The Enigmas on the Moon
Anomalies on Lunar Pictures from Lick Observatory
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LICKOBS9 January 1946
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"Hovering Alien Space Ship"

There really is no other way to describe this anomaly. 
First Posted by Zarniwoop ATS Member

From LO-01, located at about 3:30 on the lunar clock near the right edge.

{Ed. Near Humbold Crater}

Anomalies near Endymion Crater

First Identified by Implosion ATS Member

A bridge or span of some kind?

{Ed. NW of Endymion same width as crater}

"Hole in One"

Posted by Search Engine
ATS Member

Golf ball crater anyone? Just like the one on mars. Hmm..:puz: Is this what you were talking about?

Ed. NW of Bridge same distance again. Note the little spheres in the left side of the crater

Endymion Lick 01
(See Page Three)
Endymion Lick 02
(See Page Three)
"Little Cloud"

L-LO2 Just a tiny fore warner of the big storm?  Or a column of smoke...

R-LO1 The same cloud, but taken a little later... We see more dispersal, but the image is still there...

Assorted Anomalies on LO-01
"Bridge Two"

Another bridge or span of some kind?

{Ed. W Edge of Euduxus Crater}

"Unknown 03"

Odd shape found by
Search Engine a member of ATS
L1 rotated left 70 degrees

{Ed. SE Corner of Mare Crisium in original orientation}

Just For Fun
"Pink Elephants" by John Lear
The "elephants were used as a hint to guide people to the image we were interested in. The anomaly in question is the pair of arches that make up "trunks" of the "elephants" This is on the penninsula at the bottom right of Mare Crisium. More information will be added as we get the data - Zorgon
"The Arches of Crisium"
Anomalies on Mare Fecunditatis
"The Scar"

Very strange, perhaps a meteor scar? 
Left - LO-01
Right - LO-02

"I am not an expert on moon geography but I believe that to be Mare Fecunditis (or Stinking Plains as the locals call it). The area of the enlargement is Messier which has always intrigued scientists. Speculation is that it was caused by an oblique meteor impact. What is interesting and is not shown clearly in the photo is the 2 straight narrow rays, resembling the tail of a comet, trail across the surface to a distance of about 120 km." - John Lear, A member of ATS
Areas of Interest
This anomaly is right in the center of the Moon in both images. In the one on the left the anomaly is a greyish mass that does not match either the texture or the shading ofthe surrounding area. It has the appearance of  either touch up, or some tiype of glasy dome. In the image on the right it appears as a bright white area. Research is being done to see if this anomaly shows up on any other images for comparison. - Zorgon

Anomalies near Archimedes Crater
The Case of the Disappearing Crater
Anomalies on LO-01
"Mt Piton"

Posted by Search Engine
ATS Member

Another strange "something" on LO-01. Located at 1400,760. Looking for opinions, but my own is that something pretty tall is making that shadow:

{Ed. W of Cassini Crater}

"Bee Hive"

Little spheres connected by lines very similar to the enigmas seen in Copernicus Crater. Lines in front look like roads. This area is a different texture from the rest of the image.

{Ed. SE of Archimedes}

"Unknown 01"

Just an odd formation?

{Ed. NW of Mt Piton, SE of Plato Crater}

"Unknown 02"

Rectangle top center...
Tracks around edge...

Archimedes Crater and Area
Lick Observatory 1946

The Area I named the "Beehive" is clearly visible and surrounded by lines that look like tracks or roadways...

Archimedes Crater and Area
Circa 1968

In more modern images the area is smoother and devoid of markings. 

NASA # AS15_1541M
This image shows a partial crater where the "Beehive" was. Date July 1971, Apollo 15. Click Image for original NASA Photo. It is of interest to note that several UFO boards use this picture as evidence of objects on the moon as well, namely the "rectangular" oddity in the crater in the upper right.
Positive and Negatives of Cropped Area


This one circa 2004 shows the area completely smooth with no features at all. So this is either great evidence of a major cover-up and editing program, or craters are vanishing on the moon. And if cover-up, then it involves the whole world as the above image is from a Nordic Observatory


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