The Enigmas on the Moon
Anomalies in Copernicus Crater
Section Six
The Anomalies in Area "G" on Copernicus #2
"Puff 2"

A curious bright object that is either a very shiny object reflecting light to the ground, or a "puff" of smoke or vapor.
First posted by Xabora, a member of ATS

"Seal Rock"

This image is used for reference on Copernicus #2 as it is easy to see by most people

"Crane 2"

This one is in Image #2 left of "Seal Rock". It has a shadow of itself including the boom. 

"Tank C"

This one looks very similar to Tank A in Area E. It also appears to have vapors coming off the top, so for now we will label it "tank" as well

"X Drone 01"

Tubes crossing over each other? Pipes? Has shadow beneath it. John Lear said that the cross shaped machines are X-Drones


Structure of some kind with "legs" or supports all around. There is shadow beneath it indicating it is raised on leg supports. Center right a tube leads to an oval shaped object.

"Legs" Detail Colorized
"Mine Camp"
There are three areas on these images that are rectangular flat areas, {seen as diamond shapes from this angle}. There are various objects on the areas giving the impression of a cleared area for some purpose., perhaps equipment yard. {See here to compare all three}. Number two looks the best, as the objects appear lined up in rows.


The Mine Tunnel Main Entrance
The Archways

"The Arches"

The arch at the front right is clearly defined. On an angle to the left going up you see several more arches with thin pillars.

Colorized for contrast...
Colorized for details...
Green; Arches
Pink; Structures
Yellow: Smoke or Venting Gases

Right above the arches is a very odd looking anomaly, also in green. Look at it closely on the large image. Observe the thin legs....

The Anomalies in Area "L" on Copernicus #1
"Peekaboo Two"

This one is much more detailed than the first Peekaboo in #2. "Windows" separated by a bar, spherical feet with support legs and a tube off the right side. The roof is very shiny judging by the bright reflection. The back end appears to be in mist.
Found by John Lear a member of ATS

"Power Lines"

A four legged tower  that has a cable running to the left in a sagging curve

Colorized to highlight contrast...
"Control Valve"

A pyramid shaped tower with a center structure and ball top,  sits on four thin legs. In the background is a pipe connected to a terminal. This is one of the better easily noticed anomalies, and quite clearly NOT a rock formation or camera glitch or developing error.

Colorized to highlight contrast...
"Packman Sphere"

This odd structure is found in Image #1 center left edge.Very unusual with an equaly unusual shadow.

This Sphere was first posted by Xabora an ATS Member

More Spheres:

Colorized to highlight contrast and detail...
"Rock Flow 01"
Unusual Signs of Flow (Tailing Run Off?)
"Enigma AA"

A really strange looking object. No idea what it could be.

Right; Colorized to show details.

First to Post 
Scix, a member of ATS

"Venting Pipe"
GRID C-5a"

Large cave like opening along Ridge 2. The white is a possible sign of vapor, though not as clearly defined as other examples. It looks like steam coming out of a large pipe

Colorized to reveal details...
"Paper Watermark"

The outline letters "AS" above a face are clearly visible. This watermark is found in several places on #1 and  #2. You can also see "writing" over most clear areas of the picture. This is all due to the watermarking.

"Paper Watermark"

Second occurrence. This one was first posted by
Xabora, a member of ATS


Anomalies in Area "M" on Copernicus #1
"Rock Flow 02"
GRID D-5 to F-6
Very unusual flow markings (Tailing Run Off?)
"Venting Structures"

Several rectangular shapes with a large and reflective plume of vapors. Front left corner of Copernicus #2 and bottom right on Copernicus #1

The area that contains this anomaly first posted by The Secret Web, a member of ATS
"Interesting shapes... hmmmm"
"Sprayer Ridge"
GRID F-5 to G-5

The "Caves" above are of interest because of the flat bottomed opening and their position along a ridge, looking at a cliff face. What further justifies calling them caves is the anomaly at the end of the ridge on the right, pictured below.  Look closely at the pattern of the "dump area" on the right side of the dump )center of image. It looks very similar to a tailing stream at many Earth mines. {Click image for colorized}


This is a very unusual object. Some of it is in shadow, but the "pipe" out front and the sphere on top are easy to make out. Center of Copernicus #1, left of "Shuttle Rock"

"Pipes & Arch"

To the right of the "pipes" above you can make out a faint arch. Due to its thin appearance it is most likely a truss structure.

Colorized to enhance detail...
"Cave & Vapor"

Large cave like opening along Ridge 2. The white is a possible sign of vapor, though not as clearly defined as other examples. It is included due to its position along the ridge.

Anomalies on Ridge 3 Copernicus #1
"The Graded Ridge"
Section "B" GRID F-4 to H-4

One of the most overlooked pieces of "concrete" evidence is one anomaly that is actually very large, and that makes it easily overlooked when seeking small scale anomalies. However, even though this is large, it never the less is to scale and yet right in front of our eyes. In the picture above you will see a gentle incline that travels a long way across the picture. Notice the color and texture just below the "line". It is very fine grain rock or gravel and grayer that the surrounding area. This looks EXACTLY like any graded mining ramp on Earth. In the center you will also see several black angular objects all along this line. Too small to make out detail, yet interesting enough to warrant notation. {Click image for colorized}

"The Graded Ridge"
Section "C" GRID I-4 to J-4

This is the continuation of the SAME ridge to the right of the previous image after it passes behind a hill. This one is even more level and still has the fine texture graded look. This portion is in more direct sunlight hence the lighter color. Notice the appearance of "dust" along this section, the same effect is seen when a vehicle drives down a desert road, a series of little "puffs" There is a "plume" on the right. 
{Click image for colorized}

"The Graded Ridge"
Section "A" GRID D-4 to F-4
This is the continuation of the SAME ridge to the left of the first image. It still is a gentle even slope and graded. This ridge almost crosses the entire image #1. In the center {white box} is a very peculiar anomaly. We will look at this area seperately.
"The Graded Ridge Anomalies"
"The Keep"
A Silhouetted rectangle that is level against the graded slope behind, and the secondary ridge it sits on. On the right and left are two more silhouettes that are suggestive of more objects. The one on the left looks like some machinery, the one on the right a stepped structure. The one in the center we called "The Keep" because of its resemblance to such an edifice, with the "poles" above the walls. These anomalies we will look at in the new Grid Map section of our pages.
Anomalies ~ Top Ridge on Copernicus #1
GRID A-3 to B-3
"Machine & Smoke"

Top right looks like another "crane" or "steam shovel" emitting a very obvious and bright reflecting stream of vapor. 

Behind the white stream of steam is a series of rectangular and square structures. In the colorized image the large square is emitting black smoke! Below is a group of spheres and tubes. The whole thing is sitting on a ledge in a large crevice.
Another Version
Same Enigma in C #5
"Tank AB"

This structure sits along the ridge and looks similar to the large flat petroleum tanks seen on Earth. It is round based on the graduated shadowing

"Structure AC"

Further right along the same ridge, another unusual structure...

"Tank AD"

Round structure with dark roof and pipes extending down.

 If you look closely on the bigger picture the pipes are lines extending down the ridge. There is also a vague hint of more structures to the left, but to blurry to make out...
"Bucket Excavator"

This appears to be two bucket excavators beside each other. The one on the left is detailed below. Dark smoke plumes are also visible, as well as some spheres in the center

"Bucket Excavator"

Detail and comparison.


More possible cave entrances or openings to allow light in. The one on the left has a double arch.

Located on C #1 just below the top ridge in the center of the image


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