Archaeologia, Sellers of Antiquarian, Rare and 
Out-of-Print Scholarly Books on the Archaeology
Rare Books Home Page Seller
Armenian Civilization Archive 12,000 Years of Glory Web Resource Home Page Archive
Arthurian Legends Illustrated Pittsburg State U Gallery Archive
Aurora Borealis Gallery Web Resource Gallery Archive
Aurora Borealis Gallery NASA Gallery Archive
Bakken Library and Museum - Rare Scientific Papers Rare Papers Home Page Library
Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library
Yale University Search Link
Rare Books Home Page Library
Borderlands Sciences Research Foundation Web Resource Home Page Foundation
Catholic Encyclopedia Religious Library Archive
C i r c l e m a k e r s - Crop Circle Makers Web Resource Home Page Group
Crystalinks Metaphysical and Science Website Web Resource Home Page Archive
Digital Archive of Toyo Bunko Rare Books Web Resource Manuscripts Books
Electronic Text Corpus of Sumerian Literature  ETCSL Oxford U. Archive
Encyclopedia of Astrobiology, Astronomy, and Space flight Web Resource Home Page Encyclopedia
Exotic India Hindu Art Gallery Home Page Articles
Gutenburg Project Library
-----Old Babylonian Version of the Gilgamesh Epic
Rare Papers Home Page
Holy Books and Sacred Texts Holy Books Library Archive
Ibiblio Public Library and Archive University Library Archive
Imaginova Community Web Resource Archive
Integrity Research Institute Web Resource IRI Archive
Internet Sacred Text Archive Sacred Texts Library Archive
Japanese Buddhist Statuary Web Resource Home Page Archive
JSTOR - Scholarly Journal Archive
-----Babylonian Astronomy. II. The Thirty-Six Stars
Rare Papers
Restricted Library
Library of Congress Government Library Archive
Local Contractors Search Page Search Engine Home Page Search
Mathilda Tómasdóttir - Photo Albums Photo Gallery Public Domain Archive
Media History Project - from Petroglyphs to Pixels
-----Who Destroyed Alexandria's Famous Library?
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Memory Alpha - Star Trek Wiki Web Resource Wiki Archive
Mesopotamia - British Museum Exhibit Online
-----The Scribes of Enuma Anu Enlil
Web Resource Home Page
Millennium Group, The Web Resource Home Page Foundation
Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology in Philadelphia
----- Royal Tombs of Ur, Sumeria
Museum Pennsylvania U Museum
National Geographic Web Resource Home Page Archive
National Museum of Japanese History
----- World Maps in Early - Modern Japan
Museum Japan
Mt Sumeru
NPR - Nevada Public Radio
----- Breathless Work in the High Himalayas
Radio Station KNPR - Local
Home Page
Feb 20, 2006
Pepe's Tesla Pages - Papers & Patents Nikola Tesla and T.H. Moray Web Resource Papers Archive
Physics Web Web Resource Physics Web Archive
Pure Energy Systems Wiki Web Resource Wiki Archive
Rare Book Collection at the Vienna University Observatory Web Resource Library Archive
Renaissance Faire Wiki as presented by MDRF Friends of Faire Web Resource Wiki Archive
Rex Research Web Resource Home Page Archive
Royal Society UK Science Papers Restricted Archive
Scribd Paper Sharing Public Free Archive
Society for Scientific Exploration Science Papers Open Public Society
Smithsonian Institution Museum Library Archive
Smitskamp Oriental Antiquarium - Netherlands
-----Cuneiform & Pahlavi
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University of Rome La Sapienza University Home Page Home Page
Vatican Library - Vatican Main site
-----Vatican Exhibit Library of Congress Main Hall
Manuscripts Catholic Archive
WikiPedia Online Encyclopedia Web Resource Home Page Encyclopedia

Aeronautics What is a Sonic Boom? Sky Flash Article
Astronomy  Hubble Site
------ Black hole Encyclopedia
------ Discoveries
-- --- Spaceship Flight to Black Hole
Hubble Site Official Website
Astronomy  Hugh Chunk of Ice Falls In Oakland KTVU Article Local File
Astronomy Millenium Group - Cosmic Rays From the Sun Millennium Group July 4, 1998 
Local File
Astronomy Nearby Star Research Database Current
Astronomy Nasa - Astronomy Picture of the Day
-----COBE Dipole: Speeding Through the Universe
NASA - Astropix Home Page
February 5, 1996
Astronomy Nasa - Cosmicopia
------ What is the Speed of Our Galaxy?
NASA- Helios Home Page
Astronomy Nasa - Goddard Space Flight Center
------ Astronomers Detect Most Powerful Explosion Since Big Bang
------ "Old Faithful" Black Hole Provides Insight into Jet Formation
------ Race To Gamma Ray Burst Reveals Gigantic Explosion, Death, & Birth
------ Three Hours of Unimaginable Neutron Star Fury
------ What is the Speed of the Earth?
NASA -Imagine Home Page

Aug 17, 1998
Mar 24, 2003
Nov 21, 2000
Apr 01, 1997

Astronomy Nasa - Jet Propulsion Laboratory
------ Mars Exploration Rover Mission
------ Wallpaper Photographs from Hubble
NASA -JPL Home Page
Live Feed
Astronomy Nasa - Science News Headlines
------ Hubble Telescope Detects Large Object at Edge of Solar System
------ Water Ice Found on Mars 
NASA - Science Home Page
Aug. 31, 2002
Astronomy Solwatch Solar Watch Home Page
Astronomy Stanford Solar Center
------ What is the Speed of the Solar System?
Stanford U Home Page
Atomic Energy Split Heavy Atomic Nuclei Article No Date
Extra Dimensions South Pole Detector Could Yield Signs of Extra Dimensions Article Local File
Geology Trans-Himalayan Research Project York U, Toronto Web Resource
Hydrogen $10M Prize for Hydrogen Fuel Technology Live Science May 10,2006
Hydrogen Fuel Cell Store Supplier Home Page
Hydrogen Hydrogen Fuel Cells and Electrochemistry Class Video Class Home Page
Hydrogen Hydrogen Specific Sensing Systems  Detectors Home Page
Hydrogen Praxair, a supplier of hydrogen, liquid or gas. Supplier Home Page
Hydrogen Water Fuel Converters Supplier Home Page
Metallurgy Metals Profiles North Texas U Article
Physics Lagrange Points Montana U Article
Physics Lightning, Atmospheric Electricity, Lightning Protection
------ Lightning Research Groups and Projects
U of Florida Web Resource
Physics Stephen Hawkins PBS Site
------ Stephen Hawkins
PBS Site
Official Site
Home Page
Home Page
RF Energy RF Energy via Ionosphere
------ Demonstrations of Radio Frequency Energy
Nov 01,  2003
Nov 01,  2003
Solar Energy National Renewable Energy Laboratory
------ What's New in Concentrating PV?
DOE-NREL Home Page
Solar Energy Photo voltaic Fundamentals FL Solar Energy Article
Solar Energy Physics Web - A New Type of Solar Cell Physics Web Nov 04, 2004
Solar Energy Scientists Create New Solar Cell Scientific American Mar 29, 2002
Space Flight Hermann Oberth, Rocket Scientist Biography Local File
Space Propulsion ESA Accelerates Towards A New Space Thruster Science Daily Dec 14, 2005
Space Propulsion Nasa- Ion Propulsion - Over 50 Years in the Making NASA - Science Apr 06, 1999 
Local File
Weather Himalaya Glaciers Melt Unnoticed BBC News


Bigelow Aerospace Inflatable Space Hotel Modules Corporate News Home Page Current
Blue Origin - Private Spaceships
------ Private spaceport faces smooth sailing
Corporate News
Home Page
July 25, 2006
EADS Phoenix
------ European Shuttle Phoenix 
29 May, 2006
09 May, 2004
Europe to Join Russia in Building Next Space Shuttle Spectrum Article 01 Aug., 2005
FAA Office of Commercial Space Transportation
------ FAA Issues Oklahoma Launch Site Operator License
FAA Home Page Current
June 12, 2006
Fly in a Russian Mig: Tourist Migflug Service Current
Russia Takes the Lead in Space Age Advertising Space Article 31 May, 2001
Space Shuttle Thrusters, Light Flashes, and Ice Particles NASA Article Local File
Space Tourism
------ Greg Olsen
------ Gregory Olsen
Space Daily
22 Jul., 2006
13 Oct, 2005
17 Jun, 2006
Space Tourist .com Web Resource Homepage Current
Virgin Boss Unveils Space Trips BBC News Article 16 Jan, 2005
Virgin Galactic Space Flights Corporate News Home Page Current


Anything Into Oil Article June 8, 2003 Current
Biogems - Robert Redford NRDC Environmental Group Credible
------ Arctic National Wildlife Refuge Saved NRDC April 28, 2002 Credible
Britain faces big chill as ocean current slows Article 08 May, 2005 Local File
Dry/Ice: Global Warming Revealed Article  19 Jul, 2004 Local File
Earthquake Rose-----Photo Article 28 Feb, 2001 Local Photo
Experimental Weather Modification Bill On Fast Track Article  16 Jan, 2006 Local File
IRIS Seismic Monitor IRIS Washington University Current
Larsen B Ice Shelf Collapses in the Antarctic Article 05 Apr, 2002 Local File
National Snow and Ice Data Center NSIDC Official Site Current
------ Larsen B Ice Shelf Collapses in Antarctica NSIDC 18 Mar, 2002 Article
------ More Melting in the Antarctic  NSIDC June 8, 2002 Article
Natural Resources Defense Council
James Taylor, Pierce Brosnan and Jean-Michel Cousteau
NRDC Environmental Group Credible
Snows of Mount Kilimanjaro May Be Gone in 20 Years Article November 26, 2002 Local File
US Geological Survey - Earthquake Watch USGS Official Site Current
World leader in wave energy and wave power.
Wavegen Official Site Current
------ Islay Set for Hydrogen Power  Wavegen Tidal & Hydrogen July 13, 2002


1Anunnaki Independant Official Home Page Trailer
Babylon 5 Warner Brothers Official Home Page Current
------ Tech Manual Independant Webpage Current
Stargate SG-1 MGM Official Home Page Current
------ Stargate SG-1 Roleplaying Game Independant Official Home Page Current
------ Stargate Solutions Independant Official Home Page Current
------ Stargate Solutions - StargateWiki Independant Official Home Page Current
Star Wars Lucas Film Official Home Page Current
------ Games Etc Lucas Arts Official Home Page Current


on Famous People of Importance to the Project
(Work in Progress)
Hall, Manly Palmer - Portrait of an American Sage Biography Official Home Page Current
Remembering a Genius Energy Inventor, Dr. Paul Brown (1955-2002) Eulogy Eulogy Current

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