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A Field of Stars?
The photo above is an image obtained from the Keith Laney Collection

Loofo posted this on the John Lear Moon Thread, along with two lunar Orbiter images of the Ukert Crater Area. All the versions of this image on LPI and NASA sites yielded very little "background" save a few spots here and there...but the version from Keith's site yeilded the results above. The Stars appear when you simply increase brightness and contrast... ( the Lunar surface has been pasted back in from the original) Using the same technique and settings on the images from NASA produced no stars... but the one above does...

The argument has been made "Its just dust..." That would be an awful lot of dust... and its only on the black portion of the image... - Zorgon

The comparison between this area in AS10-32-4810 (above clip) and LO-III-85 is not yet complete and will follow shortly...
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