still visible in regular arrays. Perhaps the most enigmatic construction at the site is the large circular sanctuary. This comprised a “D” – shaped setting of timbre posts surrounded by a timber circle, which was surrounded in turn by a low stone kerb. The layout of the timber settings bears a broad resemblance to the stone monument at the Stonehenge in England[5]
  • The “Andesite Sun” from the site seems to have been as a sundial. This idea is far from absurd, since there are known to have been influences on Dacian clture from Hellenistic Greece, and these may have included ideas about geometry and astronomy[5]
  • The civilians lived down from the fortress, in settlements built on man-made terraces, such as the one at Feţele Albe [6]. Dacian nobility had flowing water, brought through ceramic pipes, in their residences.
The archaeological inventory found at the site shows that Dacian society had a high standard of living.
Roman Dacia and Moesia Inferior

The defensive system

The Dacians capital’s defensive system includes Six Dacian fortresses — Sarmizegetusa, Blidaru, Piatra Roşie, Costeşti, Căpâlna and Băniţa. Now, these are UNESCOWorld heritage sites.

Roman era
Sarmisegetusa walls were partly dismantled at the end of First Dacian war in AD 102, when Dacia was invaded by the Emperor Trajan of the Roman Empire. The Dacians rebuilt them. The Romans systematically destroyed them in 106 and deported the inhabitants.[10]

The Roman conquerors established a military garrison at Sarmisegetusa Regia. Later, the capital of Roman Dacia was established 40 km from the ruined Dacian capital, but it was named after the Dacian capital - Colonia Ulpia Traiana Augusta Dacica Sarmizegetusa.

SOURCE: Wikipedia Sarmizegetusa Regia


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Persons performin ceremonies and causing vandalism
SOURCE: - (English Translation)

Medieval Recreationists

The Dacians
The Romans

Terra Aeterna Dacica

Terra Aeterna Dacica Association was established in June 1, 2007 in Cluj-Napoca. Terra Aeterna Dacica Association is a first in the Romanian space, in terms as faithful recreation of fragments of everyday life, civil and military Dacian and Roman civilizations.

Roman military equipment will bear the insignia of the Legion XIII Gemina Legion longest-running in the territory of Roman Dacia, which was stationed during the second and third centuries AD Apulum (today Alba Iulia).

Terra Aeterna Dacica is where rivalries between the Dacians and Romans will peacefully in workshops and performances designed to teach and relax while those involved. 

SOURCE: Terra Dacica Aeterna - (English Translation page) - Photo Page

The earliest people recorded in the Balkans belonged to three tribal groups–the Illyrians, Thracians, and Dacians. Historians are still out on the question if Thracians and Dacians were the same people or just closely related, Illyrians and Thracians were also related and are often refered to as “Thraco-Illyrian”
Note: Sargesia

Sargesia refers to the Sargesia River which today is called the Sargetia River. A search on Sargesia will lead directly to even more mysteries;

Note: Sucidava

Sucidava (Sykibid after Procopius, Σucidava after Parvan, where Σ is prononce sh is a Dacian and Daco-Roman historical site, situated in Corabia, Romania on the north bank of the Danube. There can be found: the first Christian Basilica in Romania, the foot of a Roman bridge over the Danube built by Constantine the Great to link Sucidava with Oescus (today in Bulgaria, in Moesia), there is also a secret underground fountain which flows under the walls of the town to a water spring situated outside.

From archeological point of view the coins found at Sucidava show an uninterrupted series from Aurelian (270-275) to Theodosius II (408-450). The archeologic evidence show that in AD 443 or 447 the city suffer from hunnish attacks, still the city was restored under Justin I 518-527 or Justinian I 527-565. Around 600, it seems that the Roman garrison abandoned the city.

SOURCE: Wikipedia Sucidava

Ancient city of Sucidava - ruins. by Corabianu
43° 45′ 52″ N, 24° 27′ 33″ E
Sign About the Fountain Secret - Despre Fantana Secreta by Dragomir Mihai
Lowering the Secret Fountain - Coborare la Fantana Secreta by Dragomir Mihai
Under water - In adancuri  by gabi.boiteanu
Tomb inside the basilica Sucidava Christian (2001)
Mormantul din incinta basilicii crestine de la Sucidava (2001) by vintila
Romanian Military Presence?

Originally posted by lisa2012 ATS Post ID 10558485

As I promised the discussion went on and the account is as it follows was the summer of 2008 , the person went to "Ialomicioara Cave" after he visited "Babele " On his way back from there he did not go back on the hiking trail but wandered in the surrounding area . I have to tell you that this would be an area where seeing military with arms and guns it would look out of place. He claims he was in a really remote area. Not too far away from the hiking trail when two Military Man Romanian Military fully armed saw him asked him where he is going and then he said he got lost so they directed him towards the Hiking trails.

His statement seem honest to me . He said he did not see a building or an entrance to anything nor a military base but for the remote area he was in he said that it was very strange to have those military man there ..very serious and non communicative.

I will upload the map so we can all see how the Babele is positioned and how the "Ialomicioara Cave"map is and a little more info about this area . Also I thought this was really strange because all this happened in the proximity of this cave system.

I hope this is a step forward.

Then I was directed by the same man to look into some info by Andrea Caprarescu that claims there is  a gate in the Carpatian Mountains towards another dimension.

I will translate this and post it withing few minutes .

Israel IDs missing military personnel in Romania crash
By the CNN Wire Staff
July 27, 2010
Romanian gendarmes secure the area on the Bucegi mountains on July 27, 2010
where a Israeli helicopter crashed on the 26th

Jerusalem (CNN) -- Israel has identified six military personnel who are missing after an Israeli helicopter crashed in Romania Monday during a joint military exercise.

According to Israel Defense Forces, the Israelis included: Lt. Col. Avner Goldman, Lt. Col. Daniel Shipenbauer, Maj. Yahel Keshet, Maj. Lior Shai, Lt. Nir Lakrif and Sgt. 1st Class Oren Cohen. IDF said the aircraft was carrying four pilots, two mechanics and a member of the Romanian Air Force.

The Israeli CH-53 helicopter went down about 3:20 p.m. (8:20 a.m. ET) Monday, the Romanian Defense ministry said in a statement. Search-and-rescue operations began immediately, using a Romanian medical helicopter and two Israeli helicopters, the statement said.

The wreckage was found a few hours later in the Fundata-Zarnesti area, near Brasov in central Romania, the defense ministry said. The crash site was in a remote area at an altitude of more than 2,000 meters (about 6,560 feet) in the mountains, according to the ministry. Fog prevented helicopters from flying to the site Monday night.

Defense Minister Gabriel Oprea has ordered a commission to the site to investigate the crash, the ministry said.

The exercises, scheduled from July 18 through Thursday, are aimed at training low-altitude aircraft crews in search-and-rescue operations and medical evacuations, according to the statement.

A CH-53 helicopter made an emergency landing July 18 after experiencing technical problems, the defense ministry said. The problem was fixed, and it took off and landed safely.

Journalist Cosmin Stan contributed to this report.

SOURCE: Israel IDs missing military personnel in Romania crash - CNN

7 feared dead after Israeli helicopter crashes in Romania
By the CNN Wire Staff
July 27, 2010 -- Updated 1026 GMT

(CNN) -- Seven people, including six Israelis, are feared dead after an Israeli helicopter crashed in Romania on Monday during a joint military exercise, the Romanian Defense ministry said.

The control center for the joint exercises, known as Blue Sky 2010, lost radio contact with the Israeli CH-53 helicopter about 3:20 p.m. (8:20 a.m. ET), the ministry said in a statement. Search-and-rescue operations began immediately, using a Romanian medical helicopter and two Israeli helicopters, the statement said.

About 5:45 p.m. (10:45 a.m. ET), teams found the wreckage of the helicopter in the Fundata-Zarnesti area, near Brasov in central Romania, the defense ministry said. "So far, the circumstances of the accident and the crew situation remain unknown."

Defense Minister Gabriel Oprea has ordered a commission to the site to investigate the crash, the ministry said.

Israel Defense Forces said the aircraft was carrying four pilots, two mechanics and a member of the Romanian Air Force. The Israeli air force is sending medical, rescue and investigative teams to the scene, a military statement said.

The crash site was in a remote area at an altitude of more than 2,000 meters (about 6,560 feet) in the mountains, according to the defense ministry. Fog was preventing helicopters from flying to the site Monday night. Authorities said six ambulances were waiting a few kilometers away.

SOURCE: 7 feared dead after Israeli helicopter crashes in Romania - CNN

Natural Dimensional Portal Observed

Originally posted by lisa2012 ATS Post ID 10558836

Mrs Caprarescu had an interview with a gentleman named E.H. that claims he had an experience in the Piatra Mare Seven Stairs Canyon Area of Romania.

This is a translation of the Article :

In the Carpathians there is a gateway to another universe.

    There is a gate towards other dimension in Carpatians

    E.H. is not a mysterious or "paranormal" person in appearance or behavior s.Ex engineer, retired in 1988 and was able to fully devote his passion: hiking .

    Divorced in 1974, no children, 

    Everything changed one day in autumn 1990, in Piatra Mare. Lord E.H. visited us and we were told a story but were asked by him to protect his name. 

    His story is as follows:

    "I remember like it was yesterday. It was on 22 September 1990. At 11 o'clock I was on one of my routes on the Great favorite Piatra Seven Stairs. The day was very beautiful, warm, even in the shadow of the forest. At around 11, I had about a half hour to the hut and slowed down, to enjoy the beauty of the landscape. 

    I started getting lost intentionally, to change something in the trail monotony. My trail climbs to a peak and folded at a time, I saw something bizarre, like a spark to my right, the sun, reflected on an object. I immediately thought that it came from piles of cans and jars left in the forest.

    A silly curiosity pushed me to the place; I was convinced that it's a wine bottle thrown away, but I wanted to convince myself. When I first saw it, was somewhere a little glow at about 20 to 30 meters height . I began to climb, but I saw nothing. Obviously, I was in a different angle from the sun.

    After a few minutes to climb, I began to ask myself questions; I was in a clearing, I was quite visible, but did not see any object capable of reflecting light. I was about to go on, when I saw... I find it hard to describe.

     It was an elliptical shape, vertical, one can identify it. You know what an optical phenomenon called "Fata Morgana" looks like? On the road, the heat from the ground, frequently this phenomenon occurs; the landscape was deformed, moving, as would be seen through a curved glass. Same thing with a deflection at right angles, I saw in front of me. It was behind a tree shape; the rear portion of the trunk was deformed ellipse strange, veiled. If you want another comparison, it resembled more a twisted perspective that you see through gasoline vapors.

     I approached and I realized with astonishment that I did not see any material object that can generate such an effect. In that place there was nothing. Nothing that looks like a diaphragm, an elliptical area lying in the air, apparently concave. More amazing was that the rear, the shape.

    Ellipse was about 1 meter, 1 meter in diameter and 20 high, that height, and up to 40 inches in the small, wide. The base was about 25-30 inches of soil. Floating. It was perfectly transparent, except the wave phenomenon, the fog, the space behind it. The edges were very smooth, that the phenomenon of impaired optic ends abruptly.

    What have I done? I thought it could be any very fine spider web, but I think trying to convince myself that I had in front of me a natural phenomenon, which obviously, as I was convinced it was not. I spent a few moments looking around it and then tried to touch it. Fortunately, a kind of instinct for fear, groundless (as it seemed perfectly harmless) made me take the first branch of a tree down. The first time I touched the edges of the ellipse. The edge had  elastic resistance is as if I have clicked on a balloon. 

    When I moved the branch to the ellipse center, I did not encountered any resistance; went in smoothly, but it was invisible.

    It was like a hole and the tip of the branch was totally gone, all the while, we continue to see the scenery reflected back. The branch was about 50 inches long and half gone inside. When I withdrew, I saw with horror that it was no longer than 20 inches long. Part of it had completely disappeared. The end was completely severed, as a high precision saw the other side would have worked. Then I thought what would have happened if it were my hand instead of the branch...

    I repeated the operation with other branches, then I tied a rope stone and threw it into the ellipse, the result was the same every time. Any thing that went into that form did not coming back. At that moment I was scared. In addition, it was getting too late and I decided to go on to the cottage. But before I left, for the first time in my life, I made a rude gesture to graze the forest trees. To recognize the place, I marked all the trees in the clearing with a knife. I got to the cabin shortly after noon. 

    After a hot soup and tea I have restored morale, but the problem continues. I knew the chalet supervisor and I told him all that had happened. The man knew me, so he did not think me crazy. He said he'd never seen anything like that in the woods, but anything is possible and that he would not be surprised if it contained "a new army technology "

    As often happens in the mountains, the weather broke suddenly at 15.A, the wind began to blow, it was cool and clear as I was preparing for a storm. I was tired, I decided to stay overnight and talk to  the chalet supervisor.

    At the evening meal, I was approached by Stephen, the son of the chalet supervisor, a kid of 12 years. I knew him quite well because he came to my table without shyness.

    "I heard you speak at lunch with my dad," he said. "you know, I saw the ghost of the woods!"
    I started to listen to him and learned that Stefan was with two shepherds when he saw the first ellipse. Curious by nature, he had returned several times to that place. I learned everything from him in shape through at least two distinct phases: when it looks transparent (the condition in which I saw it), it allows the entry of objects. When seen as Stefan once saw it, it becomes white and slightly larger, it works in reverse, that was closed to us and let the other side objects pass through it.

    The next morning we left because of very bad weather, I've been through clearing. I returned after two weeks to Piatra Mare. This time I went straight to the cottage, I took Steven and we went to the place. With us came another boy from a nearby sheepfold, one of those who had accompanied Stefan in his promenade through the woods. On the  way he told me a story related to the ellipse.

    Arriving in the clearing, our disappointment was great: there was no ellipse. It just disappeared. Only the trees marked by me gave me confidence that I was not dreaming.

    Throughout the winter I was in Bucharest and gradually took the forest out of my mind. Then, in February 1991, a friend whom I told this story to came to visit me. He was very agitated and showed me a German magazine that had an article similar to the phenomena observed by me. The article mentioning the existence of organizations that study the strange ellipses, ODRG (Open Doors Research Group). I wrote them a letter telling them all that I had seen and heard and, in April, I received a package from them.

    I was sent a letter of thanks for the information provided, assuring me that I described a Gate seen on their lists. Along with the letter they sent several materials from which I learned all about the gates opening. I was then in correspondence and all that follows is the result of information received by me.

    Forms such as the one seen by me have appeared from time immemorial, they are present, under various descriptions, in many old texts.

    In 1962 Barry Roscott , an English engineer, saw a gate during his walks through town around Manchester.The gate remained open for 2 months and allowed Roscott to make more observations and experiments. After this experience the ODRG group was founded, which has many members all over the world.

    From 1963 until today. ODRG recorded no less than 238 more [natural]Gates. The Open Gates seem to have been in the U.S. and the latest comes from Russia (18 Gates observed between 1988 and 1995), Poland (3 gates) and Romania (Gate seen by me in Piatra Mare).

    On average, a gate remains open between 2 months and one year. There was a link between duration and size. As a door is more likely to have even more time there. Gates that are open for a year are at least 1 meter wide. Most have an elliptical shape (vertical or horizontal), but circular gates have been recorded.

    A gate passes through four distinct phases: initiation, access status, power status and closing. Phases 2 and 3 do not occur necessarily in that order. No one has been able so far to open a gate or close it. 

    All we know, thanks to observations made in the field, is that this opening has a very intense radiation, which can be harmful to biological organisms. 

    The door is open for our world, we can insert any object or being in it, but nothing comes from the other side.

    In this state, it is transparent, showing only the optical phenomena modification described above. The state of the source is described by Stefan, at this stage, a gate whitish color, does not allow access from us, but operates as an open door for the other side. Since it can get objects (beings?), always described as white ball-shaped, moving with great speed, rolling on the ground or a short height.

    Closing never seems to generate  the same intense radiation."

    Article Author
    Andrew Caprarescu

    Articles and materials on this site may be collected and published on other sites but only by specifying the source and adding a link to

    Source: In the Carpathians there is a gateway to another universe

Anyone ever heard of ODRG Open Doors Research Gate ? 

Editors Reply: This article seems to have first appeared on the web in May 2010. At least that is the earliest date I saw on the 59 sites that repeat this story. That is all that comes up, only a couple in English... and no further information on the story, Barry Roscott or the ODRG (Open Doors Research Gate).

I do however have Brian Allan from England as associate on our team. He runs P.E.G (Paranormal Encounters Group) and has in the past attempted to open a gateway at Giza and has had some success in attempting to open the portal at Rosslyn Chapel. I will write him and send him this article and see if he knows of Barry Roscott and the Manchester gateway.

Rosslyn, Between Two Worlds by Brian J Allan

Oddly enough, another writer also named Allan relates Dan Burisch's story of the natural Stargate on Frenchmen's Mountain here in Las Vegas. This was another attempt to open a gateway

The Saga of Dr.Dan Burisch - by Sterling D. Allan - April 28, 2004

Once, and insider told the group that on such and such a day, at such and such an hour, they would be activating the natural stargate at Frenchman's Mountain East of Las Vegas. They even told where they would be on the hillside, and where someone could come and observe from a distance. No one was able to make it on the short notice, but the group did watch a real-time satellite image of the location, and watched as the entire mountain began to "glow" on the screen in front of them from a government web site that is publicly available.
We also have a three year running thread called Stargates are Real that is full of information on gateways
View of Bycegi Mountains from the Cabin Brasov Day Trips
Gravity and Magnetic Anomalies
Gravity Anomaly Map for Romania
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