The Enigmas on Mars 09
Mars Global Surveyor
MOC Image M0804688

"Trees" on Mars?

Wayne Newton's Ranch, Las Vegas

No Wayne Newton is not living on Mars... We have taken this image to show that there are other and better sources available than Google Earth. The image above is still not maximum zoom, but the property is large. Everyone in Vegas knows where he lives so we are not exposing any secrets and this service is available to anyone in Las Vegas through Clark County Assessors Office.

The other reason we included it is because when we zoomed in on the area we found the trees to be remarkably familiar.... the following two images will zoom in on the trees...

This is what trees look like when you take a photo from outer space. BTW can you find the horses in the above photo?. Another point to be made here is that this quality and detail is available for free to the public. Now stop and think for a minute what the Military and the three letter clubs have access to... Sobering thought isn't it? Remember this the next time you are sunbathing in the back yard!
The last two images show you trees on Earth. Now lets take a little trip off world and look at some other Anomalies on our favorite planet...
"The Trees of Barsoom"
The image above and below are parts of image M0804688. They look like trees, though if they are they would be HUGE trees. The green color has been added to highlight the detail of the "branches". There is no other known geological factor that looks like this. The shadows are also consistent with the tree theory.

MSS Image Source M0804688.gif

The image below is a group of trees in England. More information on the "Trees of Mars" can be found at this site which has taken an in depth view of this anomaly. "Trees"...or just geological features?"
Credit: Johnson
"I'm 95% convinced that there's no other conclusion..... I fully agree that this is close to incontrovertible evidence of large present or past 'tree-like' organisms on Mars. I do not believe that these will be explained as 'geological features' or illusions. Only closer-in imaging will decide the matter." - Arthur C. Clarke
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