The Enigmas on the Moon
Sprayer Ridge
"The Active Mining Operation"
GRID F-5 to G-5
"Active Mining Operation"

Looking at the above image, again the feel isn't right for natural rock. Upon closer inspection many enigma's present themselves. First is the smooth flat ridge, then you see two large "caves" or "openings" with a flat bottom just along the ridge line. As we are looking at this image from the front the "caves" cannot be craters as we are looking at a rock wall. In the colorized image below we have highlighted the vapor and the "spray" on the hill below. Notice the concentrated "stream" at the ridge line that fans out in a curved arc. Between the vapor and the spray on the ridge you can just barely make out rectangular shapes in the original image labeled "structure". On the right is the "pipes and arch" that we have shown before. A couple more blocky anomalies are below that, but they remain unknown and are included because of their odd appearance.


Pumping House
This little structure is sitting on top of a ridge and is consistent with scale. The appearance of the bright "venting" on either side indicate a steam like release behind the "pump house" and an arching spray going down the hill on the right side.
"Pipes and Arches"

This is a very unusual object. Some of it is in shadow, but the "pipe" out front and the sphere on top are easy to make out.  Certainly not a natural formation. Right side of the ridge above. 

Colorized to Highlight Details.
"Pipes & Arch"

To the right of the "pipes" above you can make out a faint arch. Due to its thin appearance it is most likely a truss like structure.

Colorized to enhance detail...

"The Village"
The overall general impression of this area on the left when viewed from a distance is that of a landscaped town. Upon closer inspection there are a few strange anomalies in the area, marked above. But what stands out the most is the bright white mist in the lower right corner. If ever there was a case for some atmosphere on the moon, this would be it. Look especially closely at the "tufts" or "puffs" above the lower ridge line and the higher one to the right.
This section has the most "building resembling" areas of the ridge. below are three clips that show as best as possible the structures.
The one on the left shows two parallel "arms" above the object, the center one shows right angles and at least two tiers or steps, while the third one looks like a round tank with a support on the bottom left. This one casts a shadow and is just to the right of the above clipping.
"In The Mists"
"Tufts of Mist"

Bottom right corner of the Village" image above looks like a mist has moved in. The littles "Tufts" rising above indicate a cloudlike state. 

Colorized to Highlight the Mist.
"In The Mists"
GRID G-3 to H-3
There are many tufts of mist rising above what may be a possible roadway, but they are clearly cloud like in nature. These images make a good case for some atmosphere being present on the moon.
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