For Your Eyes Only
False Crater Floors
Plato Crater

Click on the image to bring up the close details. Look along the edges of the black Mare material within the crater. If you examine it closely you will see that it shows obvious signs of tampering. As a matter of fact it appears the whole crater floor has been painted in from some other area. I am looking for other clear photos of Plato Crater to see if any of the features compare.

UPDATE: Sept 06, 2007

It seems all images of Plato show this same feature... a flat painted looking floor with no edge details... more study is required.

Hidden inside a Volcano Crater, a launch facility in James Bond "You Only live Twice"
This features a retractable crater floor... just a thought....


Anomalies and Structures
Clementine Images
The following images are anomalies I found just doing a quick random search. I will give locations when I have time, but look them over and let me know your thoughts... These images will be discussed in detail and we will use this page to add other finds from viewers along with comments.
"What's in This Hole?"
This is one of the very obvious editing spots... the image is full of them. 

Mare Crisium
"Mare Crisium Dome"
This one is for John lear.... bright sunlight reflecting off the glass dome on Mare Crisium. Look at the area on the big image and you will see it too... 

The Case of Plato Crater:
A Search for Answers
"Base 2"
"Object 1"
"Object 2"
These four thumbnails in their original size were included in the source for the large images. Below are these image re-sized with the name of the file. It was this set that lead me to Mosco Crater. Have not yet checked the other three.
Considering that these clips came from an inside source, they must be significant. I will take time later to check them out. There was one more clip but I have no reference for it yet...
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John Lear's Moon Pictures on ATS


Revealed for the First Time Color Images of the Moon from Clementine Satellite

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