The Santa Conspiracy

This Article is partly tongue in cheek as we trace Santa's Origins and offer proof from several government agencies that he is indeed real. Many people have shared thoughts, ideas and info in the making of this project and some ideas may not appeal to all. But follow our journey now as we seek Santa and his Flying Reindeer.
The discussion thread is here...

Hello and Happy Holidays to Everyone...

Its been a bit slow lately so I did some side research on a Seasonally correct topic.

A lot has been said about the 'Myth' that is Santa Claus but have we had any real hard evidence that he exists?

We all know that if enough people believe in something, it does give something 'reality' and millions of kids and adults around the world cannot all be wrong can they?

The US Postal Service does indeed handle mail to Santa... has anyone (other than the movie "Miracle on 34th Street" where the lawyer used the Post Office to prove his case) ever asked "Where does it go?" So here we have ONE government agency that recognizes his existence.


WASHINGTON, DC - Santa Claus has a lot in common with the United States Postal Service. Santa's customer satisfaction levels directly relate to consistent, on-time delivery. Neither rain nor snow nor heat nor gloom of night keeps Santa and his dedicated helpers from providing joy at millions of homes the world over. While Santa's been doing it a bit longer than the Postal Service, for more than two centuries he's relied almost exclusively on U.S. Postal Service letter carriers to bring him letters from girls and boys all across America.

This holiday season will be no different. The Postal Service is gearing up for a huge mail delivery to the North Pole to help Santa and his elves get ready for the big day.


Letters addressed to Santa at the North Pole, AK - as well as other holiday mail - can be given directly to letter carriers. They don't have to be placed in collection boxes or taken to the Post Office. And, as always, families with curbside mailboxes can put mail in their mailboxes for pick up.

Postal elves at the nearby North Pole Post Office will postmark Santas replies and mail them back to the children.

Press Release from the USPS

Return mail will bear the cancellation from here..

North Pole Christmas Cancellation
5400 Mail Trail
Fairbanks AK 99709-9998

Now this paper is great because it even mentions that ELVES will send the return mail...
Surely the US Postal Service would not LIE to us?

But bear with me a few posts... as we talk about the Flying Marvels... the Reindeer

In another forum the question was posed...

"Whats up with Rudolph
Just saw Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer on TV.
I watched it because it was my favorite X-Mas show as a kid.
Why did he do all that walking around on his quest when he can fly?
Why didn't I ever notice this before?" - Heretic

Well the History channel just did a show on Mushrooms. It appears, according to them, that reindeer in Lapland routinely eat magic mushrooms.

This one in particular...

Fly Agaric (Amanita Muscaria)

So since we all know that 'fuel' makes one fly, it is highly likely that Rudolph was too young and not allowed to eat them, until he was needed.

It also gives us one more agency, the History Channel, that provides us with clues to the truth of the Santa story... in this case we now know why Reindeers fly... What? You doubt the History channel? 

Now that mushroom is very famous in Germany and has long been associated with St Nick and is used in Christmas Ornaments and even Marizipan candy (just look alike, not the actual mushroom)...

German Christmas Ornaments


So the Red Suit and the 'Jolly' old St Nick has always been connected to the Pretty Red and White mushrooms...

Remember Super Mario?

More association with the mushrooms and kids toys. Does Mario not eat these mushrooms to power up? Just one more example of the association with conditioning children.

I found this comment to be a sign of the times...

Real-life Super Mario Mushroom

"I had no idea that those big red mushrooms with white spots actually existed in nature.  But I found one last week and took a picture of it."


Super Mario Mushroom Candy Tins

Super Mario Mushroom Lamps
Faerie Shrooms
Credit: Lashay at Elfwood

Just what ARE we teaching our kids? Sure the Mushroom is very pretty, but considering its hallucinogenic properties and danger, how did this mushroom become so instilled in the Santa culture?

"The Candy Man knows..."
Makes for happy happy kiddies


Hang in there I am getting to the PROOF

But I just HAD to add THIS news...

Zoo sells Christmas ornaments from reindeer droppings

Credit: CBC News

Take one reindeer dropping, dry it, coat in a clear finish, and then paint it or roll it in glitter. Voila — a Christmas ornament.

That's what's keeping staff at Illinois's Miller Park Zoo busy this holiday season as they keep the gift shop stocked in what zoo marketing director Susie Ohley calls "magical reindeer gem ornaments."

Each comes with a label of authenticity and costs $5 US.

Staffer Katie Buydos, who makes jewelry as a hobby, donated wire and beads, saying, "Susie asked me to bring some creativity to the table."

Some folks are surprised at the size of the "gems," which are only about as big as marbles. "Reindeer are so big," zoo maintenance worker Sheldon Williams said. But the droppings are "just a big pile of small."[/ex]


Credit: CBC News

Those Reindeer seem pretty happy... must be the shrooms... 

On a related note just in time for Christmas gift giving...

More Great Gifts for the Holidays..
Perfect for the person who has everything

"Cowsie Dungsie Clock"

Credit: Cowpieclocks

Here's a Steaming Heap of "Crappy" Sayings! We would like to Thank all of you who have purchased our product for yourself or someone you love! If you haven't ordered yet the COWS are still working in the field. Still more Cow Pies

All that methane from Cow poo will not get into the air if its all turned into clocks.

Now on a different note... here is what happens when a Reindeer gets to much of a good thing...

Santa Mauled by Reindeer

Youtube Link

There is a new Three Letter Spook Agency in town. Theses guys are above the NSA and the NRO and literally 'above everyone'. They also have a sneaky way of keeping their full name a Three Letter Agency.

The NGA National Geospatial-Inteligence Agency or "SPACE SPOOKS" 

Well you KNOW it had to happen right? 

As for the Santa, his Sled and Deliver System... my myriad contacts have told me that Santa has the assistance of the NGA (National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency)

Here is the documented PROOF

Press Release
Santa Turns to National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency for Help

BETHESDA, Md.—This holiday season, the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) has extended its expertise to one very special customer -- Santa Claus.

After being overwhelmed by a growing world demand, Santa approached NGA earlier this year and asked for help to streamline his Christmas Eve deliveries. “I need routes that will let me move around the world quickly and efficiently,” he said.

NGA combined satellite imagery with its map and chart making expertise to develop a digital navigation system that solved Santa’s problem. Called NGA TOY DELIVERY SYSTEM X-100, this specialized geospatial-intelligence product was specifically formatted to let Santa create quick and easy routes around the globe.

Santa installed a new satellite downlink and computer system to handle the NGA data. “I can really scoot around the world using this new navigation system,” Santa said. “The time I can save by taking the best routes will let me reach everyone on my list.”

NGA is honored that the number one world traveler would ask for our assistance. To view the NGA TOY DELIVERY SYSTEM X-100 and see how it is used by its revered customer, please go to [url][/url].

NGA is a Department of Defense combat support agency and a member of the National Intelligence Community. Its mission is to provide timely, relevant and accurate geospatial intelligence in support of our national security. Geospatial intelligence is the exploitation and analysis of imagery and geospatial information to describe, assess and visually depict physical features and geographically referenced activities on the Earth. Headquartered in Bethesda, Md., NGA has major facilities in the greater Washington, D.C., and St. Louis, Mo., areas with NGA support teams worldwide. Visit us online at [url][/url].

- NGA -
Marshall A. Hudson, 301-227-2057; marshall.a.hudson (at)
David H. Burpee, 301-227-7385; david.h.burpee (at)

SOURCE: Press Release PDF File

Now surely the government would not lie to us about such an important matter? They had a video last year showing the system I hope they bring it back. If they do I will post it. But this is official government documentation that not only is Santa REAL, but that the government is assisting him with the latest high tech space capabilities that we haven't even been told about yet.

And you people think I make this stuff up!

And let's not forget THIS

089:32:50 Mattingly: Apollo 8, Houston. [No answer.]
089:33:38 Mattingly: Apollo 8, Houston.
089:34:16 Lovell: Houston, Apollo 8, over.
089:34:19 Mattingly: Hello, Apollo 8. Loud and clear.
089:34:25 Lovell: Roger. Please be informed there is a Santa Claus.
089:34:31 Mattingly: That's affirmative. You're the best ones to know. 

Apollo 8 flight journal

Apollo 8 Santa

Youtube Link

Now surely you people who have been arguing all these years that NASA NEVER LIES are not going to change your tune?

That makes THREE government agencies that recognize the existence of Santa Claus

The US Post Office, NASA and the NGA

I would say that ought to be more than enough official proof for anyone

Happy Holidays

NGA Update...

Still no copy of that video from NGA but I wrote them a request. Seems it was so well recieved that it won an award

NGA Office of Corporate Communications' Kipling Williams earned third place for his inspired 3-D animated portrayal of Santa Claus using NGA geospatial datasets to plan his delivery route. Developed as a public affairs initiative for the NGA Web site, the animation ends with Santa Claus "activating" his lead reindeer Rudolph's nose to start the trip. This two-minute clip was recognized in the Interactive and Motion Graphics, 3-D Models and Animations category.

It also puts the NGA and their capabilities on display. 

... ... ...

WHOHOOOOO Got it!! Those guys work overtime...

High Res copy...

Youtube version... (Update - No longer available on Youtube... watch the MOV above)

There is also "The Delivery System" but no embeddeding available Youtube Link

Video animation of NGA assisting Santa Claus with worldwide toy delivery.

Youtube Link
Following now will be additional proof and related material that came to light as the thread progressed. The updates are in order of when they were presented but I may sort them from time to time for context
Now some debunkers can be expected to try to turn us away from the truth... the tabloids with sensational headlines like;

December 5, 2008
Santa's dead, families with £130 tickets told, as Lapland New Forest shuts
Times Online

Visitors who had paid up to £30 each for tickets to a “Christmas Wonderland” in the New Forest were turned away yesterday by a woman shrieking: “Santa's dead.”

Sound like the debunkers alright, screaming their point, eithet that or she had to many shrooms.

5th December 2008
Daily Star

THE controversial “Winter Blunderland” theme park closed yesterday – as a worker shouted to weeping kids: “Santa’s f***ing dead!” Bosses of Lapland New Forest, branded a “rip-off” by irate parents, packed up and abandoned the site after six days of chaotic trading

Always has to be a GRINCH to try to spoil it for everyone... 

Originally posted by liquidsmoke206 ATS Post ID 5434663

If I'm not mistaken then that's the fly agaric mushroom.  When dried and eaten is one of the more potent hallucinogens.  It is funny that it's featured in so much art and culture around the world.  Is it a worldwide conspiracy from some ancient mushroom cult?

A guy named Clark Heinrich wrote an interesting book about them called "Magic Mushrooms in Religion and Alchemy."  It's a great book for conspiracy theorists.  He ties this mushroom into every major religion, often making a good case for his theories.

Originally posted by WishForWings ATS Post ID 5434677

UFO: Santa ?????? freaky

Originally posted by Darthorious

Rumor has it that Santa and the reindeer switched from shrooms to cocaine because it was effective in speeding up the delivery process so the switch to red was said due to coca-cola (viral marketing) but in reality was because the cocaine's white coloration could be seen less on the brighter uniform than the darker one.  After all it's against the law to pilot while under the influence and he couldn't be found out.

The white beard and mustache were also perfect for concealing his use. 

Posted by accuroman ATS Post ID 5435280

...and if any of you know the smurfs animation you must remember their houses were those mushrooms...

Originally posted by accuromanATS post ID 5437064

I think you were correct about the fact they can fly because of the mushrooms check out this video . Can't wait for spring to come to try them out!

Originally posted by zorgon

GREAT ONE!  I didn't have that documentary THANKS!
Let me post it...

The Secret of Santa's "Flying" Reindeer
Youtube Link
Posted by darlin ATS post ID 5435497

I love this thread....thanks for bringing it up!

Personally I love the idea that Santa really here we go: 

Posted by ashamedamerican ATS post ID 5435497

It seems that not only is Santa real but there is a concerted effort by big business and corporate america to put Santa out of business.
Christmas cancelled!
Judging by the court order issued, I would also say that shady factions of the government seem to be in on this one too.

It seems the NWO and elitists want to shut him down, but santa is obviously either of extraterrestrial origins or simply magical so I doubt he can be stopped.

You go Santa! Don't let 'the man' bring you down! 

 Topic started on 3-12-2008 @ 12:31 AM by ashamedamerican on BTS Post ID

Santa Claus, a.k.a. Chris Cringle faces a possible federal class action lawsuit filed by Parker Brothers, Milton Bradley, Mattel, Fisher-Price, Hasbro, Tonka, Tyco, and over 150 other major toy companies for copyright infringement. The 5.9 billion dollar suit represents a legal precedent attempt and further lawsuits are expected to follow.

A spokesman for Mr. Cringle stated in a press conference earlier today that he felt confident that these charges would not stand against him and that his lawyer Johnny Cochran would be handling all further press requests.

A court order to stop producing the toys, and confiscation of the toys housed at Mr. Cringle's North Pole distribution facility have caused the cancellation of Christmas this year. Should he be found guilty of copyright infringement he may be ordered to pay the owner of each of the copyrighted toys for each unit illegally produced and refund any profits he received (or could have received) as well as attorney fees. Santa Claus, a.k.a. Chris Cringle faces a possible federal class action lawsuit
filed by Parker Brothers, Milton Bradley, Mattel, Fisher-Price, Hasbro, Tonka
, Tyco, and over 150 other major toy companies for copyright infringement. The 5.9 billion dollar suit represents a legal precedent attempt and further lawsuits are expected to follow.

A spokesman for Mr. Cringle stated in a press conference earlier today that he felt confident that these charges would not stand against him and that his lawyer Johnny Cochran would be handling all further press requests.

A court order to stop producing the toys, and confiscation of the toys housed at Mr. Cringle's North Pole distribution facility have caused the cancellation of Christmas this year. Should he be found guilty of copyright infringement he may be ordered to pay the owner of each of the copyrighted toys for each unit illegally produced and refund any profits he received (or could have received) as well as attorney fees.

Originally posted by zorgon

OOPS Sorry missed this one!

Well if the Courts want to SUE SANTA, that would mean that the courts would have to agree that he does indeed exist. You cannot bring a class action lawsuit against a non existent entity. That would be a 'frivolous lawsuit' and carries sever penalties. So if the courts are proceeding with such an action... he must be real...

Do you have the link to the case? I did not see it on BTS.

North Pole, Alaska

Originally posted by greeneyedleo ATS post ID 5436978

I lived near North Pole, Alaska.

I know for sure Santa is real.  I've seen him myself at his home in North Pole, along with his reindeers.

My very own pictures from North Pole. 

Credit: Greeneyedleo
Credit: Greeneyedleo
Credit: Greeneyedleo
REMEMBER The USPS Press Release?

Press Release from the USPS

Return mail will bear the cancellation from here..

North Pole Christmas Cancellation
5400 Mail Trail
Fairbanks AK 99709-9998

The REAL Santa Conspiracy

Navy proves there is no Santa at the TRUE North Pole

Nick at the North Pole. Credit:

As you can see the sub came right up through the ice at the pole. Now naturally the Barber Pole is also not really there and you must bring your own for the Photo Op... I suppose it could be argued that there is no way to be sure that they are REALLY at the True North Pole, but for now, we will take their word for it.


Arctic Submarine Laboratory

This is all part of the conspiracy and the cover up. We KNOW there is no actual land mass under the ice at the north pole... so on those years when the Arctic Ice melts, Santa would be in a LOT of deep water... Same goes for the Magnetic North Pole, it too is over water currently and as it moves, a permanent base at Magnetic North would not remain such for very long

Here is a picture in Google Earth of the area around True North...


As we can see... nothing but water! And with Global warming causing the Arctic Ice to melt, Santa and the elves would need to learn to tread water...

Lewis Gordon diving into the icy Arctic water (Image courtesy of Xinhuanet)

The 37-year-old British took 18 minutes and 50 seconds to complete a 1km swim in -1.8°C water on July 15, 2007. He undertook the swim to raise awareness about the effects of climate change on the Arctic.

Credit: Diesel: Global Warming, North Pole
If you don't believe me, go see for yourself
Okay... so what is going on then? If he is real as we just proved in this report, then where IS that Secret Base really hidden?

Well, as with a lot of other government bases and secrets, it is HIDDEN IN PLAIN SIGHT

Greeneyedleo has already pointed it out to us, as she WAS THERE and took pictures. Here is the front gate. Even had a postal code number 99705

Credit: Greeneyedleo
North Pole Alaska
+64° 45' 1.88", -147° 22' 46.01"

Sure, ANYONE can hang a sign and say anything they want, but...

The USPS lists this as the return address for Santa...
North Pole Christmas Cancellation
5400 Mail Trail
Fairbanks AK 99709-9998

And on the photo Greeneyedleo  took of Santas' House we find this address...
101 St. Nicholas Drive
North pole Alsaka

So Santa, his workshop, the elves and the Reindeer NEVER lived at the TRUE North Pole, but North Pole Alaska.

Now lets examine this a bit more...

We have shown here that as early as 1898 the US Government has supported Santa and created a Reindeer division just outside Fairbanks, Alaska. In the 30's the Reindeer herds reached 640, 000 head, Now its closer to 20,000 on average. Pictures of Santa's Village show tall pine trees, someting we see easily in North Pole, Alaska, but not at the True North Pole.

So all evidence so far points to North Pole. Alaska as the the TRUE location of Santa's Secret Base...

Now lets look at the area on Google Earth and see what else we see in the area...


WOW... Seems like the MECCA of US Military Might...

Radar Domes:

Poker Flats Research Range:
  Rocket launchers at Poker Flat Research Range
  Chatanika, Incoherent Scatter Facilty - The New HAARP

Military Bases Surround North Pole:
   Fort Wainwright AAF with an Iron Cross on the runway
   Eielson Air Force Base
   Clear Air Force Base

Nike Missile Launch Sites Surround North Pole:
   LOVE Nike Missile Launch Site
   PETER Nike Missile Launch Site
   MIKE Nike Missile Launch Site
   JIG Nike Missile Launch Site

University of Alaska:
   Current HAARP Project

THIS is where Santa lives...  Secret Base at North Pole, Alaska, right smack dab in the middle of the USA's most 'secret' area with HAARP, Poker Flats and who knows what else is hidden beneath the facades

A final look at the North Pole
{just because its a cool painting...}

The image is a work by artist Inga Nielsen
The image, called "Hideaway" can be viewed on the artist's website.
It was also featured on NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day
NORAD Tracks Santa Annually
Originally posted by AccessDenied ATS Post ID 5434759

NORAD tracks Santa every year too!
Official site to countdown:

Originally posted by SpacePunk ATS Post ID 5437078

Does NORAD still manage to track Santa with their radar these days?

Originally posted by Greeneyedleo


Originally posted by zorgon

Nice hat Leo  HEY where's my Christmas Present 

I was about to post that but with NORAD  (and who better to know  ) that makes 5 official government agencies

And here is a better one pointing to NORAD

Pentagon TV  (6 ) Norad 2008

Credit: DoD
Credit: DoD
Credit: DoD
Now the skeptics face a dilemma. They either have to admit that Santa is REAL

OR they have to tell us that all these government agencies spending tax dollars on Santa tracking etc. are LYING

Which will it be?

Additional Items
Originally posted by squiz ATS Post ID 5437107

Yep, the amanita is toxic, there are many different types all over the world and are prepared differently accordingly. Generally drying them is the way to go. The urine of the ingester can be drunk as the psychedelic compounds can pass through the body several times. Not that I'm into that sort of thing.

The Santa clause story, I believe is based mainly on the Siberian shaman.

The shaman would gather the amanita for the winter solstice celebration, quite often he'd have to compete for the amanita with the reindeer, who had been known to attack the shaman to get to the mushrooms first. (the shaman would also sometimes drink the urine of the intoxicated reindeer).

While picking he'd place the mushrooms in the tree to begin drying them. (decorations).

When returning home, quite often his cabin would be snowed in and would have to climb in through the chimney with his sack of Christmas goodies.

Then to hang the mushrooms in sacks near the fire to continue drying them for safe consumption. (Christmas stockings).

Oh yeah Christianity is based partly on a pagan mushroom cult. Why do you think all those saints had visions? and why the Archbishops dress up like the amanita? Why the pope sports a pine cone on his staff? and the large pine cone sculpture at the vatican? not because of the pineal gland as some have recently suggested, but because the amanita grew under the conifer tree.

Lord of the Magical plants - The Paris Eadwine Psalter, c. 1150 CE.
Originally posted by Darlin ATS Post ID 5437154

The psychedelic secrets of Santa Claus 

Originally posted by manticore ATS Post ID 5437154

Here's more proof!

Credit: manticore
Originally posted by Ghost147

I'm trying to come up with a conclusion that your joking, but I've seen some pretty dumb people on this forum before.

Originally posted by zorgon

I only have one appropriate response to that...


There is one in every crowd...

Oregon Zoo Video News Release
Scientific Theory and Flying Reindeer
Youtube Link

The Oregon Zoo's video of flying reindeer and their history, also explains why reindeer can or can not fly.

Posted by silo13 ATS Post ID 5437500

Coke and Santa...
The plot thickens...

Santa Lore

Most people can agree on what Santa Claus looks like -- jolly, with a red suit and a white beard. But he did not always look that way, and Coca-Cola® advertising actually helped shape this modern-day image of Santa.

2006 marked the 75th anniversary of the famous Coca-Cola Santa Claus. Starting in 1931, magazine ads for Coca-Cola featured St. Nick as a kind, jolly man in a red suit. Because magazines were so widely viewed, and because this image of Santa appeared for more than three decades, the image of Santa most people have today is largely based on our advertising

And there's nooooo way Coke would use a subject for advertise if he isn't 100% true - right?

The Real Thing ---> Santa

Originally posted by Deson ATS Post ID 5443644

Personally, I've always thought of Santa as being only a Persian cat and a eye patch away from being a Bond Villain.  Here's why:

1) Secret base located in a inaccessible location.

2) Base cannot be found using the latest in technology.

3) Ultra sophisticated spy network revealing who was naughty or nice. 

4) Spy network cannot be spoofed.

5) Lots of  minions working for him,  building "packages"

6) Ultra high speed, delivery system for said packages.

7) Un-erring accuracy in delivery of the packages.  No confirmed mis-deliverys of said packages.  Only rumor and humorous advertising.

8) Genetically modified reindeer.  One especially.

9) Does not exist in a officially recognized database.  Or at least not officially.

Santa Claus.
Bond Villain? or Alphabet agency spook?  You decide.

Note the post above is strictly meant in jest. Just to clarify.  Nothing else added or removed. 

Posted by pause4thoughtATS Post ID 5443768

reply to post by Deson
Santa Claus.
Bond Villain? or Alphabet agency spook? You decide.

When I first read your post I thought "Give the guy a break".

On reflection there could be cause for concern.

Look at it this way. He clearly prefers to maintain anonymity. The cameo appearances in shopping malls are more often than not taken on by staff disappointed by the fact he consistently fails to show.

But all that secrecy does make you wonder. On the one hand he could well be named as the culprit in one of the next 'false flag' ops. (To date the CIA has named just about everyone else.) On the other, after all I've read about his jeckyll & hyde characteristics I begin to fear he may have actually been recruited & that his next 'appearance' may not be so 'seasonal'.

Maybe they'll let him do the dirty work and then, next time he happens to be passing over, switch on HARRP. You knew it had a purpose, didn't you?

From that day on the NWO has the perfect excuse to access every home on the map, seeing as none of us knows the real deal from Adam.

...Which could give a new meaning to 'reds under the bed'.


Originally posted by zorgon

Reply to Deson
Santa Claus.
Bond Villain? or Alphabet agency spook?  You decide.

Well there ya go... you just showed us why the NGA supports him with delivery technology and why the DoD tracks him with Norad... 

Posted by Darthorious  ATS Post ID 5443957

I wonder if this could somehow tie into it maybe renegade elves just looking to promote a bad name for him? or does it go deeper than that?

Elves Gone Wild
Inside New York with Jack Frost
Youtube Link

Originally posted by zorgonATS Post ID 5447236

Originally posted by greeneyedleo
But im sorry to report, no pretty mushrooms will be included - those are reserved for Santa himself, so I have learned here.

You know it just dawns on me why all the governments are banning us from getting any, and making their use illegal...

They need to keep the lid on the secret...

I wonder if the US Government has any Reindeers on the payrole? 

Hmmmm... lemme see...

Well I'll be hornswaggled   It seems they do indeed... and have had them for a very long time

The Manitoban was chartered from the company early in 1898 for an unusual voyage. She sailed from Alten (Norway) for [size=3]New York on February 4 with 537 reindeer, 418 reindeer sleds, 511 sets of harness, 3, 500 bags of moss for feeding the animals, together with herders, drivers and their families numbering in all 113 people[/size]. After proceeding by rail from New York to Seattle, the entire company embarked for Alaska to start the U.S. Government's reindeer herd.

537 reindeer... to START the herd? What the dickens does the US Government need a herd of Reindeers and Sleds for?

NOW it makes sense why they hoard all those shrooms 

We need to call the Pentagon and get to the bottom of this
... ... ...

DAGNABBIT we are on to something now...

 Alaska reindeer - Kotsebue herd no. 2.
Alaska reindeer - Kotsebue herd no. 2.
George A. Parks. Photographs, 1911-1933. ASL-PCA-240 
Corralled reindeer at Mekoryuk on Nunivak Island
Reindeer herd in U.S. Government Reindeer Project corral at Mekoryuk, Nunivak Island, Alaska, with coastline in background. From information with photo: [Photo used in article entitled] "Nunivak Island

So they brought them in through New York in 1896 and by 1911-1933 we have full herds run by the Government...

What are they up to? 

Related Links:

Posted by greeneyedleo
reply to post by zorgon

There is a big reindeer farm next to University of Alaska, Fairbanks... and I believe there is some "research" that takes place at UAF 

Originally posted by zorgon


Hey thanks for the tip space lady! 

Man those Air Force guys have been dipping into those shrooms...

Credit: US Air Force

Originally posted by greeneyedleo

Oh my god.  It is VERY hard to respond with a well thought out response for that, that contributes to this thread.

Either that is a result of cultivating mushrooms or those vaccines have something in them we are not aware of.

Originally posted by Nola213ATS Post ID 5436295

Now, this topic brings up alot of questions, if true:
Does this Santa actually pay his elves, or is he some sort of Slave Master?
I notice they (the elves) are all small and underweight, while he has a huge belly, and Mrs clause, has an enourmous booty.

Also, is Santa Claus , actually Saint Nicholas of the Catholic faith?
and what of Frosty? and Jack Frost. or Heat Meiser, and Freeze Meiser, or The Grinch?
and last but not least can you provide proof of one named Ebenezer Scrooge?

I mean how deep does the conspiracy go?

Originally posted by zorgon

Jack frost I can do....

Credit: © Annegret Richter
Originally posted by zorgon..ATS Post ID 5447236

Originally posted by eternal_vigilance
There is a small part of me that secretly believes Santa is real.

Well perhaps it will bring you one step closer to know that the Universities are on the ball regarding Santa and how he could possibly do what he does...

So here we have one more accredited source that not only s Santa REAL, but they explain...


Who are they?

Department of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
North Carolina State University • College of Engineering

The Science of Santa
Dr. Larry Silverberg


Other book and video references:
  1. "The Physics of Christmas" (1998), by R. Highfield (contributions to Chapter 11: Santa's Science by L. Silverberg), Little, Brown and Company, ISBN 0-316-36611-0 
  2. "Can Reindeer Fly?" (1998), by R. Highfield (contributions by L. Silverberg), Metro Books, ISBN 1-900512-44-0
  3. "Pulse of the Planet" (1999) Three Video Programs on Christmas Physics (contributions by L. Silverberg).
  4. "The Power of Christmas" (1997) 5-segment CD (113 min.), The Power Source & Kinetic Communications, Inc. Tel: (910) 484 2107 (contributions by L. Silverberg).
  5. "Science Report" (1998), A Radio Presentation, 42nd Ed., American Institute of Physics, Tel: 301 209 3096 (contributions by L. Silverberg).
Dr. Larry Silverberg was interviewed by Discovery Canada for his scientific research on how Santa got to the North Pole and how he is able to deliver presents in one night. Here are some clips from that interview and a short explanation of what is on each clip.


  1. What is Dr. Silverberg's theory on Santa? (5.5meg .mov)
  2. How does Santa get around the world in one night?  (4.8meg .mov)
  3. Time moves differently for Santa   (5.5meg .mov)
  4. Other researchers have come to different answers than you  (6.8 meg .mov)
Okay... so The History Channel, the Discover Channel, SIX (6) Official Government Agencies and now a main stream Aerospace Engineering University all tell you that Santa is real... and millions of people around the world agree...

What's it gonna take FOR YOU?

PS Generic YOU 

Santa Adds Facebook to Naughty List Over Friend Limit
Credit: Wired Blog

Santa Adds Facebook to Naughty List Over Friend Limit
By Ryan Singel
September 16, 2008

Santa Claus is upset with Facebook.

Everyone, it seems, wants to be friends with Santa Claus on Facebook. In the month or so since he joined the popular social network, he's approved 5,000 friends. He could have easily gone viral by Thanksgiving -- when everyone wants to be "friends" with Santa regardless of whether they deserve to be. He could become the most popular person in the world on Facebook.

But unfortunately for Santa, 5,000 friends is all anyone gets on Facebook. To add anyone new, the man who says his real legal name is Santa Claus must remove someone on his list.

That upsets the man who runs the Santa Claus Foundation, which he describes as an advocacy group for children.

"It's hard for me to believe that Facebook would want to disappoint that many folks who might enjoy being Santa's friends," Claus said in an e-mail. "I'm not selling anything; so, I don't understand the problem."

He wants Facebook to make an exception for him and he's not above thinking about rough tactics, noting a report that Facebook lost users in the United Kingdom earlier this year.

"[I] can only imagine what could happen, should word will get around that it is now severely limiting the number of friends Santa Claus can have," Claus said. "Would this make Facebook the new Scrooge or Grinch?"

Those are harsh words given that Santa already got personal help from Facebook, since the site blocks people from registering names like Darth Vader or the Easter Bunny. But Santa was able to prove he was legally Santa Claus and a tech overrode the ban, making Santa Claus the Santa Claus on Facebook.

Facebook says the 5,000 friend limit applies to all users -- but anyone can make a page where an unlimited number of  people can sign themselves up as fans.

A Facebook tech already helped Santa create a page, but Santa says that having fans is not nearly the same as having friends.

"We hope this minor inconvenience doesn’t impact the otherwise good little boys and girls at Facebook come Christmas," spokesman Barry Schnitt said, adding that he hopes Santa collects as many fans as he can.

Santa isn't the first to reach or complain about the limit -- prominent tech bloggers Robert Scoble and Jason Calcanis have both hit the limits. The limit is intended to keep Facebook resembling how real world social networks work since no one really has 5,000 friends.

There may also be technical reasons that make the limit necessary.

One wonders if Facebook actually does raise the limit just for Santa, how will they say no come spring when the Easter Bunny gets hopping mad about the limit?

SOURCE: Wired News Blog

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NORAD Tracks Santa Update

NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center:

According to the US Department of Commerce Census Bureau, the world's population is approximately 6,747,994,729 people (305,910,988 in the U.S.). Santa has had to adapt over the years to having less and less time to deliver gifts. To better assure prompt deliveries and safe flights, higher technology systems are increasingly being used by the United States Northern Command at Peterson Air Force Base Colorado. The USAF uses ground based radars, NOAA operational satellites provided by NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Santa Cams, and jet fighter aircraft. Global position satellite (GPS) information and carefully timed gravity assists from the sun, moon, and/or earth are used to speed Santa's sleigh faster and more precisely. The 406 MHz Search and Rescue transmitter that Santa will have is equipped with a GPS feature so that National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) operational satellites (POES and GOES), EUMETSAT's MetOp-A, and Russian COSPAS satellites will know almost instantly within meters where Santa is. Multi-variable modeling improvements in the solar wind, auroras, geomagnetic force fields, and space/earth weather predictions are also being credited for improved sleigh routing efficiencies this year. Rudolph reportedly appreciates the POES and GOES infrared data so that he knows where fog is and can take over the reins from Santa and he says the polar microwave data is great for telling him where the rain, snow, and ice are for those precise landing adjustments.

From 22,300 miles in space, NORAD will use for the first time the GOES-13 improved earth location accuracy and heat detection infrared equipment from various satellites. Rudolph's nose gives off an infrared signature similar to a missile launch and the satellites can detect Rudolph's bright red nose very precisely. NOAA, NASA, and the USAF have satellites precisely positioned and additional volunteers are supporting the improved Santa tracking beginning after sundown on Christmas Eve December 24, 2008. Near "real time" public updates of progress should be available from the web site NORAD Santa and thanks to worldwide corporate and international support updates will be provided in seven languages.

NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center

What does Santa have to do for the skeptics to believe? 

UPDATE: December 22, 2008

Posted by zorgon

HEY Now maybe we will get to the bottom of the famous line..

"Houston there is a Santa Claus"

It seems NASA to celebrate Apollo 8's 40th Anniversary will rebroadcast the transmission :D

Dec. 22, 2008

Al Feinberg 
Headquarters, Washington 


WASHINGTON -- NASA Television will honor the 40th anniversary of the historic Christmas Eve broadcast by the Apollo 8 crew with special programming Dec. 24 and 25 on the NASA TV Public Channel (101).

Forty years ago, Frank Borman, Jim Lovell and Bill Anders became the first humans to visit another heavenly body as they successfully orbited the moon in their Apollo 8 spacecraft. On Dec. 24, 1968, the three astronauts devoted one of their mission's six live television transmissions to reading from the biblical book of Genesis during what has since come to be known as the Christmas Eve Broadcast.

To commemorate the anniversary, NASA TV will air the following special programs:

  • "The Annual John H. Glenn Lecture -- An Evening with the Apollo 8 Astronauts," a panel discussion with Frank Borman, Jim Lovell and Bill Anders recorded Nov. 13, 2008, at the Smithsonian's National Air and Space Museum. Former U.S. senator and NASA astronaut John Glenn provided their introduction.
  • "The Apollo 8 Crew Remembers Historic Mission, Live from the Newseum," a panel discussion with the Apollo 8 astronauts moderated by Nick Clooney and recorded Nov. 13, 2008, at the Newseum in Washington.
  • "De-Brief Apollo 8," an historical documentary of Apollo 8, narrated by Burgess Meredith (1970).
  • "Apollo 8 Christmas Video," a 10-minute documentary featuring Apollo 8 astronauts describing their historic mission. (Excerpts from the John H. Glenn Lecture recorded Nov. 13, 2008.)
  • "Apollo 8 -- December 21, 1968," a NASA Manned Space Flight Film Report on the Apollo 8 mission (1970).
The NASA Television Video File also will include footage documenting the Apollo 8 mission's Christmas Eve broadcast. For program times and listings, consult the NASA Television schedule online at: 

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