The Enigmas on the Moon
Anomalies in Copernicus Crater
Section Four
The Anomalies in Area "E" on Copernicus #2
"The Caves"
"Area "E"

Here we have two tunnel entrances and a possible third below. The one on the right features arches of a different color material.

There is a clear access path for the top two tunnels. The third one appears to have access but that line is a photo joint line. There do appear to be billowing dust clouds around it.
"Enigma AE"

Appears to be a small croup of cylinders next to the caves along the same level

"Tank A"
Area "E"
This is a front view of a giant tank first discovered in Image #5. It appears to have markings on the "nose" and there is definite vapor venting behind it. It reflects sunlight very brightly. See below for this same tank in image #5. Click on image to remove highlight.
"Puff 2"
Area "E"

A small bright spot of Vapor, or an object reflecting sunlight brighter than the surrounding rock. First posted by Xabora, a member of ATS


The Anomalies in Area "E" on Copernicus #5
"Tank A"
GRID 5L-12a

This is one of the best enigmas as it is very clear and also found front view in Image #2. It is important to note that the sunlight is on the right with shadow on the left as opposed to craters where the sunlight hits on the left and the shadow is on the right as seen in the image below from the same Image #5. First posted by Xabora, a member of ATS

GRID 5M-15

Other than the tracks and the tank, this is the only anomaly in Area "E"

"Field of Craters"

This is a group of small round craters. The sunlight hits the exposed rim on the left side, while the right side is in shadow, unlike the Tank A above, proving that Tank A is a raised object, not a hole.

The Enigma of the Tracks
Tracks in Area "E" #5
GRID 5M-13 to 5M-14 and 5N-13 to 5N-14
This is the aerial view of what appears to be lots of activity leaving tracks. Though possible to be natural occurrences, these and the others following are found in areas where we find the anomalies. They are at least highly interesting in context with the mining operation hypothesis. The one above shows a general tendency of the tracks along expected levels where the anomalies are. These tracks first posted by Steve R ATS Member
Tracks in Area "H" #5
GRID 5I-12
This one if you look back from a distance you will see a white "roadway" that traverses from the lower left at 45 degrees to the upper right, going through the pass by the strange "spire with even stranger shadow. See Area "H" for the enigma details in this photo section. Click on image for highlight.
"The Arched Roadway"
This one is a best case for a road. It goes up the incline in Area "D" #2. Then is covered by rock the rest of the way up the incline to the next tier.
Copernicus #2 Area "D"
Copernicus #5 Area "D"
GRID 5M-8a
GRID R-6 to F-6
These may well be natural markings or a combination. They are note worthy because of the strange shadow on the right. We still have to study this area in more detail and will cover it later.
"Kilroy Was Here"
GRID 5D-15

Another "Face"
First posted bye Steve R, a Member of ATS
Bottom left corner of Copernicus #5

The Enigma of the Mine Entrance Ways
Arches, Caves and Tunnels
"The Mine Entrance"

First posted by 
Johnny Anonymous a member at ATS

This one is in Image #1 top left corner. The tunnel opening is very sharp and clearly defined but of note is the whitish area to the left. This is a sign of disturbed soil in photos of mines on earth. I will find a sample to compare it to.
"The Caves"
These are right below the "Box" in C#2 they are in the face wall of the cliff so are at least caves, not craters, but their location says entrance, or openings to let light in.
Here they are in C#5. This shows difference in scale
"The Mine Entrance"

Explained at the top of this page. Area "E" C#2

"The Cave"

Explained at the top of this page. Area "E" C#2

"The Tunnel"

This is one of the best pieces of evidence.. A track/road leading into a perfect tunnel completes with arch support, the top being flat like a bridge. It is in Area "D" C #2 and has been located in C #5 {See Area "D"}

"The Tunnel"

Close up view showing the archway

"The Arches"
The arch on the left is the easiest to see clearly. This is on C #2 Area "G" or on the left side. It also appears on C #1 as this part overlaps. 

We consider this one one of the best enigmas on the photo.

Take a close look at this spot in the original photo. The areas highlighted are all noteworthy. The green is the arch supports. Brown is structures of some sort and the yellow is vapor or smoke. Above the arches is a very unusual object. But use the original photo to zoom in on this area.

The Anomalies in Area "K" on Copernicus #5
This is the Crane discovered earlier. If you look at the general area it is located in you will see several oddities that do not appear natural. Click on Image to see pipes etc.
The best one is here. If you zoom in on the original image #5 rotated right 90 degrees you will get an uncanny feel of looking down on a city block.
"Manhattan Square"
In the center of this picture there is a group of rectangular 3-d objects not yet identified. To the left of it you can see two groups of three spheres and some thin lines. On the top right, more spheres and another oval tank. This area on C #2 is washed out and blurry. We have highlighted the important areas but you have to zoom in on the original to get the scope and scale of this anomaly
"Crane and Pipes"
GRID 5I-6b

The area to the left of the crane is full of odd tubular shapes. It is difficult to determine what they represent but the big tube to the left has ribs on it. On the left are some interesting "structures" one is square.

"Enigma W"
GRID 5I-6c

The inside of this area has many unusual shapes but what they might be cannot be determined at this time. The look is interesting enough to include for further study.

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