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Press Release - Pegasus Research Consortium - December 15, 2006
Revealed for the First Time
Color Images of the Moon from Clementine Satellite
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Since the beginning of 1994 until the present, people have been looking at and studying those Lunar Images provided for us by the NAVY from the Clementine Satellite Mission. Many a times it has been asked "Is this all there is? Shouldn't they have been able to take better photos with equipment readily available in the 90's?"

You would think so... all that money spent...

Well as it turns out, they DID! Not only better quality but in full living color!!! And with an available resolution of 0.1 kilometers per pixel. That translates into a mere 100 meters per pixel. You can only imagine the resolution they are keeping to themselves.

Now for the first time released to the web (well almost) members of ATS through our hard work and research has a front seat view of the new images, and a head start looking for anomalies and wowing your friends with impossible images of the moon, a place once believed to be gray, colorless and lifeless...

Through our work with the John Lear Moon Pictures thread, John and I have had many private emails providing us with a variety of contacts and amazing information. One such source who wishes to remain Anonymous provided me with a link to these color images, and for the past few weeks we have been able to study them in detail. This thread will deal with those findings, the fact that these pictures DO exist, and why are they only being released now.

Here is a sample image from the Farside of the Moon. We named this one "Blue Glass" This image that I post here is 10% of its actual size. This clip simply shows that the color images do indeed exist, and if you think the Mars images are Alien in appearance, wait till you see these...

Yes this is for real... the image is not science fiction art... the images cover the entire moon, Nearside and Farside.

The links I will provide in the next few posts will be done in the full url format so they can be cut and pasted for those who always seem to miss embedded link... Please hold off on posting until you get all three posts... This will take a while to put into the thread.


We are all familiar with the old Clementine Lunar Image Browser and many of you have already seen the new Navy Clementine Images: B&W Mosaics of The Moon. If so you will be familiar with the image below...

Now here is a small reduced sample of the new images available. You can see in the image below that it IS THE SAME IMAGE, only this is in full color. Since the Clementine Satellite crashed in 1994 that means these have been hidden from the public all these years


To get a copy of this image for yourself you can download it here:

You should be aware that the above image is 25 megs and in .tiff format, so make sure your system can handle it. You will want to view these in a graphics editor program, not in your browser. The image is a full wrap around of the moon, front and back, with the Nearside represented in the center in the above image.

Below is a closer still image of just the Nearside. This one is 64 megs again in .tiff format and its the center of the previous image.

The full image is available here:

Below is a closer still image of just the Farside. This one is 64 megs again in .tiff format and its the left and right of the previous full image.

The full image is available here:

The Main page of these images is here;

You will also find huge versions of these images in .cub format that are zipped to approximately 2.0 Gigabytes in size. If your system can handle it and you can view .cub files by all means download them. However we have another surprise that we will post on Saturday, after these images have had a chance to be seen by all. Be patients there is A LOT here to see

We have shown clips from these images in a few threads but mostly in the John Lear Moon Pictures thread. That thread will continue to be worked on because of all the information we have to support our contention that there is an active and long standing mining operation in Copernicus Crater. Those that have not yet stopped by please do. The collected images of the Copernicus Crater, the Lick Observatory Photos and these new Clementine images are on display at our website for review. Please enter through the menu page as there is a lot of information needed to understand the images. The Living Moon

Stay tuned for the next release tomorrow night.

Press Release - Pegasus Research Consortium - December 16, 2006
The Moon as You Have Never Imagined It!
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Welcome to Reiner Gamma and Reiner Crater

The above picture is a clipping from the Nearside at 10% possible resolution. You have had time to look at the images now and some of you probably have realized that big as those are , you still cannot get the same resolution that we have in the clips...

That is because you don't have the "whole picture" yet

What you are about to see will amaze you. It also should make you stop and think...
Why have they withheld these all these years...
Talk about cover-up... lets hear the excuses for this one...

Once this spreads it will cause a major stir. The quality of these images is just so far above what we have seen...

To see the full images you will visit the USGS Map a Planet Site
Astrogeology Research Program: Map A Planet Planetary Mapper

There are many planets to check out but go back to that later...

The Clementine 0.1 kilometer per pixel images are available below. I have provided a direct link to the best interface for easy use. You can explore other options once you have mastered this...

This page is where those 2.0 gigabyte .cub files get used. It uses the ISIS program developed by the USGS

Clementine Images: Full Color ISIS Mapper with 0.1 Resolution


When you get to this page you will see the same black and white image of the Clementine site. Go to the bottom of the page and you will find boxes with options.

Leave the top row intact... do not change those settings until you know your way around.
The second row you will want to adjust:
SCALE Set to kilometers per pixel 
Resolution Set for 1.0 to search an area 
Lat. use 20  Long use 20.

Important note this setting will generate a file about 25 megs in size. If you cannot handle such large images lower the resolution or decrease the Lat. and Long setting.

Once you are familiar with the area you want you can increase the resolution setting as low as 0.1  Use 10 Lat. and 10 Long as that too sets a file about 20 to 30 megs.

Once you have your setting, click on the image where you wish to see. You can use the .tiff files for reference.


Before you comment on the color seen in these images...

The page settings that we have directly linked to above are the Albedo Intermediate Version

Dictionary Definition
The fraction of the total light striking a surface that gets reflected from that surface. An object that has a high albedo (near 1) is very bright; an object that has a low albedo (near 0) is dark. The Earth's albedo is about 0.37. The Moon's is about 0.12. 

In other words... natural reflected light, as the human eye sees it. The UV and other image versions are also available if you go to the original planet mapper and chose the other formats. See below for a list of available formats!


Once you generate the image, you must save it. You cannot email the link as it will time out after you exit the image.

Please do not email me with questions on how to use it. It took me days to figure out all the ins and outs and I have just given you the easiest way to see the images.



Before you comment on shadows {you know who you are} and the angle of the sunlight in these images... be sure you study it carefully first. The full version mapper shows a very interesting phenomenon... I will discuss it later, but I am sure one or two of the rocket scientist out there will figure it out

Select your preferred Lunar dataset below.

Clementine 750nm Basemap
Clementine Albedo (Natural Color)
Clementine Ratio (False Color)
Shaded Relief Airbrush
Clementine LIDAR Topography
Clementine UVVIS Multi-Band*

*NOTE: To use the Clementine UVVIS Multi-band data,
create an image of your area of interest using any one of the datasets above,
then click the "Generate Multi-Band Image" button on the results page. 

Over the next few weeks we will discuss these images and point out some extremely odd findings.

Here is a word from John Lear...

The United States Geological Survey (USGS) Science For A Changing World Astrogeology Research Program posted a picture of the moon in PDS Map-A-Planet format. The composite pictures taken by Clementine in 1994 show heavy censoring and ridiculous ‘cut and paste’ photos both inside and around lunar craters.

We ask your help in exposing this government fraud by locating and describing these amateur‘ cut and paste’ jobs.

We have found many and they are not hard to locate.

Our question is: censoring is the governments job but why the ridiculous ‘cut and paste’ pictures?

John Lear

We are asking for help locating these oddities and taking comments. The best ones will be discussed in the thread and will be posted on our website as well. Please indicate if we can quote you. Comments will be picked at our discretion.

I will post a few of the really obvious ones over the next few days, and some of the really interesting ones. But to start it off here is the most blatant ones.

John and I and the Group at Pegasus Research Consortium await your comments and 
wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday

And may the New Year bring New Revelations from Space

Join the live discussion on Anomalies on the Moon and on Mars 
at Above Top Secret Discussion Forum

John Lear's Moon Pictures on ATS


Revealed for the First Time Color Images of the Moon from Clementine Satellite

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