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Denise M. Stoner
Denise Stoner
Chief Investigator, Florida
Mufon State Section Director
6/8/2009 5:58 AM

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Yes, I do believe at least 50% or greater of these recent sightings (past 15 yrs perhaps) are life forms of some kind.  I wish I could recall the paperwork on a case I had that involved an abduction where the individual never saw an entity such as the "Grays".  He felt the whole works of the craft was a living, breathing entity in itself.  Sightings now include so many balls of light that appear to be glass like on the outside with some sort of swirling living being on the inside.  This "Shape Shifting" going on is perhaps the workings of the plasma or whatever these beings are made up of as they enter our earth.

I have a fascinating photo - original- of a beam of light coming down from the sky to some ranch land.  Within the beam you can see a form that looks like an entity in fetal position waiting to step out of the light.  I am waiting to meet with a photo analyst who can enhance this so we can have a better look at what's going on.  Everyone who has been shown this picture sees the thing immediately.  I will share that with you at some point, if you are interested.  There are so many things going on.  These UFOs have surely advanced beyond our understanding just as we are working to do so here on Earth.

Ron:  You may quote me on the statement regarding my thoughts on the plasma, critters, etc.  These are my thoughts and not those of MUFON.  One of the three questions MUFON asks as criteria to determine whether or not we have a Category 1 (Fly By), Cat. 2 (Landing), Cat. 3 (Entities involved) is: Did the Witness experience poltergeist, ghost or haunting activity, out of body experience or religious transformation.  It must tie in directly with a craft landing.  So, we are mixing these experiences with the angelic forces, plasma-like beings, and so forth.  Along the line someone - and I don't know who - has  discovered there are reasons to believe this is all related to the UFO phenomenon.  Or at the very least, it needs to be explored.

Thanks so much for sharing the info. on the critter birth.  I will take a look...  ...I keep searching because someone has to - I have always enjoyed a good game of cat and mouse.

Warm Wishes,  Denise Stoner

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