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Sfinxul (Sphinx) Banatean
Valea Cernei, Topleţ, Romania
The Toplet 'Sphinx' on the European road E 70 Bucharest - Timisoara
on the right, 3 miles before reaching Herculane train station

Banatean 'Sphinx' in the Cerna Valley, Topleţ, Romania
A mysterious megalith, forgotten by all!

Can this be the result of the vagaries of weather? It's doubtful, given the perfection of form. Viewed from one angle, we conclude that we are dealing with an anthropomorphic representation. It's hard to imagine that the wind and rain have tried to sculpture a rock to represent a human head. And not just any head. But a majestic, mysterious, emitting a power and authority to obtain and hard by a talented sculptor.

The Toplet 'Sphinx'

The open space around this simulation, makes you think a particular location chosen. The rock seems to be that of a true guardian of the threshold.

If the "Sphinx" was made by humans, when did it occur and who were these people? How far can we let go with the imagination to find out why those people created this?

What message do these huge rocks with strange shapes in the Carpathians send over the millennia? Are they forgotten figures of gods and heroes carved in stone?... Nobody knows for sure...

The stories that circulate here today, from Cerna sources... speak about it's heroes. The Greeks called it
Ternessos, the Romans Dierna or Lerna and indigenous populations called it Zernes.

From the train station at Herculane, go on the European road DN 70 to Orsova where we get to the second concrete bridge over the river Cerna. At the end of the bridge, we find a country road (ponds, and pits full of garbage), people passing near the gardens. Take the road... about 3 km and reach the 'Sphinx'.

Seen here in the opposite direction, as you go to Orsova, Bucharest...
It seems a huge bird, a human face... alien

Dacian Sphinx figure represents a human head with a Dacian helmet facing west. Not until now was it possible to find a sculpture of nature so perfect.

The Toplet 'Sphinx'

The rock has a height of 16 m and a width of 8 m, and can be easily seen from a distance - before the appearance of tall vegetation - on the European road E 70 Bucharest - Timisoara.

Unfortunately, E. Udrea signs, 3D classical, have not come up here! Millions of people have passed by dozens / hundreds of years apart, without realizing that right as you go to Timisoara, Cerna over the water, there is a
Megalith which would be a "Money chariot"[gold mine] with good management!

"Enigmatic Earth" TVR Cultural show about megaliths in Romania presented a movie about Dan Braneanu, an engineer and member of Professional Journalists. Images of megalithic statues left by Daniel Ruzo. The filming was done in Bucegi, Ciucas and citizens (city of Negru Voda)

Some who remember and have respect for nature, and the history of the country in which they live... say please to Mrs. E. Udrea! At least some signal indicator for tourists!

The Toplet 'Sphinx'

Too bad this beautiful country, filled everywhere with "Wonders of the World", but whose many residents, too many people do not know than ""vaicareala"[wail] or "intinsul mainii"![stretched hand][need translation]

The Toplet 'Sphinx'

Warning to unsuspecting hikers

P.S. WARNING! There are vipers in the area! Horned vipers! Bite is deadly!

Horned Viper
Horned Viper


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