From: Guy Cramer []
Sent: Monday, August 20, 2007 1:49 PM
Subject: Lt. Col. Timothy R. O'Neill (U.S. Army, Ret.)

John, I just received your phone message.

Lt. Col. Timothy R. O'Neill, Ph.D. (U.S. Army, Ret.) is my partner in camouflage design and a few other programs. Tim is a consultant for HyperStealth Biotechnology Corp.

I have a page with my other company United Dynamics Corp. featuring Tim's background here:

My background can be found at the end of this recent paper I wrote:

If I can get a few minutes free in the next day or two I'll give you a call to see if you need anything else.

Guy Cramer, President/CEO
HyperStealth Biotechnology Corp.

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RE: Lt. Col. Timothy R. O'Neill (U.S. Army, Ret.)
From: "John Lear" <>
Date: Mon, 20 Aug 2007 14:19:36 -0700
To: "'Guy Cramer'" <>

Thank you for your quick response Guy.

OK Iíll refer to him down as Consultant to HyperStealth. I didnít see his name on the Consent To Assignment and its probably none of my business anyway.

 Also your name brings up Trinity Consulting. Is that still valid?

 Please let me know if I am out of line here.

Are you involved in any way (other than the part owner of the mining rights) with and do you know the exact conversion process of HE3 to a liquid state and how it is transferred to lunar orbit?

Thank you for your time.

John Lear

From: Guy Cramer []
Sent: Monday, August 20, 2007 3:47 PM
To: John Lear
Subject: Re: Lt. Col. Timothy R. O'Neill (U.S. Army, Ret.)

Yes, Trinity Consulting is mine.

I've spoken with Dr. Larry Taylor, director of UTís Planetary Geosciences Institute in Knoxville, Gerald Kulcinski, Director of the Fusion Technology Institute (FTI) at the University of Wisconsin at Madison and Harrison Schmitt, Chairman Of Interlune-Intermars Initiative, Inc. and Apollo 17 Astronaut regarding Helium 3 data, although we never got as far as discussing an extraction process.

BTW I recall that my Grandfather (I was his research assistant)  had met with your Father, Bill Lear, on one or two occasions, here's an interesting story about my Grandfather and the Philadelphia Experiment:

Here is a page regarding the Lunar Mineral Rights secured by Dr. Joseph Resnick, Lt. Col. Timothy R. O'Neill, Ph.D. (U.S. Army, Ret.) and Guy Cramer
And this one for Mars

Guy Cramer, President/CEO
HyperStealth Biotechnology Corp.

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Guy Cramer
(Ion Scientist, Geophysics Research Assistant, Multi-disciplined Consultant) 
He is the Director of Trinity Consulting:
HyperStealth Biotechnology Corp.

HAARP likely not Primary Ionospheric array in Alaska

At 3.5 Billion Watts HAARP may be second to a secret and hidden FIPA array near Poker Flat
by Guy Cramer

In reviewing information disclosed through the Freedom Of Information Act concerning the initial concepts and bidding on HAARP (High-frequency Active Auroral Research Project), I came across relevant information that HAARP was not the best choice for the Project, this was to be the FIPA (Frequency-Independent Phased-array Antenna) FIPA patent# 5,274,390

The executive summary of HAARP indicates the best place for the Array was Poker Flat and not Gakona, Clear AFB was the optional choice for the HAARP location and has the power facility on site to supply a heater array of these proportions. Prime power at Clear Air Force Station is obtained from the station's coal-fired power plant, which is capable of producing 22.5 megawatts of power. (Clear AFB is a large DOD area located west of HIPAS [HIgh Power Auroral Stimulation], and is almost an equal distance from HIPAS as HAARP is to HIPAS) HAARP is run by U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory's Space Vehicles Directorate while Clear AFS is also under U.S. Air Force Space Command. 


Wild Blue Yonder: San Francisco Photos indicate Shuttle Columbia was struck by Hyper-Lightning on Reentry
by Guy Cramer

The Photos NASA won't yet release to the public concerning lightning apparently striking the Shuttle Columbia on reentry over San Francisco minutes before the breakup have been released in the United Kingdom on a TV documentary called Megalightning. The Columbia Accident Investigation Board reviewed the photos but claimed that the anomaly must be due to camera shake and not an actual lighting strike as no thunder storm was in the local area as had been seen in previous research on high altitude lightning. I have posted these photos from the TV show below. Since receiving these photos in January 2005 provided from Andy Robins (used from the documentary), I have requested the actual photos directly from NASA Administration through the Freedom of Information Act but have not received anything in six months. The evidence within the photos is contrary to the CAIB expert evaluation which may be why the photos have been kept out of public scrutiny. 


Thereís Helium-3 in them there Moon hills!
by Guy Cramer December 14, 2004

 Moon can be mined for abundant Helium-3 to be used in Fusion Reactors on Earth and Space.

The United States and International Space Agencies will be going to the moon with Purpose!

The current value of pure gold (Au), at today's price is $15,500 per kilogram.

Helium-3 (He3) a rare particle on Earth but abundant on the Moons lunar surface (He3 is required for a fusion reactant - safe nuclear energy) has an energy value in today's dollars is $5.7 million per kilogram when compared to the value and energy potential of oil.

On January 14, 2004 U.S. President Bush announced a new vision for NASA that incorporated a human return to the Moon by 2020, follow-on exploration of Mars and other destinations.


Large areas of Mars now protected from future commercialization
by Guy Cramer 

In November 2004 an article in "Nature", discussed seven large regions on Mars being proposed as Conservation parks by Charles Cockell, a microbiologist for the British Antarctic Survey in Cambridge, and Gerda Horneck, an astrobiologist from the German Aerospace Centre in Cologne, Germany. Each of the proposed areas contain representative features on Mars including the largest Volcano, Mount Olympus, and the deepest Trench, Marineris, in the Solar System. The historical park holds the landing sites of the Viking 1 and Mars Pathfinder spacecraft.


Papers: By Guy Cramer

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