The Enigmas on the Moon

Orion437's  Discoveries
"The Torn Fabric of Space"
Mission:  Apollo 10
AS10-28-3988, 3989, 3990
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Originally posted by Orion437 a Member of ATS Post ID3672683

Does anybody know what this is?

. Camera glitch / dust?
. Image Artifact?
. Missing part of a Apollo / other know craft / satellite (floating / orbiting ?) ?
. Other?

Source:  LPI- AS10/28/3988
Source:  LPI- AS10/28/3989
Source:  LPI- AS10/28/3990
Source:  Keith Laney - AS10/28/3990
"The Torn Fabric of Space"
These three images were added on Friday, November 02, 2007  7:06 PM 

They are the ONLY images currently in this directory at which leads nowhere.
We had previously found this directory many months ago but it had different images now gone. I believe this to be a 'working' directory for NASA GRIN

A 'Who Is" search yields this result Record Type:     IP Address
OrgName:    Lynchburg College  OrgID:      LYNCHB
Address: 1501 Lakeside Drive City, Lynchburg , VA. 24501,  USA

The original High Resolution Jpgs that the above clips were taken from can be found here.... If they are gone we can link them ourselves

AS10-28-3988 ~ AS10-28-3989 ~ AS10-28-3990

UPDATE Feb 06, 2008

Originally posted by goatboy posted on 6-2-2008 @ 06:05 AM ATS Post ID 3975697

Still where are the pics ?

Originally posted by sputniksteve posted on 6-2-2008 @ 06:54 AM ATS Post ID 3975791

I don't think anyone knows guys. Like you read in the thread, they just suddenly disappeared. The site wasn't owned by anyone here, so we don't know what became of them. If you found out you might be famous here for a while though 

Originally posted by zorgon posted on 8-2-2008 @ 11:29 PM ATS Post ID 3986919

Well Zorgon knows   But I don't need anymore fame 

The 'teague' directory is a temporary directory used by the person working on the Apollo Surface Journal and the Apollo Archives..

His name is Kipp Teague  and he is from the Lynchburg Virginia University..

Here is his home page...

Here is the Apollo Archives that he created..

You will find most of the images that have appeared from time to time in the 'back door' directory here and also on 

The Apollo Surface Journal

and GRIN... Great Images in NASA

Okay so...

A) Stop being upset when you are snooping in someones personal directory and he decides to move the images..

B) Where is my Hero Cookie  :P

Sherpa's Discoveries
"The Torn Fabric of Space"
Part Two
Mission:  Apollo 08
Originally posted by sherpa ATS Post ID 4009317

reply to post ID 4007995 by zorgon
Funny that they would post that and then still remove the images related to it. I guess they don't want us to see the "Mylar"

Thats nothing I have discovered the hanger door on the farside.

Originally posted by internos posted on 14-2-2008 @ 03:16 PM  Post ID 4009317

OMG, what the heck happened to that pic :puz:

Originally posted by sherpa
That's nothing I have discovered the hanger door on the farside.

Originally posted by zorgon

I don't know...   maybe thats another piece of Mylar"  But look at the SIZE of it   and why is there a shadow on the Moon from that 'object'? 

Originally posted by internos

OMG, what the heck happened to that pic 

You caught them red handed... 

Now look at the 'whole big picture"  It is a piece of tape holding a photograph at the top...  and your 'hires copy" is a photograph of the photo taped to the wall

Well I guess I won't be wasting any more money buying high resolution images from NASA or LPI

That ought to get Sherpa an award 

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