The Enigmas on the Moon
Anomalies in Copernicus Crater 
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"Tunnel Ridge"
GRID S-3 to T-3
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This Ridge is the first inclined ramp below the top ridge on the right of image #2. It is literally filled with anomalies consistent with a mining theory. Load the enlarged section and view it as an over all image. I printed it in max resolution and when its on the wall you really get the impression. Below we will have a closer look at each section covering the important features. - Zorgon
"Crane 4"

This crane #4 is tucked into a terraced hill side above the level of the inclined ramp. Look closely at the details and compare them to this crane on Earth.

Along the ramp below the crane you will see the first of many rectangular structures. It appears there is another one on the right of the frame but it is not clear enough to be decisive.
"Structure Group R1"

Several rectangular structures in this one built on tiers going up the incline. The tops are level in respect to the incline, as would be expected.


The fact that these structures are level in regards to the incline of the ramp, and the fact that they are built in a tiered fashion is a very clear indicator of manufactured constructs. A further indicator is the fact that the flat side facing the sun is brightly lit, and the angled walls away from the front are dark and in shadow. You will also notice that the angle on the return walls are ALL THE SAME consistent angle! This is even clearer in the next image.
- Zorgon
"Structure Group R3"

This is the largest group of structures on the ridge. Here you can clearly see the dark wall angles giving a zig-zag appearance as one descends the ridge.

My favorite set of structures in the C#2 image. The central building has a rectangular base, with very bright reflection on the sunny face, and a perfect 30 degree return angle on the dark in shadow wall. The second level is a round dome, {made evident by the gradient shading} toped by an obvious spire. On either side of this structure you can clearly see the rest of the complex. Also this structure group, as are the rest along this ridge, are in perfect agreement with the scale of this image to represent normal size buildings! - Zorgon
"Odd Spheres"

This line of spherical objects is very peculiar and look out of place when you zoom out. They are on the face wall of the cliff. One area in center is extremely reflective


"Tunnel Bridge"

At the top of the same ramp as the previous structures is the opening of a very large tunnel. There is a clearly defined archway over the opening.

"Tunnel Bridge"

In this close up you can clearly see regular sections along the straight portion of the bridge. The clearly defined archway frames a classic tunnel entrance. This is actually in Grid Section T-3 but is included here as it completes the ridge presentation.

This area has also been identified in Copernicus #5 and that info can be found HERE - Zorgon
"Transit Tube"

This object is just to the left and above the Structure Group R3. A very clearly defined  tube exits a hole in the cliff. The cliff opening appears to have a structure around it.

The Tube highlighted...
The Tube sketched...
Transit Tube Update
"Transit Tube"

The illustration and description at the left is taken from a NASA document about transit tube construction on the Moon.

The document is part of another presentation that will be availble soon from the main menu


"The Hangers"
Two Structures with peaked roof and a "chimney" on top are very clear. The rectangular area in front of the buildings is also interesting. We called this "Hangers" as it looks like several large buildings around a tarmac
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