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"Green Fireballs Leaving the Planet?"
Mission:  Apollo 07
AS07-05-1613 and AS07-06-1700
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Originally posted by OSSkyWatcher posted on 8-2-2008 @ 09:17 AM  ATS Post ID 3984135

hot DOG we have a WEINER


Anyone ever watch Dragon Ball Z? 

Source:  JSC/NASA ISD highres AS07-05-1613
Source:  JSC/NASA ISD highres AS07-06-1700
Originally posted by internos posted on 14-2-2008 @ 11:07 AM ATS Post ID 4008388

Here you can find better res pics: (See above - click image for larger version)

The pictures are both intriguing: the color of the first fireball could have been determined by the filters (green dots can be seen elwhere in the same photo. 

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