The Enigmas on the Moon
Apollo 17 
This enigma was first brought to our attention by Braddman, a member of ATS... thanks for the find!

The Case for Rocks:
Many say "They are just rocks..."

1) If they were anything other than rocks why would NASA leave these in a whole set of images when we know that they "sanitize" images?
2) Some of the anomalies on close inspection do indeed look like they are rocks, albeit ones with very unique shapes.

The Case for Artifacts:
1) Richard Hoagland of Enterprise Mission has identified them as metallic artifacts. That alone will convince many people...
2) There are many pieces of this puzzle that do not fit the rock hypothesis. There are shapes and textures that are not consistent with rock formations. while it is possible that rocks may form in other crystallization patterns on the Moon, that seems highly unlikely.

Until we find further evidence either way, this case is open and requires further analysis. Because of this, the images on this page are a collection of all the anomalies we found so far. They are presented for study and no comments other than the labels will be added here.

We will leave it up to the reader to examine them for themselves and make up their own minds. We are also currently seeking the high resolution .tiff images to assist us in making a determination.

AS17-137-20993HR Anomalies Collection
AS17-137-20993HR LABELED
AS17-137-20993HR.jpg  Image Credit: NASA/JPL
AS17-137-21005HR Anomalies Collection
AS17-137-21005HR LABELED
AS17-137-21005HR.jpg  Image Credit: NASA/JPL
 The following image is for Rik Riley...
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