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Sunday, February 28, 2010
McDonnell Douglas studied UFO's in the 1960's

According to Dr. Robert Wood, Retired Deputy Director of McDonnell Douglas, his company studied UFOs in the 1960s. This was part of an effort to understand future forms of space travel, before Lockheed! After suggesting they look into UFO's, he was appointed to head up a team to study the issue and come back with recommendations. After reading many books he came to the conclusion that UFO's were real, came from space and deserved study. As a result they undertook a study of the phenomenon to the point of interviewing abductees and contactees. Take a look at this very interesting interview.

McDonnell Douglas studied UFOs in the 1960s

Source: Authentic UFOs Blog

Dr. Robert Wood - Mufon interview transcript

One could wonder why their still holding the same secrecy level today and in my opinion the arguments are not nearly as strong as they were in 1942 or so

but there are still some good technology reasons that we do not want our terrorist enemies to have the advantage of the latest technology.

so that's a reason for keeping secret the details, basically I did protecting missiles from air [?] by using Teflon for the Nike Zeus , I developed techniques for discriminating re-entry vehicles from decoys provided by the Soviet Union , I managed the research and development of the company and I applied advanced technolgy to the International Space Station , so I had a really fun career , I got exposed to my boss who was in charge of the research and development and he said, I gotta give a briefing tomorrow , i gotta tell the Air Force how we go to orbit and back in ten years hence and how, what should I tell'em ? so I, just as a joke I said, well, Ray why don't we tell them how the alleged UFO's do it ? and he said, hey that's a great idea! why don't you work that out.

So that's when I read my first UFO book, and after I read three books I decided this was a real hobby, then I read fifty books, and after a while I wound up going to my management and telling them, you know your not going to believe this but, the UFO's are clearly coming from someplace else, they're clearly manned or humanoid-ed, and the only question is whether we're gonna figure out how they work before Lockheed or after. And so as a result of that, the company at that time which has been bought by Boeing, over several years put in about 500,000 dollars worth of research effort under my direction to study gravity control, techniques and also analyze UFO's

We hired Stan Friedmann and he was very very effective, we hired some police detectives to interview witnesses, abductee's, and we had experimental work and theoretical work, so it was kinda a fun project and that's kinda a long answer to the question of how I got involved in UFO's.

One could ask you, why do you need to keep secret the fact that we're being visited by multiple races, which actually isn't my opinion of the case, it's more than just one or two, it's a half a dozen or so.

Why do we try to keep that secret, and the answer is, I think that there's a group of people maybe renamed called the majestic twelve committee, that meet in some chalkboard in the Pentagon every so often, maybe perhaps not in the Pentagon, maybe they don't have access to the Pentagon. then they put all the reasons why we should tell the public on one side of the blackboard and the reasons why we shouldn't on the other. and for the most part, there's more to lose by telling the public then by not telling them because if you tell the public part of the story, it's like the onion, the public is going to ask, well when did you start to keep this a secret, is it really true you assassinated this person and what are your deceptive techniques that you use today? And it may turn out that we have people in charge today who are using those same techniques to keep the public in the dark about other topics (big grin) I won't mention which other topics but there are a lot !

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Robert M. Wood, Ph.D. 

With a Bachelor of Science in Aeronautical Engineering from Colorado and a Ph.D. in physics from Cornell, a 43-year career at McDonnell Douglas managing research and development projects and over thirty years of investigation into UFOs, Dr. Wood is uniquely qualified to provide credible analysis about the nature of the UFO reality. He began reconstructing the (MAJIC) Special Operations Manual in 1995.

Source: Investigation Team

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Source: Dr Robert Wood Biography

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This cover taken from the file linked below shows Robert M.L. Baker listed as contributor

R. M. Wood, H. T. Ponsford, R. E. Lowe, J. F. Madewell, "Thermostructural Design — Entry Vehicles for Mars and Venus" (presented at the American Rocket Society Structural Design of Space Vehicles Conference), Douglas Aircraft Company Engineering Paper 976, May 1960.

Robert M.L. Baker also heads up Gravwave LLC

Gravwave Team - [PDF][Archived]

Gravwave Team

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Dr. Robert Wood - MUFON-LA

mufonla  December 28, 2008

Two fictional classics--The Wars of the Worlds and The Andromeda Strain--link the topic of alien viruses with epidemics, a genuine concern of our space program from the beginning. In is MUFON presentation, Dr. Robert Wood, a long-time researcher and UFO leaked document examiner, will identify some cases of apparent death caused by exposure to aliens. Hell address concerns about the spread and control of alien pathogens in several countries, and sketch the inevitable linkage with biological warfare issues. The possible relationships to cattle mutilations and Mad Cow Disease will be explored, together with discussion of prions as epidemic sources.

Dr. Wood will also explore the following questions:

How have fictional stories controlled US Govt UFO policy toward aliens?

Which leaked documents describe the deaths of our personnel? What did some aliens look like in 1954 documentation?

If aliens wanted to kill us, how would they do it?

What quarantine authority does the US Dept of Health have today?

How deeply are US covert forces involved in cattle abductions? Why are cattle being

Would alien viruses be used in biowarfare today?

Will the study of retroviruses lead to a cure for AIDS?
Dr. Robert M. Wood has a Bachelor of Science in Aeronautical Engineering from University of Colorado, Boulder, and a Ph.D. in physics from Cornell. In addition to his impressive education, he has 43-years of career experience at McDonnell Douglas where he was in charge of managing research and development projects. He has been investigating UFOs for over thirty years. In 1995, Dr. Wood began reconstructing the (MAJIC) Special Operations Manual. As an Executive producer of The Secret, he has continued to study, write, and lecture about UFOs and government documents.

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