The Enigmas on the Moon
Apollo 12: Self-Portrait
This enigma was first brought to our attention by Anathema, a member of ATS
posted on 21-3-2007 @ 04:45 PM (ID:3050735)

"Anyone wanna help me identify what the hell that circle is up in the top right of this moon photo? If this is a picture being taken by an astronaut on the lunar surface then why would that object show up? It almost seems to be 3D in that looks to be something actually reflecting light off of it perhaps? Can anyone help shed some light on this for me?"

Comments: The Image number is AP970509. It is a self portrait taken by Conrad for publicity. In the original appearance it was exhibited very dark.

"Explanation: Is it art? In November of 1969, Apollo 12 astronaut photographer Charles "Pete" Conrad recorded this masterpiece while documenting colleague Alan Bean's lunar soil collection activities on the Oceanus Procellarum. The image is dramatic and stark. Bean is faceless - the harsh environment of the Moon's Ocean of Storms is echoed in his helmet's perfectly composed reflection of Conrad and the lunar horizon. Works of photojournalists originally intent on recording the human condition on planet Earth, such as Lewis W. Hine and Margaret Bourke-White are widely regarded as photographic art. Similarly many documentary astronomy and space images can be appreciated for their artistic and esthetic appeal." - Source APOD

When enhanced, the above result appears in the photo. I get the same result from different versions of the photo from various sources.

Larger version of image here

The above labels speak for themselves on what I see in this image so far. I can not make out anything in the "haze" at the top to form an opinion. My biggest problem with this image is that the smallest rock leaves a sharp black shadow, yet the camera on his chest leaves none...

The Earth is very small in this image, in direct contrast to others we have seen. But in this image the sunlight is from the left, slightly behind bean... so why is the terminator on Earth on the LEFT side?

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