The Enigmas on the Moon
Anomalies in Copernicus Crater 
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Though this ridge covers most of Image C#1, we have gathered it here as E-4 is where the best anomalies on this ridge are located.
"The Graded Ridge"
Section "B" GRID F-4 to H-4

One of the most overlooked pieces of "concrete" evidence is one anomaly that is actually very large, and that makes it easily overlooked when seeking small scale anomalies. However, even though this is large, it never the less is to scale and yet right in front of our eyes. In the picture above you will see a gentle incline that travels a long way across the picture. Notice the color and texture just below the "line". It is very fine grain rock or gravel and grayer that the surrounding area. This looks EXACTLY like any graded mining ramp on Earth. In the center you will also see several black angular objects all along this line. Too small to make out detail, yet interesting enough to warrant notation. {Click image for colorized} 

"The Graded Ridge"
Section "C" GRID I-4 to J-4

This is the continuation of the SAME ridge to the right of the previous image after it passes behind a hill. This one is even more level and still has the fine texture graded look. This portion is in more direct sunlight hence the lighter color. Notice the appearance of "dust" along this section, the same effect is seen when a vehicle drives down a desert road, a series of little "puffs" There is a "plume" on the right. 
{Click image for colorized}

"The Graded Ridge"
Section "A" GRID D-4 to F-4
This is the continuation of the SAME ridge to the left of the first image. It still is a gentle even slope and graded. This ridge almost crosses the entire image #1. In the center {white box} is a very peculiar anomaly. We will look at this area seperately.
"The Keep"
"Main Operations Center"
This whole area is full of important anomalies and we have devoted a seperate page to it...
See The Keep
Step One
Identifying the Roadway
The graded roadbed is a smooth gentle incline to the left with even colored fine gravel. Just to the left of the building is the opening where the switchback road angles back
This thing looks a lot like a prison enclosure... maybe they are using convicts to "break rock" on the Moon now?... - George
"Enigma V" Area J#5
GRID 5E-3a

Round disc with sphere in center. Lines connected to wall


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