The Enigmas on the Moon
Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter
by ArMaP
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Interesting Finds on LRO Images
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Object nacl0000103b-01

Originally posted by ArMaP posted on 27-7-2009 at ATS Post ID 6798450

There is a new image from LRO, 
Sorry for the short post. 

Originally posted by zorgon
Does it show a Moon base or mine?
If not I'll be back later... 

Originally posted by ArMaP

No Moon base or mine that I could see, on that photo or on this one, released today.
Maybe you can ask super70 to look at the photos, if there is anything in those photos I am sure he will find it.

Originally posted by zorgon
Good Idea :up:  Share the work load :up:
I am way behind in my work as it is... I am sure they will pop up...
But it would be cool if that ArMaP guy would find one 
I can see the headlines...
"ArMaP discovers Base on the Moon"
Bet that thread would break records 

Originally posted by ArMaP
Who knows, maybe it will happen.
I would flag that thread. 
I think I will have another look at those TIFF files... 

Originally posted by ArMaP ATS Post ID 6813058
Well, not really a Moon base or a mine, but maybe Apollo 20.

Probably just another rock.
It's from the Terraced Wall of Bürg Crater" photo nacl00000e09

Originally posted by zorgon
If that is a rock... so are the other Apollo pics 
But I like it!  Its round and shiny...  worth saving... maybe its an old Russian thingy.

Interesting Finds on LRO Images
Tracks on M101291859R

Originally posted by ArMaP posted on 4-8-2009 at ATS Post ID 6850480

There were two updates and three photo in two days.
From today's photo M101291859R, something that looks like rolling rocks.
Zoomed to 200% so its resolution is something like 42 centimetres per pixel.

This photo has too many rocks, it almost looks like someone or something has been throwing rocks at that area (Tsiolkovskiy crater's ejecta field).

Edited to add a second image.
This one is definately a rolling rock.

Sorry, no images of bases or mines yet, but you can see that I am looking. :D
I forgot to say that this one was not resized, so its resolution is the original 83 centimetres per pixel.

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Pegasus Track Analysis

Originally posted by ArMaP

"This one is definately a rolling rock."

Originally posted by zorgon

So explain how this rolled so far... in and out of several craters 

In the image above we have traced the path of the object. As marked the path dips in and out of several craters. Also the track itself has that same wobbly motion of the Lunar Orbiter "Rolling Rock"image and the Mars Tracks Mike Singh spotted. The squares show other objects that appear rectangular or of interest. Below are two closeups of the track showing the odd pattern


Posted by ArMaP, on August 4, 2009

reply to post by zorgon

Maybe it's easier to jump over small, shallow craters when the gravity is smaller. 
At least it looks like an explanation. 

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