The Enigmas on the Moon
Luna-17 with Lunokhod-1
Luna-17 landed on the Moon on November 15, 1970. The robotic rover, Lunokhod-1 rolled off the landing platform to explore the surface of the Moon for about a month. Two cycloramic cameras on either side of the rover were oriented for 180° horizontal panoramas (500 × 3000 pixels). These panoramas are sometimes geometrically warped to correct for the 15° tilt of the camera. SOURCE

First generation... "noise and dirt cleaned up... the anomaly is still there in the upper right corner. A pattern of spheres very similar to the 'Peekaboo" we have seen in other images.

Image Credit: NASA Click for larger image
Second generation... A simple gamma adjustment to bring out the details of the anomaly. 

Below is a series of enhancements. This is either a:

  1. photographic glitch (though this was on the video not a still shot);
  2. it's another "Peekaboo" watching over an Earth spaceship;
  3. its the "Tower" that has become famous from just one Lunar Orbiter image. (See below) 

I don't know if this image is in the right area of John's "Tower", but it has the same "look and feel" of that other anomaly. My personal choice is #2 as the spherical cluster of the "Peekaboo" class of anomalies have shown up in many NASA photos to date.

Peekaboo Luna 17
The Tower II
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