Depending on what Clementine images you view, you can see dust streamers extending off the limb of the Moon. The images displayed show this phenomena, The other group of shots that show the same lunar limb but is over powered by the intense brightness of the solar corona. See Corona. Other examples of the limb glows or horizon glows can be found at these two sites: Dust and Zodiacal lights

Close examination of the photograph below give strong indications of dust along the lunar limb. You can see along the entire edge of the disk regions that appearance knotted and swirled faint luminescence. 

LBA5881Z Clementine Star Tracker Camera (N.A.S.A.)

This photograph continued decline of solar illumination but you can still see the faint glowing cloud along the entire edge of the lunar disk. 

LBA5883Z Clementine Star Tracker Camera (N.A.S.A.)

With this photograph you can still see that the illumination along the lunar disk still remain in an illuminated state. The glowing area is most prominent along the mid section of the lunar limb.

LBA5884Z Clementine Star Tracker Camera (N.A.S.A.)

The final photograph shows that the illumination along the limb continues to glow faintly along the entire lunar limb.

LBA5885Z Clementine Star Tracker Camera (N.A.S.A.)

"This Startracker image shows the Moon eclipsing the Sun. The bright crescent Earth is partially visible at left, saturating the sensor. The image was captured during orbit 164, on March 26, 1994, halfway through Moon mapping at a distance of 3500 km."

This image of the Moon's limb very well defined but again it is over saturated by the intensity of the solar corona.

STA 552 Clementine Image (N.A.S.A.)

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Solar Corona


David O. Darling 


The following four photographs were taken by Clementine Star Tracker camera. The spacecraft was located on the shadowed side of the lunar disk and was able to take some amazing shots of the Solar Corona. None of these photographs give any indication limb glow due to dust illumination. The overpowering brightness of the Solar Corona flood the picture obliterating any faint illuminations that may be visible.

This pre sunrise Startracker image shows the solar corona, stars in the background, and the terminator between the dark side of the Moon and the area on the right, which is illuminated by light reflected from the Earth.

Startracker image showing earthshine portion of Moon with planet Venus at top of picture. The solar corona and solar spike is very evident in this shot.

The color-enhanced image of Venus, the solar corona, and the Moon was acquired by the Startracker. The terminator between the dark side of the Moon and the Earth-lit side can be seen also.