The Anunnaki and the Abyss
by E. Vegh © 2005 

Table of Contents


Study the past if you would define the future.

 ....The compilation and fruition of this book was a long time in the making. As theories tend to evolve slowly, so also did I arrive at the concepts advanced in this book, one discovery at a time. Being a long time student and armchair scholar of the biblical prophecies, I furthered my understanding of ancient times and texts, by expanding my studies into the realms of several ancient cultures. I researched areas such as the ancient Sumerians, the biblical nephilim, pseudopigraphia, and the various works of art, cuneiforms and ancient texts. My studies ranged over topics as outlandish as "star gates" and as mainstream as the compiled works of accepted theologians, eschatologists, scholars and linguists of various caliber. Suddenly, a new thread appeared before me, a thread the years had all but covered in the forgetfulness of time. After further study and much thought, I began to see the need to share these discoveries with the reading public. 

....It is my hope that you will find the information contained herein, to be both revealing and useful to your own historical, sumerian and biblical studies. If nothing else, it will provide an interesting foray into the histories of the ancient peoples and their related texts. 

~E. Vegh, August 2005

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