The Enigmas on the Moon
Anomalies in Copernicus Crater 
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"Sphere 01"

Floating Sphere casting shadow on the surface. One of many. If you look closely you can see thin lines connecting the black dots.

More Info
"Cave 02"

Perfect inverted "U" tunnel opening. The matrial to the left looks recently disturbed based on its brightness. First posted by 
Johnny Anonymous a member at ATS

"Structure AE"

Round structure with spires. This one looks like a raised platform. This one is further along the same ridge to the right of the "roadway"

Colorized and outlined for detail.
"Rock Flow 02"
GRID D-5 to F-6

The Rocks in this area look less like a Lava flow and more like water eroded flow lines. As there is not supposed to have been any large amounts of water on the Moon, it makes it possible that this are is also mine tailings like in GRID C-6. Center left lies the large shadowed area with the bright "roof tops". Through the center at a 30 degree angle you will see thin white lines. If anything could be called a "road"seen from a distance it would be those.

"Zone One"
Area "J"
GRID 5D-5 to 5E-5

#1 Three spheres in a triangle with some visible connecting lines
#2 Some sort of structure showing right angles
#3 Interconnected rounded shapes
#4 Strange towers with thin lines that are clearly visible in the shadow

"Square Structure"
Enigma BC Area J C #5
GRID 5D-5a

Very unusual shape. In the center of the square you can make out a grayish area that partially covers the black square and the white border. We believe this to be dark smoke. This object has been located on 
C #1  GRID A-3

Colorized to show contrast. This image is clipped from the true orientation of C #5
"Kilroy Was Here"
GRID 5D-15

Another "Face"
First posted bye Steve R, a Member of ATS
Bottom left corner of Copernicus #5

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