The Enigmas on the Moon
Anomalies in Copernicus Crater 
Section Eight - Image C#3

New Collections To Be Placed Later. These are new finds and I will catalog them as soon as the grid is completed. A full written catalog will follow with numbers assigned to each item.

"Silo & Machine"
GRID 0-8a

This one is on the top of the hill that has the bone yard beneath it.

"The cross like machines are what George Leonard called “X-Drones” in “Somebody Else Is On The Moon”. - John Lear

Sepia Tone to highlight detail
"Bone Yard A1"

Many structures here, the one in the center is either a very bright reflection off shiny metal, or it is a bright light. 
Posted by John Lear, 
a Member at ATS

Judging by the star like dispersion pattern I would say it was a light, actually more than one light.
Colorized to highlight detail.
Named by Papajake,
a Member at ATS
Detail of the above area. 
Notice the "rings" that were lurking in the shadows
"Bone Yard A2"

This area is to the right of the previous area. It is difficukt to make out any detail because of the brightness of the objects.

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The area gives the impression of a scrap yard with sun glinting off of metal.
"Structure C3B"

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"Wall & Chimney"

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Hard to see detail, but the reflection is extremely bright, and the shapes are angular possibly indicating metallic surfaces.


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"The Hangers"
Two Structures with peaked roof and a "chimney" on top are very clear. The rectangular area in front of the buildings is also interesting
Peekaboo 3 Closeup
Center of Image
This one is very similar to Peekaboo 2 in C#1
Seated Gray
With what appears to be a grey sitting staring at it. Anyone else see what appears to be a humanoid sitting there looking straight at that dark square? Maybe I'm the one seeing things now, I dunno. It sure does look goofy to me too.

Good find. Now I'm thinking again...

TheBorg A Member at ATS

Enki VS Ea
This one is for Beth and Rik Riley
Naked Rock Climber
This one is for Rik Riley
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