Nibiru and Wormwood
by E. Vegh © 2005 

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Chapter 3: What is Nibiru? 

I believe that these extra-terrestrial vehicles and their crews are visiting this planet from other planets. Most astronauts were reluctant to discuss UFOs. 
-Gordon Cooper, American Astronaut

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Sedna, the 10th Planet? Does this look like a hospitable planet, suitable for an advanced civilization of extra-terrestrial geniuses?
Credit: JPL (Jet Propulsion Laboratories) 

....Even though Nibiru is not an extra-terrestrial planet but rather the mesopatamian city of Nippur, it was famous for a significant extra-terrestrial persona and a piece of alien technology: An Anunnaki "god" named "Enlil" and the "heaven-earth bond." [1] In The Anunnaki and the Abyss, I outline the identity of the sumerian Anunnaki as the "Fallen Angels" of biblical texts. Enlil was an important Anunnaki and was considered a "god" by the sumerian people. At his city of Nippur (Nibiru), he built a temple to house the "heaven-earth" bond which connected the Earth to other planets in the universe. I believe the "heaven-earth bond" was a star gate of sorts, employed by the fallen angels to travel between our planet and their own (among other places). So although I don't believe Nibiru is the 10th planet, I do believe it may have had a connection, a star gate, to other planets within or outside our own solar system. Therefore, Nibiru (Nippur) was technologically connected to an extra-terrestrial planet, but it isn't, itself, an extra-terrestrial planet. It contains or contained, a star gate to an extra-terrestrial planet. 

....So the answer to the question, "What does Nibiru have to do with this extra-terrestrial invasion?" I can only answer as regards the technology of the Anunnaki inhabitants of Nippur. As I indicated in the previous e-book, the "Bottomless Pit" of Revelation 9 is most likely another star gate, which was also housed in a temple by an Anunnaki named Enki (also known as Enki-Ea or just Ea). His temple was built by the Euphrates river at the mesopatamian city of "Eridu." 

....As far as I can tell, there's no indication that Enlil's star gate at Nippur will be re-opened during the invasion, although there's significant biblical indications that Enki's star gate at Eridu, will be. This opening of the "Abyss", "Bottomless Pit" or Enki's ABZU, follows the arrival of the mothership described in Revelation 8. Whether Nibiru (Nippur), where Enlil's "heaven-earth bond" resides, plays a part in that invasion, is something I am not aware of at this time. (If you'd like to see the ongoing archaeological dig at Nippur, here's a map of the dig from the University of Chicago's Oriental Institute: Nippur Archaeological Dig and here's a 3-D map: Enlil's Temple E.KUR at Nippur (Nibiru) ). 

Enlil's Temple of E.KUR at Nippur (Nibiru), which housed the "DUR.ANKI" or "heaven-earth bond",, a star gate.
Enki's Temple of E.ABZU at Eridu, which housed the "ABZU",, a star gate.

....Notice how both their temples are pyramidal in shape. That was the structure of the buildings of the angels and gods of the Anunnaki, in ancient times. It's my contention, that they placed their star gates either inside the pyramidal structures or in their temples at the top of the pyramidal structures. If my theory is correct, the watery star gates would glow and release clouds of steam, when activated. From the top of a pyramid or ziggurat, they would have the appearance of the Sun or a star appearing on the apex and remaining there until the star gate was deactivated (alternatively, an UFO descending to the top of these structures, would have the same effect). An amazing spectacle for the ancient peoples to behold. Observe this very interesting masonic symbol, as old as ancient Egypt itself, which appears on the back of the US dollar bill:

The All-Seeing Eye of God, Ra, Horus, the Watchers, the Star Gate or UFO over the pyramid.

....My next e-book will deal with similar subjects, such as the Anunnaki, the Nephilim and the various pyramidal structures around the world. I hope you've found this book on alien invasions in biblical prophecy and the identity of Nibiru, to be helpful. In the meantime, please consider Jesus and eternal life, as an alternative to the Anunnaki paradigm. The Fallen Angels are most assuredly in control of this planet, from the most devout of the babylonian religious system, right down to the very last atheist. The Anunnaki are not particular, as long as you've successfully chosen incorrectly, their job is done. To test my theory, get to know Jesus on a personal basis. But prepare yourself for war, because the Fallen Angels hate losing. You can rest assured you will notice a dramatic change in many aspects of your life, as a result, including a marked increase in spiritual activity and suspicious behavior on the part of friends and family. The matrix the Fallen Angels have woven around the planet, is highly effective for them and they use it to full benefit. When you accept Jesus, you show up on the landscape of the eternal plane and the Fallen Angels become aware of you, something that most people don't realize. But do not despair. Read Jesus' words, take into consideration that He doesn't ask you to perform rituals, nor jump through hoops of fire. He simply asks that you realize your fallen condition, repent from it, love the Lord with all your heart, soul and mind, and love your neighbor as yourself. Not a very demanding exchange and one that even the simplest soul can comprehend. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to be saved. Alternatively, you can be a rocket scientist and be saved. The beauty of Jesus' offer is that it provides for anyone who asks and doesn't discriminate, which is a very far cry from the caste and elitist systems of the Anunnaki.


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1. See Enlil in E.KUR, Earth History

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