Dark Mission Book Review
A major contribution to the advancement of science!!!, November 12, 2007
By  Patrick Bailey

A major contribution to the advancement of science!

An outstanding book!

(I received mine via pre-order from Amazon.com in October 2007)

A major contribution to the advancement of science!

This book is a "must study" for anyone who has any interest in space, the space program, NASA, and corporate politics in general.

Corporations exist to retain their secrets. The USA is a corporation, and so is NASA!

In this book, Richard Hoagland and Mike Bara point out that NASA is and always has been a classified organization, retaining its own secrets for its own purposes, reporting to only the highest offices in the US Government, and lying to the American public and to the world. Examples include the first pictures taken on the moon, pictures from the Apollo Program, pictures from Mars, and pictures from virtually every Space Shuttle Mission!

Did you know that in reality, Mars has a blue sky?
Read pages 439-440!!!
"The image showed an Arizona-like landscape: blue sky, brownish-red desert soil and grey rocks with green splotches."
"Two hours after the first color image appeared on the monitors, a technician abruptly changed the image from the light-blue sky and Arizona-like landscape to a uniform orange-red sky and landscape."
"...the order to change the colors came directly from the NASA administrator himself, Dr. James Fletcher."

Whether or not you agree with all of the book's theories, assertions, and conclusions, this book will open your eyes to the lies and overt omissions that the US Government and hence also NASA have been promoting to the world. The book is very well-written, and clearly explains all of the theories, discussions, political intrigue, and conclusions that the authors and their co-workers have found over these many years.

Trash the Brookings Report!

Read pages 90-94...

If there is hard physical evidence that there have been other civilizations previously on the Earth, the Moon, or on Mars, then perhaps we can learn something useful from their remains.

If there are other civilizations currently flourishing outside of the Earth, then we had better learn something useful from them really fast, before we destroy what we have now on Earth - either by Global warming, central banking, religious genocide, or World War III.

If any Masons out there can assist in documenting about the past, and doing something useful to promote the future, please do that!

I seriously and strongly recommend that you read this book!

Dr. Patrick G. Bailey, PhD, MIT
President, Institute for New Energy
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Past Master, Los Altos Lodge No. 712, CA, Free and Accepted Masons, 1999
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32nd Degree Scottish Rite Mason
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Inspector, Dept. IV, Div. B (Silicon Valley),
Grand Commandery of Knights Templar of the State of California

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