The Enigmas on the Moon
Anomalies in Copernicus Crater 
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"Sphere & Shadow"

Floating Sphere leaving shadow on the cliff face.

More Spheres:


"Grey at Slot Machine"
GRID 5-M-8 to 5-M-9

This dark shadow dominating the center of the image is obvious to any one from Las Vegas! It is obviously a Grey trying his hand at one of our local slot machines.

Not a true anomaly, but certainly an interesting shadow



"Tunnel Ridge seen from Above"
GRID 5M-8a
This is the aerial view of the ledge seen in the last set. This area was first located by Ram an ATS Member, but I missed its significance.
Reducing the contrast produces these results. You can see many symmetrical shapes, tanks and the tunnel location becomes apparent. Below is the same image with inserts from #2 matching up the location
"Tracks in Area E"
GRID 5M-13 to 5M-14 and 5N-13 to 5N-14
This is the aerial view of what appears to be lots of activity leaving tracks. Though possible to be natural occurrences, these and the others following are found in areas where we find the anomalies. They are at least highly interesting in context with the mining operation hypothesis. The one above shows a general tendency of the tracks along expected levels where the anomalies are. These tracks first posted by Steve R ATS Member
"The Rectangle"
GRID 5M-15

Other than the tracks and the tank, this is the only other anomaly in Area "E"


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